Blockchain Situation in China 〜 ONTology Event Report 〜

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Last Saturday, I participated in the ONTology event! !

ONTology is a new high-performance public multi-chain project from China!
At the event, there was also a story about the latest blockchain situation in China! !

I summarized the report below!

1.ONTology Mr. Jun Li Speech


· Blockchain can be a new infrastructure
· It is important to be able to actually use the application
· There is no current status supported in everyday life
· Do blockchains become infrastructure like the Internet?
· New collaboration required
· What are the merits in reality?


· Bridge between reality and digital is necessary
· If you decentralize, performance will degrade
· Chain network is necessary for platform collaboration
· For collaboration, the protocol is not one
· Using other nodes, you can take advantage of the consensus process
· The ONT token has a fixed currency amount
· Currently more than 20 projects in progress

2.Speech by the Cryptographic Currency Project Team in China, Relay Speech by Partner Company

· Fusion of advertisement and blockchain
· The digital advertising market is still growing
· 8% of the total is unauthorized advertisement
· About 60% of advertisements are Google and Facebook
· Aim for the next-generation advertisement by clearing the task

· Collaboration between Iot and blockchain
· Personal information leaks somewhere is risk
· There is a problem of whether information can be trusted
· We aim to solve these problems by using block chains

· Aim for collaboration of data
· Create protocols with high efficiency and expandability
· Utilize artificial intelligence to solve expandability and security issues
· We plan to apply it to medical and research

· Networking business data
· There is no boundary between online and offline
· 90% of consumption behavior occurs in an offline environment
· Enable access to information by anyone with distributed data storage
· Of course, considering privacy and security

⑤ Contentos
· Content + OS
· The audience is being controlled
· Aim for production of global content creators
· Popular dance dance revolution
· I would like to advance into the education field

· Transport solution with blockchain
· The automotive data market will reach $ 75 billion by 2030
· Whether the data is anonymized is the current problem
· Prospects for further treatment of personal information in the US and Europe
· CarBlock aims for a decentralized market in the automotive industry

3.Panel Discussion


Regulation by Chinese authorities
→ China tends to have a strong viewpoint on how to protect individual investors (Mr. Li)

· In Japan, why is not mining restricted?
→ Cloud mining is gray, and it is not understood at present what customers are affiliated (Mr. Hirano)

· On the movement of funds in China
→ If it is the Internet, there are a lot of enterprises in China, so that is an advantage. The balance between private and government becomes important (Mr. Li)

· What is interesting project in China?
→ We are focusing on our own public blockchain such as EOS, ONTology, NEO. Also, I am interested in the feature that there are few nodes.

· In China, the number of words in the block chain is increasing in entrepreneurship
Indeed, the blockchain is in China, hot topics. However, it is still early stage (Mr. Li)

· What kind of perspectives do Chinese investors have?
→ I have an impression that I am buying alto coin and I do not like trade quite a lot (Hirano)
→ Individual investors are always looking for new investment destination (Mr. Li)

· What is the image of the Japanese blockchain community?
→ Japanese investors are judging calmly, but there are also high risk investors. I am also surprised by the small number of Japanese blockchain projects (Mr. Li)

· Toward collaboration between China and Japan
→ If there is infrastructure, there is a possibility to cooperate in both countries (Mr. Li)
→ As you can see from Binance and NEO, China thinks that it is very aggressive impression and there are places where Japan can learn (Mr. Hirano)

· What kind of block chain industry will China have in the future?
→ Next will be the era of competition, probably it will become the US-China confrontation (Li)
→ Applications will increase more in the near future (Mr. WU)

· What happens when major players such as Facebook have entered?
→ "How do visions and values ​​go?" Becomes important. Because it should not be possible unless you change the business model, profit is hard to get out (Mr. Li)

· A word for Japanese
→ ONTology will do its best to become a next generation public tool (Mr. Li)
→ I hope that more Japanese partners will be added (Mr. WU)

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1.ONTology Jun Li氏 基調講演























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Quite a good compilation of informatio related to ontology. Good work keep it up


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Nicely explained.
Also after a long time I am hearing any news about bitcoin

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