We found a real Message in the Bottle!

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Really we did!

I am on traditional family vacation, on the island of Hvar in Croatia. (14th time! Hvar is really my second home!) Sleeping in the tents, swimming, windsurfing, sightseeing, wine, food and other stuff. Today, this holiday routine was interrupted by the unusual find! We've found a REAL letter in the bottle! It drifted quietly in the sea, about 100 meters from the shore. For me, this is a real retrospection from the reality TV show Survivor, that I took part in a year ago. In the show, a message in a bottle meant some challenge to be performed and was usually really mysterious.

IMG_3165 (Large).jpg

We were really thrilled to receive the letter. Before it was opened, we already had thousands of ideas about its content.

  • Maybe some survivors from the desert island sent it asking for help?

  • Maybe someone from the sinking boat wrote his will in it?

  • Maybe someone famous wrote it, and it's an invitation for a happy finder to an exclusive yacht trip?

  • Maybe there is some money?

  • Maybe some whale saved his Steemit account data there? :)

  • Or maybe a teenage girl wrote that. Inspired by a romantic novel, hoping that it will be found by her crush?

IMG_3042 (Large).JPG

The last one was the closest to the truth. Authors of this letter turned out to be two 15-year-old girls (at the time of writing the letter :)) from Germany. Emily and Julia.

If they really wanted that letter to be found by a handsome, young man and create a beautiful love story, they may feel disappointed. The founder of the letter was not 20-year-old John, romantic artist living in a seaside, it was 50-year-old Marek from Poland, father of two adult children;)

Unfortunately, Emily and Julia do not write too much about themselves. They were on holiday in Croatia, liked it pretty much. They wanted to send this letter and expect to get the answer. They attach a funny picture drawn with a pen. Unfortunately, they do not provide key information - from where exactly it was sent (how far it traveled to hit our hands) and when they sent it. The paper is already slightly yellowed because of the sun, but it is difficult for me to determine (even estimated) date of its sending. Fortunately, the girls give their addresses, so we will certainly send them an answer letter and try to find out more. I;ll keep you updated!

IMG_3059 (Large).JPG

By the way, I decided to send the letter back to the sea, I will add my message to the next finder and my contact details on a separate sheet. I will take it with myself on the windsurfing ride as far as possible from the shore and I will set it free :) Who knows, maybe another finder will want to continue that...

Make sure to pick up any plastic bottle you'll see in the sea! It might be a letter from me. Anyway even if it's not the letter, picking it up will be a good deed for the whole planet!

Have you ever experienced something similar?
Or maybe you once sent a letter in a bottle and are still waiting for an answer?


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Wow, you found message in a bottle, I think you're lucky to find that....

Wow, you found message
In a bottle, I think you're
Lucky to find that....

                 - jacksonchakma

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

What are the odds!?!?
It's a pity that it wasn't a treasure map :D

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Great idea to brin the bottle back to the open sea while windsurfing 😍
Can't read al your posts but noticed a small part in https://steemit.com/pl-alfabetzycia/@anna.urbanska/arbuz-chemia-i-windsurfing-czyli-24-fakty-o-mnie-w-alfabecie

Great surf pictures there! Not sure if Google translate translates everything correct but it does the job I assume. Cool to read you managed to learn surfing yourself. What kind of equipment you sail in Hvar? And did you had time to windsurf in Fiji while you were there for your Survivor show? BTW really cool you did that!

Will lookout for some bottles here in the ocean, maybe it's yours 😉

Hang loose 🤙

Ha! Ja zawsze chciałam napisać taki list i wysłać... Nie do księcia na jakimś tam rumaku, tylko tak po prostu... I jeszcze tego nie uczyniłam.

Gratulacje! To musiała być przygoda...

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