The blocktrades contest | Preparing for Financial Thriving During Global Downturns

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Please realize that the following bragging is in fulfillment of a contest requirement. I would not normally refer to myself as a "role model Steemian." But I do know that I regularly engage in the behavior the contest sponsors listed they are looking for, and I'd like to win the support for my writing.

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For one I pretty much post every day. I can count on one hand the weeks since I joined last February that I've posted only 6 times, and I don't think it has ever been less than that.

The downturn in price has made no difference and I don't think it will. I don't honestly get why it would, unless you're cashing out your rewards as you earn them and think it not worth the effort to cash out smaller rewards in fiat terms. Since I'm always powering up, all I see is that during this downturn I earn more that I get to power up, even if the USD conversion would be less money.

In fact, I've been buying more STEEM lately. And I have a price in mind that if I see will trigger me to really load up. So the idea of being discouraged by lower STEEM prices is just absurd to me. I would have to believe it is a sign of the platform failing, but I know full well that the coin is having price declines just like the rest of the crypto market it. In fact, I wrote about how the peg to BTC makes it easy to manipulate the entire market just by manipulating the price of that one coin, with an easy initial "push" of that first domino just with the existing limit orders sitting out there denominated in satoshi.

But I digress...

Back to singing my own praises, LOL.

Other key things about how I relate to STEEM is that I reply to every comment that I don't think is spam, upvote those same comments (even sometimes tts, which I appreciate), read and upvote maybe 10 posts by others each day, usually also leaving a comment on them, and also remain active on Discord with a few different groups (particularly @TribeSteemUp). I don't even like Discord, but I deal with it just to converse with you fine people. 😉

Well I just hit 15 sentences with that last one, and this is only supposed to be 20, so on with sharing a recent post as example of my writing.

I had a hard time choosing between this one and one other, because this one on financial thriving during global downturns represents my creating content I think greatly helps individuals with their personal thriving, while the other one I think greatly helps the community address issues related to thriving. Regularly I write about both of these things.

I've put forth as my entry the one that got the most rewards. I choose that one because I choose to honor the community's wisdom that says they valued it more, so rewarded it more.

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Thank you for sharing your inspiration! :-)

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I saw this post after I published my participating article, where I was inviting you to join :)
You are one of the phenomenal authors that have joined the platform, and I feel lucky that you even know my existence (not to mention that you always interact with my questions)
You totally deserve to be selected, I hope you will be among the lucky ones!
Lots of love 💙 & best of 🍀!!!

Thanks so much! And glad you entered too. Good luck!

I wish you much success with your contest entry, and I hope you win! I have found your posts interesting and try to check them out during my somewhat limited and sporadic visits here.

Bright Blessings!

Thank you ! That really means a lot to me to hear you say that. 💖

I definitely agree that continuing to post when the price is low is rewarding (as long as you can get people to vote for you!), because the competition stops, and you can accrue steem more quickly.

Besides, steemit has the least toxic community anywhere on the web, so if you want social media interaction, it's healthiest to get it here.

I think so too! In fact, I was just talking to someone minutes ago about how this is a place you can have a real discussion about important ideas with people from all around the world, and have it actually be a discussion instead of just name calling. It's sad how rare that's gotten. But so good places like this exist.

You are the epitome of what they are looking for.
Good lucky with your entry.
You would be at the top of my list.

Thanks so much! I do hope I get is, but even if I don't, kind comments like yours make me already feel like a winner.

Great entry into the contest! What an incredible accomplishment with all of your posting and curating, commenting, upvoting. You are a model Steemian by that example of effort! I am gemreatful to have finally found your contributions to stay in the know on these important subjects you blog about. Steem on! And, best of luck to you in this contest!

That's so kind of you to say so. I'm so glad to hear that my writing is adding something to your life. Really nice to connect with you and thanks for the support.

Nice one my friend. You are one steemian i respect so much. So go on brag! Its worth it.
Buying more steem is a good idea but it all depends on the finance of the person. Its as though steem is starting all over again especially with the fall of almighty bitcoin. So investing now will be so beneficial to those who have a store where they lock up their cryptocurrencies

Thank you so much! And yes, it is definitely a matter of being fortunate enough to have a possibility of stocking up now. For many it still remains out of reach. But fortunately everyone is getting bigger steem benefits right now if they are powering up!

Wishing you the very best, my friend. And thank you for letting me know about this contest.

You are welcome.

Love you 💚💚💚

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