GRAHAM HANCOCK • Mystery of Gunung Padang • [DTUBE] TRAILER PREMIER 2018

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GH Trailer Snap.jpg

It's finally here! The Steemit Exclusive Release of Graham Hancock's Seminar in Bali, Indonesia! Right here on DTUBE.

▶️ DTube

We produced the seminar in late 2016 at the world renowned PotatoHead Beach Club.

The topic was none other than the mysterious 20,000 Year Old Pyramid Structure, located on the island of Java.

However, due to some obstacles received from certain officials and other parties, we have held the release of this engaging seminar for over a year. Time moves on and that is all in the past, and now we present to you the Premier Trailer of the talk, produced by BudoCon, our seminar series platform associate.

Enjoy the trailer, we will be posting the FULL version in two parts, in the coming days.

Our most humble thanks and gratitude to Mr. Hancock who has given us the green-light to post this seminar, exclusively on Steemit.

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We Produce Annual Seminars, last year we hosted Graham Hancock, hence this post - And this year we had Dr. Lawrence Blair. Both videos of the seminars will be released here.

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You can read all 3 Chapters of The Synthetic Man

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So glad to see this. Graham really showed the world that nothing about our past is set in stone, and that the established bureaucracy in academia can be fought successfully.


Stoked you find this illuminating, your support is important. Full version out in a few days, and released here as well.

Wow! What a day. I can't believe Graham is on steemit!! So glad my world's are colliding


We are happy too, and to collaborate with him on this seminar was one of our highlights, will be hard to beat. Keep up to date, we'll be releasing the Full Version in the next few days. To be clear, Graham is not on Steemit, however since we both agreed to release the seminar on this platform, he is somewhat intrigued.

Perhaps in the near future, we will see him on here.

Thank you!


One of the very brightest man studying the subject right now, with us here, already. Brilliant!!! thanks a lot for sharing and can't wait to see more of his presentations here on as well.

Namaste :)


Yes, he is most certainly one of the brightest and broke down many barriers for the next generation to follow in his footsteps. Full version vid out in a few days, thanks for your support!

Now can we get Randall Carlson on Also RIP to the late great John Anthony West... He will be deeply missed.


Yes indeed... JAW will indeed be sorely missed... Rest In Power!

Love Graham's work! Though he did get quite defensive in one of Joe Rogan's shows with someone who opposed his views... oh well, none of us is perfect!


He should be defensive especially when the attacks are always based on ideology and the ideals of those who rather have the current model stay as opposed to truth, facts and science.


Yea, he's a fiery fella for sure. For someone who has been going against the establishment for 3 decades, its no wonder he loses his cool every now and then.

Keep up to date, FULL version coming out in a few days!


He was defensive because the opposer, Michael shermer, didn't have a very good argument, yet he blasted Graham in one of his blogs. Meanwhile, Graham has dedicated many decades of his life to figuring out our past and he's being liberated more and more every day as we continue to find new evidence. It's understandable when you realize how much shit Graham has had to endure by going against most of the academics.


This is the episode of JRE being referenced

- particularly this segment where Hancock defends himself from what in fairness comes across a hit piece against him. Criticism and scepticism is very important, it's something Hancock makes use of all the time in his mental toolkit in order to do his journalism, however the treatment he receives is far from fair much of the time.

He had only won more respect from me, however from reading others responses it seems many others judged it differently.


Yes, of course. Dont get us the wrong way, 'fiery' means that his passion to his craft is absolute and when confronted by the 'establishment' we can see this conviction come forth.

There was an earlier post about how Zawi Hawas had blasted GH for his facts and research, indeed GH was calm during this bombardment, and Zawi left the conference room like an angry child. thanks for your your support of this great man.

I am a long time follower of Graham and read most of his books. My favorite one would have to be "Entangled". Magician of the gods was great and an eye opener but there are so many boring details that I am sure Graham HAD to put in so that all of his haters wouldn't come at him. Sad world that we have so much opposition for new ideas instead of working towards knowing better.


We are living through a great catalyst of change, and Graham has guided many folks to question things that are not quite right.

You'll be happy to know, he's in the middle of writing another book, and we can be sure to read more of his detailed insight soon. We'll be releasing the Full Version of this seminar soon, its rather engaging.

Good for you Kevin. Very happy to see this. I wish you all the best :)


Hey Sam, how are ya man? Enjoying Paris I see. Nice one.

Yea, it took awhile but finally here. Thanks mucho for the dope Aerial for the vid and will mention you in the Full Version release article body for sure. Will be in touch x

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Thanks for your support mate, Full Version coming in the next few days!

congratulations on the hard work of writing articles in the past that is not an easy job to summarize and make a history book, or a documentary

I miss "MY" island life! Awesome project!


We miss you too x


I am glad this article kicked it off finally :)