My entry for the Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest ticket giveaway

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@Buttcoins is going to STEEMFEST 3!
One way or another!
This cellphone video Giveaway is right up my alley.
So want to say thanks to Open Mic and Blocktrades for sponsoring this sweet opportunity. Cheers to @anomadsoul and @luzcypher for supporting!

here is the post link for the giveaway:

Is Steemit gonna make it? What is the future?
For me the most important question is...

Do you enjoy engaging on steemit?

If yes... why?
If no.. why?
Those are my questions. I ask these questions to myself. Then I choose to move toward the reasons I said yes.
If the no's ever becomes so big that they swallow up the yes's.
Then yes.... I would be out of here.
Yet at this point Steemit has been enhancing and motivating my creativity!
This is for me the vitality.
Plain and simple, Steemit has given me more connections and resources to learning in the last year. I have found many outlets for my various interests and the whole thing fluidly aligns with all my favorite discord families.
For me it is this overall learning and support vibe that keeps me here.
It is what I find nourishing to my life.
Which means I care less about all the imperfections of Steemit.

As currently it is a perfect Joy to be co-creating in this wild Blockchain rabbit hole.

I am pumped to be coming to STEEMFEST 3! I have always preferred face to face. So to engage in the ‘real live’ stream of life, with all the folks that I have been hanging in chat rooms with....
well, I cant wait!
Steemfest is simply the best peer to peer ratio meet-up going in the Steemosphere and im all about checking it out!

Kraków or bust Baby!

Now i tend to leave the bodies of my posts empty. But as there are lots of links necessary to the Giveaway rules. I'll toss in a few post links of my own here at the bottom.
These posts highlight my direction here on Steemit and who i am creatively.
First 2 blog links:

And 2 Sketches:

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You make some of the funniest and creative videos, @buttcoins. Wish you all the best in this contest. I know you'll represent Steem and your communities really well at Steemfest.


@take5 it has been an absolute pleasure and honor getting to know you! Sliding around on discord in a slippery palace made of bananas. Thanks for sharing your bananas!


Same here, @buttcoins and you're always welcome to my bananas. Like they say, sharing is caring.

I love how a casual vlog becomes a sketch and man it cracks me up good!

@buttcoins you are the man with the plan, I always enjoy your vids and ideas you share, cause it is so close to my heart. It is the home made food for my belly rather than fancy, small restaurant dish that sits on a huge plate..(Why they always put so little food on a humongous plate?!)

in other words, I can't wait to meet you here In The Netherlands, and have few days to warm up before we kick it on the SF3!

Keep on BuTTing my friend!

Artakush high 5s buttcoins from the bush...


yes, lets get the biggest plate in Krakow and put 2 baby corns on it. we can nibble real slow and call it progressive cuisine.

i am so looking forward to chilling for a few days before the road trip. cant wait to see what improv sketches come out of this meet up!! thanks for all the support Kush of the Bush!


I guess we will need to hire a person to continuously film us, cause I bet that every minute with all of us together would be great content!

P.S. Love corn and the idea for Krakow, that could be our live art performance act!

@buttcoins you rock!

Surely Steemfest will greatly benefit from Butty's presence, his energy, enthusiasm for Steem....and his amazing positive vibe.....will make a huge difference for Steem all Steemains for sure!


you are too kind DJ.
you must love my byteballs... wipe them balls right off... are we having a ball yet.
you are my favorite weaponized Buddha icon. You too are a steem warrior... asking and brainstorming all the most pertinent questions and solutions! thanks for pulling me into your world

I'm not going to lie but the vlog/sketch format is surprisingly great to watch, i loved this!

The sketches are almost like a look into your mind and however twisted or funny it maybe hahah! I really love this idea and hope you run with it!

I sure as hell will be in for the ride.... as long as it's not with your uber driver hahahaha

p.s great thought on improv, i had never really thought of it but I do improv everyday, with documenting my life and also all my collab videos, I just start the camera and talk no planning or prep hahah!



i always say.... Improv is life no matter how much we attempt to control it.

im pumped you dug the vloggedy i crafted. let make some together at steemfest brother!


I'm so up for that at SF!!!!!!

Dude, your video, like your username, is funny as hell. Thanks for entering and good luck.


im glad you like my name you devilish cypher of light! Thanks for checking my work out!

every Steemfest need a buttcoin and which buttcoin would be better then the real buttcoin


Yes... dont settle for less than the Real Buttcoin!!!

I can smell what the butt is cooking! You are one of the most real and genuine people on here, and I have seen really a pretty incredible growth in the quality and diversity of your posting as a direct result of your participation in and support of various communities on Steem blockchain. You rock!


I love you Carl. I truly feel the same way about you. Now go spend some quality time with that Banana of yours!

Man i really like that song in the intro and outro! Who is that??
Great concept for vlogging - F**cking UBER!


it is a remix of a matthew hervert song at start. (dj Koze)
the spanish hip hop song is called extasis (extasy) by Cartel De Santa

Both of those are bloody brilliant @buttcoins! TOTALLY out of the box, inside out and upside down! True originality at its best and a wonderful example of someone truly passionate about this platform! No doubt Steemfest will be a LOT more energetic with you there! GOOOOOD LUUUCK!!!


@jaynie you have fostered such a supportive and creative group here on steemit. @steemitbloggers was my first discord group... it was one of the many reasons that i stuck around here on steemit. I wonder who else is thinking of going to steemfest from Sbloggers? Would be so cool to meet up with some folks in person!

Gran talento Butt. En verdad espero que ganes, sería genial ver el materia que prepararías con esa oportunidad. ¡Éxito!


Ahuevos! asi es... hagamos una comedia de steemfest y las rutas en de llegar! Abrazos amigo!

When I first started watching your video, I was like - "wow, he's just doing a regular vlog for the contest. I don't think I've ever seen a ButtCoin video that was just a casual chat." Then the Uber driver showed up... 😂

I completely agree with your reasons for staying on Steemit, because I feel the same - and I don't see the negatives overwhelming the positives any time soon (especially because of our #steemitbloggers fam bam!). Best of luck with the contest!


Yeah....the Butt struggles doing things casual. haha
no doubt on that scale of the good and bad.... activate negative filter, commence white wash. Always best to lean yes.

OOOOH! Good luck! I am so excited about going to a real life steemit event some day. I stick with steemit because of the interactions and community, but if that went away for me... well, I guess I don't know what would happen. That has been my biggest motivator to hang on!

So good luck, you have the best username, btw!


Come! Would be amazing to meet you! So agree.... its all about finding these comfy places.
Thanks for throwing down @byn


I wish I could afford to! I am hoping that a meetup comes somewhere that my husband has always wanted to go during a time when he's free to vacation! :)

Did someone mention a rabbit hole?


haha... i know how you love your rabbit holes @wales buy the way...can i borrow some of the money from that suitcase?


Sure you can

I sure do hope you win!


you and me both...big love @mattifer

Good luck! May the best butt win 😛


So many Butts man!

Love for the butt!


The butt loves you too


amor par las moscas.....ummm para los queteros. que? espera... estoy la arana? yo hago mi propio mosquetero de mi BUTT! Vivo los Mosqueteros!!!

Great videos! I hope you will have fun on steemfest man!

The last vid was very awesome! Nice acting hahaha

Go @buttcoins! ;)


thanks man.... i will have fun for sure! Acting? everything is the gospel truth. pinky swear.

You deserve to go dude! You are exactly the kinda vibe that’s keeping this platform going (in my newbie opinion) ;)


So kind to say @wildwanderer. Yes we good vibe folks gotta stick together!

Well, I am in your corner here and IRL. I wish I had the means or the time to go to Krakow to meet you, but I know we will be meeting face to face soon enough. I have really enjoyed watching you grow as a filmmaker and as a person in the short time I've been on here and have also enjoyed our Discord chats.

I can't think of a more deserving person to win this and I wish you all the luck I can muster.

Just remember not to say "up the butt" too much near customs.


i could just walk into custom backwards with cheeks wide open.

Thanks @profanereviews yeah has been a fun ride over there at COM. looking forward to our winter meet-up!!

Ha! This is awesome!! Good luck bud; I've got my fingers crossed for you :)


Hell ya! the more fingers crossed the merrier!

Brother, well done on this video man! Freaking loved it how you combined sketchcomedy with vlogs!

I am certain that people will benefit from your teachings concerning improvisation man!

Winny out...for now 😉


You are my hero winny! thanks for all the love....

I feel you
Just today I was having an exchange of words with a friend who insisted blockchain, cryptocurrency was scam, a malware
After explaining the best I could since I myself still have plenty to learn, I told her what happened the last couple of days
Someone in Venezuela needed money for a surgery and she couldn't afford it because of the inflation, the insurance wouldn't pay for it.
How some of us reached out, sent her some steem/sbd, up votes, and she is going for her surgery.
If that makes what I am doing a scam then "shrug"
Loving the communities just like you
All the best @buttcoins 😊


too true... it always confuses me when folds ask....but is it real money... and im like... who cares.... how much time do you waste on facebook or twitter. how much is the check they are cutting you this year. So what is the difference. Its a place that i enjoy engaging...and there is no ads.... whats not to like about that.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

interested in joining the Steemit Bloggers Community?

Awesome entry @buttcoins. You seem quite determined to get there no matter what and after reading some of the other comments, there seems to be a whole bunch of people really eager to meet you face to face too :) All the best with the competition.


Thanks @jusipassetti yeah... all this support is really heartwarming to say the least. I too am excited to meet all the clowns that manage to make it to steemfest 3!

Great! We need to gather at Steemfest all of our #steemtbloggers community! Good luck!


too true. I know @raj808 is going from steemitbloggers ... not sure who else

That was really fun to watch. Looking forward to meeting you face to face!


Yeah Cams, we are gonna be Krakow Castle pimpin it. which translated to me means we will geek out over editing tools while sipping lemonade!

You are off the chain awesomeness @buttcoins. I so hope you win, you definitely deserve to <333 :) You've got my upvote, resteem & good vibes for sure. Much Love #steemitbloggers fam!!!


SB FAMILY in da house!!! thanks love!

Hope you get to go. With a name like yours you should win. :)


lol.... yes, at least one Buttcoin must be there.

I just want to see what happens when @buttcoins brings the house down over at SeemFest! Good luck and if you make it I hope someone will be recording it!


you and me both my brother. haha... there will be no shortage of cameras im sure.

GOOD LUCK winning a ticket to attend this event! I think you are a very deserving Steemian, as you always engage with others via comments, upvotes, and networking! Your written blogs are very entertaining, and I would love to read about your adventures in Kraków! The #steemtbloggers community is rooting for you! 🙂

Dtube never loads for me, so I couldn't watch the video. Written text is always appreciated! Thanks!


bummer no dtube working... where do you live... i live in Guatemala and internet is crap...but dtube works here. hey ho. thanks tor the big ups @thekittygirl...yes if i make it i will be documenting without a doubt.


I'm in a rural area of the US with only a cell-phone connection. Every minute or two, one second of the video loads, even for folks in larger cities like Atlanta, RIchmond, Nashville... so, I'm mystified.

Your creativity and talent has truly grown and this post is excellent and very deserving to be a winner, I hope the judges of the Steemfest 3 Ticket Give Away see it the same as I do.
Enjoy Krakow and Steemfest 3.


Thanks Sulty! has been great sharing the time here. yeah i cant wait for steemfest...hope them judges see like you!!

Happy 1 year Steemit Birthday @buttcoins. Good luck and have fun at STEEMFEST. You're a great community member and should be there for it.


you rock too @to7 thanks for the kinda words... and yes... happy b-day little buttcoins. i now can take off my diaper.

A real fun and creative entry mate. Good luck and can't wait to meet up in Krakow... if Odin and Thor shall will it so :-)


yeah... man. gonna be a ripper!!

I hope we are still friends when you get your first millón steem! :P
good luck getting those tickets and as you say... enjoy the joy!


why would a whale talk to krill. you must be silly in the head!

Your video is rocking it. Here I wish you all the luck in getting the ticket. Yay to you first. :)


first to me yay, tickets finding wishes and rocking video luck.

haha i palindrome'd that sentence kinda
like a

nice bro!
I really hope you get those tickets! you have to be one of the biggest steemit fans I've had contact with...
Your video skills are getting better pretty fast BTW... :)


yeah, man. fingers crossed. thanks for sticking around. is there a steemargentina?

resteem was made


nice one!

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i so agree with the beans your chewing. Id love to give you an upbutt. can you upbutt me first?

You are just amazing.Your post is really organized.Thanks a lot for this nice job.


thank you.. i never feel so organized.... haha

Awesome entry for the blocktrades contest perfect that was all the best to you :)


thanks @blazing nice that you popped in again!

Good luck with the contest @buttcoins :)hopefully you'll win!


thanks nooky! prepare the confetti bombs....

Love the sketches @Buttcoins
So fun. Short and sweet. And provocative!!!


thanks @squdsi1 i guess im a provocateur

Absolutely wonderful. Along with LL I think you definitely deserve to go

For that I wrote I song

Choose Buttcoin to go to steemfest
Buttcoin will show you his penis
He'll pull it out and make it his gene-fest
His dick is the biggest in D west
It will make you tired but real impressed
Though by the end you might need rest

Though be aware you might need an HIV-test
You don't wanna mess with Butt's disease-nest


Butt i beg to differ... my disease nest is really quite nice.
its like spice on ice... shake it, shake it, shake it.
hot butt cool...a cocktail filled pool and im swimming and swallowing it all up.


muchas gracias! buena onda.

Good luck & all the best