Cardstack is a new look at software architecture

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In the recent past, the IT industry was not developed well. With the advent of computers, there appears a need in software. Over the years, the profession of the programmer has become popular, there are about 15 most common programming languages. Nowadays parents, from an early age, prepare their children to become a programmer.

If 20 years ago, the groups of people worked on the creation of one quality product, it took quite a long time, now, everyone, even a beginner programmer, with minimal knowledge in this field can present his product to the society and earn money on it. Each of them wants to make a unique, popular and simple software, but more often they just copy each other's programs with minimal changes. As a consequence, the user chooses from a dozen of the same type of proposals with a loaded architecture and redundant functionality.

Healthy competition is not always good.

The more offers, the less chance for the creators to sell their product. The client will give preference to the free software, even if it's not very convenient or full of obsessive targeted ads. To maintain the client base all the time, creators have to constantly optimize and improve the software, add new tools. In the race for consumers, programmers complicate structures and thus make applications worse.

It's difficult for a client to select the optimal software for the site, in order to get all the functionality, he has to use several different products in conjunction with each other , but at the same time they are virtually impossible to synchronize and all the data must be entered every time from the very beginning.

CardStack is a new look at the creation of modular software. The development team offers a concept in which open source code with one function is a universal and stand-alone unit with a simple interface.


This approach can be compared with the designer LEGO. With the help of individual cubes you can collect completely different figures. If we give three different people the same set of cubes, we can most likely say that their counterfeits will be absolutely different from each other.

Sites are a set of functional modules. Developers themselves choose what to add and what to remove. For example, an online store consists of a storefront, an electronic payment module, a chat client support, a search through the filtering of information. For example, the owner decides that he needs to add the opportunity to enter a promotional code. He calls on his system administrator to make adjustments to the site code. He spends time, money and nerves on this, if the programmer was not very capable.

CardStack makes this process easier. The creators of the program code place on the platform open codes for applications for all occasions. There is no need to re-create something that someone has already created, you can just add it and start using it right away.

Motivation is the engine of progress.

To attract developers to the platform, there are remunerations for the creation of software inside the ecosystem. Payment for all transactions is carried out using the internal currency CARD, which can be purchased at the stage of open sales, on the official website of the project.

I would like to note that not only developers, but also card makers can receive rewards. Card in the understanding CardStack is a segmented shell on which the selected functional units are located. The more popular the client's card will become, the more revenue the developer will receive. In this case, there is an interesting feature - if any of the modules on the card is not claimed by the user, then payment for it's not implied, even if the entire card is in high demand.
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Who is interested in the platform?

  • developers, they can present their product on a huge marketplace and be rewarded for being in demand with their software.

  • consumers, they can get a multifunctional product at a low cost, exclude or add the necessary modules in the process of work.

This platform is an indicator of the effectiveness of teamwork. By combining all participants in this market on the site, you can work more productively with the software. And the presence of motivation will attract as many interested people in this ecosystem as possible, which will make it an indispensable tool for work.


More information can be found on the official sources of the project:

White Paper

Author: zokilnmet


I'm studying this project! A great team creates intelligent solutions for the community!A wonderful project. great idea and strong developers.

I think that developers will be happy to gain more profits into their pockets and not to give a lot to the intermediaries!

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Great project with interesting content!

useful project for future development

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nice article, this project has a super potential power in crypto world

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Cardstack creators offer a new look at the familiar application market and solve the problem of re-creation of already written functions. The use of third-party code will allow applications on the platform to develop much faster than their “closed” counterparts, so that the industry will receive a noticeable push forward, which will benefit consumers.

Good article! I'm interested in the them of ICO

This project will give enormous possibilities to developers. I'll stay tuned. Thanks for share.

The idea of the project is in a high need, I'll try to use their product one day.