My Pastel painting for @blocktrades World Cup "The Winner takes it all!"

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Hello my dear Steemians,

Finally the two months of shivering and shaking with excitement every single World Cup 2018 games. Tonight it was the final two teams who really deserved to be finalists had a hard fight.

I saw few weeks ago @blocktrades World Cup contest but I am not really good in guessing and usually I am unlucky so I decided not to take part in it, but... I thought I will do what I can do best. I will paint the finalist for those who took part in @blocktrades World Cup contest. I started it few days ago and finished earlier today I thought that it would be French team and as you see I was RIGHT!

It is so common that inside of family one is for one team and another for another. Me and my hubby were for France and my son wanted Croatian team to win their First Star, but the French team in my opinion is more experienced and fight very hard.

My today's painting I thought to call "The Winner takes it all!" that was also the famous song of "ABBA" and I think it fits very well to today's football game.

The Winner takes it All! by @Stef1


Pastel painting "The Winner takes it All!" by @Stef1

My step-by-step process and materials:

Mi-Teintes pastel paper 32x41 cm, weight 160m/cm2, soft pastel sticks and pencils.

Simple sketch as always to start with:


First the skin tone with stressing the muscles in movement:


Background scene, I am using my knife to powder the pastel and mix black with blue and white:


Now the powder is blended in smooth surface:


My favourite part, the outfit and of course the Winner for the second time, that is why

TWO STARS OF WINNER: 1998 and 2018

My Congratulations to French Team and to France for the World Cup Champion Titel!



I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


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я тоже болела за французов и рада их победе)
отличная работа! и даже с небом угадали - сегодня на Москву пришел грозовой фронт, небо над стадионом было темным, сверкала молния и были слышны раскаты грома.

Спасибо, я была рада что успела вовремя закончить. Приходилось постараться над цветом трико и конечно стадионом. Надеюсь, празднования будут без больших проблем для болельщиков.

Также большое спасибо всем в России за такую хорошую атмосферу и организацию!

Kiss for your son! :))))

Definitely will pass to him :)

I love this work. His action is so perfect. I can feel that the kick will be goal.

Thank you for nice comments!

Great composition !

Thank you!