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How to get Famous?
In the modern days, everyone wants to become popular. Social media gives many opportunities to form a network with large groups of people. Getting a celebrity status may not be easy but takes time through constant effort and commitment. Getting fame may not happen within a day, however there are few steps to achieve it. Choosing the right stream,taking constant practice and effort, creativity and promotion are the 'Must do steps' for anyone to attain fame.

Who are Influencers?
The various channels in Social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, steemit, dtube act as influencers.
Influencers are the groups in the network who can impact their followers on the various channels in the network. They do get sponsors from companies and from high network individuals.They do it in order to promote themselves and to gain popularity at the earliest.
But marketing is not as easy as we think.Whenever we land on statistics of marketing strategies,the numbers are not always right. That is when Patron came into picture.Patron is a creative idea paired up with the growing economy that was introduced by budding brands AirBnB and Uber.

Unique features of Patron

1.Patron divides and segregates its influencers into different groups based on some criteria bench marked by the officials. This gives a helping hand to the companies that does sponsoring in order to choose the right candidate.
2.It gives the chance to influencers to promote their followers who actually want to market themselves.Thus the sponsors will come to know about the total number of followers the influencer has and total number of goods the follower had purchased.
3.This strategy is too effective since it does not need any third party agent to connect with followers via influencers and vice versa.

Know the way Patron Judges its Influencers!

Following are the criteria in which Patron evaluates its influencers.
1.Number of Followers
· It will keep a check on total count of the followers
2.Engagement Level
· It will check for the number of times the interactions happened between the influencer and follower.
· It deeply takes into account the review provided by influencers on its followers.

The Patron Model:
Influencer, Sponsor,Follower!

There is a contract fixed with sponsors to decide on the duration till when he/she can receive a constant income.This period is used by the influencer to promote its sponsor.Thus the influencer becomes the ambassador for its promoted sponsor.The influencers are allowed to sign stable contracts with sponsors to advertise and showcase themselves.
The sponsors in turn will be given a guarantee to reach a certain level of fan following in the stipulated time.

Benefits of Patron

  1. Using Patron, upcoming sponsors can delegate themselves to a huge number of people with almost nil investment. This is a kind of free promotion on its services.
  2. Influencers get a chance to create a brand for themselves, provide the count of sponsors they have worked in the past and the corresponding fees.Few services would be costly based on the brand and few will be quite affordable which may not have a wider audience.
    3.The followers in turn will gain huge benefit in choosing the right influencer and sponsor by creating the right network through Patron.

Patron Token

The following strategies are used by the network

  1. Sponsors get the right medium to make use of the network.
  2. Enables fans to rate the posts and contents they follow through 'Likes' which in turn will increase the influencer's worth.
  3. Enables influencers to provide rewards and compliments for its fans.

Use Case: Mrs.Juliet is a housewife and she is a tutor.She takes training on importance of antic jewellery,she explains the birth of this art and how to treasure it. She has a huge collection of antic jewellery designs mostly attracting the female audience.She travels around the world and attracts more people who are interested to know about the importance of antic jewellery sets which are older than 100 years.She has a huge fan base across countries.
Midas Touch is a Antic Jewellery company based out of India which is a start up.The company is trying to attract more audience to grow its business. However it failed since it did not get the right promotion and did not do enough marketing. That is when Midas Touch and Mrs.Juliet connected with each other through Patron.Midas Touch used Juliets's fan base to get more sales which slowly improved day by day and reached heights.Juliet was able to gain many celebrity followers through the promotion done by Midas Touch.

Video Tutorial
Here is a video which explains briefly Patron and its Features.


Patron is a creative and realistic idea created to help people looking for sponsors to promote themselves to gain popularity.It also enables sponsors to market themselves with influencers available in the social media.This can go beyond demographics and not restricted to just one location.Thus the sponsor guarantees influencer to reach certain count of followers in a stipulated time.The created content is evaluated by rating the influencers through the total count of followers and dollars per views.Thus the reviews and rating provided by the fan base is considered reasonable and reliable which makes Patron to rule the social media through its unique features.

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Nice work @vanddy

Nowadays advertising is an essential tool for companies, especially if they are new.

Creating a base of followers is now essential within any social network and Patron is a project that seeks to exploit this but also benefits both sides of the coin (sponsors and sponsored).

All the best, Piort


Thanks for the deep analysis @crypto.piotr. I am yet to find out more!!


I love to see how responsive you are @vanddy :)

Steemit needs more people like you.



Will try to be one among them Piotr!!

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Dear @vanddy

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Hope you didn't give up completely on Steemit?

Cheers, Piotr

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