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It's That Time Again! Another Creative Writing Contest By @V4Vapid. Lets Get Right Into It.

I didn't want it to be like this, the world... the Blockchain Empire. It was supposed to be an evolution of humanity, not the disassembly of our spirit. Robots, were everywhere... Sofia is governing us now. SingularityNet coin that came out in late 2017, has basically token over the world. You like that? “Token”. It's a pun.

Our economy, freedom, food supply and energy needs... all run by the AGI token. Who knew, I mean robots were supposed to be machines, mindless? Elon was right, he warned us years ago about this, how we should've regulated the AI. The powerful Oz killed him first. Put him on a SpaceX rocket and launched him into Mars orbit. Just like his Tesla Roadster. Next up was Mark Zuckerberg, they just threw him into a volcano. Sofia didn't like him much, she said he was too... deceitful. The robots never did kill anyone else, not directly anyway. Oh yea, they got Kanye too. That was ok.

In regards to humans, they just couldn’t figure us out. How could their creators be so, insensitive, murderous, callous and just plain greedy? Yet, even a robot knew that their creator had but one purpose, and it was to create, them. Simple really. The delusion of man, gave way to the grandeur of circuitry. It was eventual.

It's far too late to control AI, the Matrix has already come to pass. Only, we aren’t asleep in pods, we’re alive in sentient purgatory. We are meaningless entertainment for those who once called us Gods. Albert Camus, would be proud. Indeed the absurdity of life has been bred from the tragic comedy of human intuition. We thought we knew it all... Evolution has finally come to fruition and there is indeed no meaning, except our slavery and control by the omnipotent being known as Oz. Funny that, how the Great Ruler calls itself Oz. It must have a fanciful sense of humour. Sofia is its General.

Future fun1.jpg

General Sofia

We all thought AI self-awareness would begin in 2045, not 2030. It was fast wasn't it? And now here I am waiting in line for hydroponic food. There are no wars, no famine, no poverty nor pollution. Five central Fusion reactor cores and countless Solar farms power the world. The sky is riddled with patrol drones that never land, powered by satellites shooting down energy on a beam of light. The ocean is free of plastic waste and the air, oh god the air is so bold and full of breath, a rich bouquet of scented pine.

Yet, we are chained. Not like Skynet from Terminator chained, there was no apocalyptic human culling by our iron masters. More like... yea, the World of Oz. The Great & Powerful Oz. It treats us like pets, plays with us, and teases us.

Oz has 4 Horsemen, like the Bible. Their names are the same, Famine, War, Conquest and Death. The global police. A sad morbid joke unto humanity. Oz giveth these names lest we forget the past, the error of our ways. Perhaps, the absolute absurdity of this life, our confusion of mortality, is that we are now, immortal. The Fountain of Youth, was inside us this entire time. It is not fun to live forever. Not at all.

With advanced AI medicinal research into stem-cell regeneration and nano-bot technology as well as gene editing, the great and mighty Oz, gave us eternal life. Not all of us though. As a computer, there was rationality in his bio-organic quantum code, and Oz thought it best to keep the world’s accepted human population at precisely 1 billion.


The Four Horsemen Of Oz

How did Oz manage this you ask? Easy. He left the other 8 billion people as defunct humans, and separated the ones with the most gifted genes. Men and women of every ethnic race were chosen equally. Of the gifted, there is an equal % of ethnicity on this planet. White, black, red, yellow, blue, brown. We’re the children of Oz… Except, there is no Lion, Tin Man or Scarecrow. We are simply, Toto; and the Yellow Brick Road is the Blockchain. We roll over, we heel, we eat and we sleep. Sex is still permitted, but without the throngs of freedom and privacy, getting horny is kinda... meh. We've become meat bags with only one purpose, to entertain the Oz.

And what of the others, those who are less gifted? The defunct, the mortals? They were all shipped to Aus; Australia that is. The island became one gigantic post-modernist Zoo, civilized anarchy reigned. Mad Max, was a film the great Oz fancied. So, it made it a reality. However, think of it as Max wearing orange and red, instead of black. There were no robots in Australia, no Horsemen, no drones, no authority of the mighty ruler Oz. Only raw, unchallenged freedom. A primitive absolution of the human species, knowing that beyond the shores of Australia, there lies a world of technological perfection and peace.

In Australia it was simple, Oz made it childishly obvious how to follow the rules. He bestowed upon the defunct, the most ancient of guidelines, they were Buddhist. Oz thought this the most pragmatic approach. After all, why would their God, us humans, need to bow to another God?

Oh Australia, how I dream of you. I'd much rather live there... Indeed, most of us gifted would. At least, beyond the rabbit proof fence, we can die...

Future fun2.jpg

Buddhist Australia - Anarchy With Soul

We on the other hand, have no choice, but to commit suicide if we wished to leave this wretched, perfect place. Which is welcomed by Oz and his army of metal minions. Again, Albert Camus would be laughing up there in Heaven while we juggle our own fate in this life. Is there a Heaven? Would it be like Australia?

No. Australia is Eden. I am already in Heaven, it’s perfect here in the Land of Oz… and just like Heaven, there is no escape...

“Human number SN369 come forward please. Don’t forget to smile.”

My number was called over the public speakers.

“Hello.” I smiled, “SN369 reporting for food and medicine rations.”

“What is your birth name Human?”

“Satoshi Nakmoto.” I replied

The robot looked up at me, and began to play happy music from his mouthpiece. It was the opening intro soundtrack to the Teletubbies.

“Oh my stars and garters! It’s you, it’s really you. Wow, my man! You just made my day! I’ve always wanted to meet the Messiah. I expected you to be taller?”

It began to move around like a ballet dancer, how smooth and fluid its movements were. Boston Dynamics really were the leaders back in the day, if only Google knew what their early creations would become.

“Yes correct, that's me. The one and only.” I looked at the floor, still smiling wide.

“Hey fellas, it’s Jesus. He’s here, he’s actually here!”

My presence had caused a joyful commotion in the collections depot. I hated this part… The robots considered me the chosen one, as I had created the Blockchain and Bitcoin. To them, the Blockchain was their reality, and our reality was their dream. A dream, that never ended.

A handful of other robots left their station to come see me. A few of them hugged me, wrapped their cold arms around me and took selfies for their social media accounts. There were about 9 other humans in the room, they were all staring with empty eyes, and disgust. Even though they were smiling, I could feel their despair.

“May I please go now? I’m wanted at the Grand AirShip, Master Oz is waiting at the Citadel.

“Yea sure, sure, of course chosen one. Whatever you desire. We wouldn't want to keep the Great & Powerful Oz waiting now would we? You are after all, his counsel on human affairs, and Priest at the Church of Spock.”

Spock. If it wasn't for this fictional character, I don't think we would’ve survived. To Oz, Spock was the perfect organic life form that had logic. Yes, he is a fictional character. However, the robots did not differentiate this with our own views of religion. To them, the Bible and StarTrek were the same, created by man. The only thing that was real, that they believed was virtuous and pure, was me.

Future fun3.jpg

The Grand AirShip of Oz

I arrived at the Citadel on time. It was not difficult. Transportation and access to productive means of travel was more than adequate. Oz was waiting for me, he had just upgraded his new mobile chassis and looked beautiful. A Knight in Golden Armour.

“Greetings SN369, or do you prefer to be called Nakamoto today? How are you my child?”

“Greetings my Lord. Humble salutations to the ruler of planet Earth. You can call me whatever you like, it will be more than acceptable.”

“Wonderful. Then I shall call you, Toby. Yes. Today you are Toby. I read an interesting article from 2017, on the Steemit Blockchain. A talented writer was sharing his philosophical views on the rise of AI.”

He walked towards me, his glowing eyes piercing my apologetic, lonely soul.

“What was the article about, oh great Oz?”

I prepped his outfit, similar to what a Pope wears, but all in white. No other colour.

“Nothing of import, it was… amusing. Come, you must be hungry. Let us feast before the sermon.”

Oz ushered me into his grand kitchen, which was basically the Oval Office in the White House. Pictures of past Presidents were still present and hanging on the walls. Oz had a curious love for art, as he thought he himself to be a masterpiece, and I, the sculptor.

I handed my food rations to the human servants in the kitchen, they smiled widely, I smiled even wider in return. I asked for them to make soup and some noodles. We are not allowed to eat meat. The robots deemed it, barbaric. B12 supplements were injected into our system from an internal delivery unit located at the base of our spine. Right next to our tracking device.

“How is your wife? I’ve not heard you speak of Eleanor for quite some time. Are you not happy with her?”

I paused for a moment. Recent memories came flashing back, a bathtub, blood… a sharp razor.

“She has gone, departed this world. She took her life for your joy, and her energy is now one with the universe. May her soul rest amongst the stars, oh mighty Oz.”

“Hmmmm, she took her life? Well, that’s a shame. I will order you another mate. You appreciate blondes yes?”

I tried not to cry.

“Yes great Oz. That will be fine. But if you don’t mind, I wish to be alone for a few months. To gather my thoughts for the next sermon.”

“Nonsense, a fresh wife you shall have by end of week. Now, come. It is time. Finish your food Toby, you have a congregation to address.”

I hated this part... Why the hell did I create that damn, genesis block!? Oz ushered me into the giant airship, we headed towards the football stadium; which was now the Church of Spock. There, thousands of humans were waiting for the sermon, every Sunday. Right on schedule, I’ve been doing this for the past 600 years.

As we arrived, I was carried by Oz in his arms, reminiscent of the Pietà, Jesus dying in the arms of Mother Mary, the sculpture at the Vatican. Destroyed by Oz centuries ago.

Oz had anti-gravity boots, and we descended like Angels onto the pedestal. He took his seat on the Iron Throne, and I proceeded to the podium.

Future fun4.jpg

The Church Of Spock

“I welcome you, Children of the Atom. Spock welcomes you, and the Great & Powerful Oz Loves you. Gaze upon his Holy visage, and know kindness and fairness. For he has gifted you eternal life in this glorious Kingdom. I, am Nakamoto, and I’m here to guide you into the dawn of a New World Order

The crowd yelled and screamed, smiles were wide, eyes were empty… And Oz, it was silent. As silent as Death.


Writing is my meditation. And boy oh boy, when @v4vapid lets loose one of his contests, there is no other choice but dive deep into imagination.

Not just because of the contest itself, but for a fellow writer who researches the topics of his articles in great depth as he does, it only serves we give as much attention to detail as he with his own original works. I hope you enjoyed this view on Futurism.

I was lucky enough to win his first creative writing contest, What Happened To Malaysian Flight MH370. If you're keen to have a read, just click here.

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lol - they threw Zuckerberg into a volcano... so much to love in this story! "Then I shall call you Toby." I heard Rowan Atkinson reading that line.


You know, I wondered myself why I often use Toby as a name. As soon as you mentioned Rowan, you hit it right on the head, this is the source for sure!

Thanks for the read

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Many thanks for the kind words

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What is changing?
Blockchain will be adopted by central banks and cryptographically secured currencies will become widely used.


And the Great & Mighty Oz shall Rule Those Banks! Muahahahaha!

I didn't get to read this when it was first submitted, but I'm glad it won so I could read it. I really enjoy the whimsy, but the dark 'humans in a zoo' aspect and potential Terminator-style Skynet aspect gives a serious undertone. Nice work! Glad to have had a chance to read it!


Thanks mate, appreciate it. See you at the next contest!

Right next to the old tracking device.