Are you interested in investing in a new startup?


Because of the public nature of this post, much I cannot divulge of the plans of this new startup, that is designed to function from the start as a scaleup, that I (the Founder of said startup-scaleup) am presenting you with the opportunity to become a de facto stock holder, by holding share certificates issued through an not-for-profit administration fund of said startup-scaleup, that I’ll be serving as its Chairman of both entities, as well as the President-CEO of the newly to be incorporated entity holding the B.V. category if legal incorporation.


You can ask for more information about the ideas and the KYC procedures by sending a mail to [email protected], and saying that you are interested in investing in this new venture, with your place of birth, place of current residence, if you are willing to send a copy of your passport and the amount that you’re interested in investing in.

There’s going to be 2 classes of share structure in this new venture, common share and class A share, with in this Alpha Seed round, only common share is available to be bought by private and/or public investors and the class A share only destined for the team and/or institutional investors.

Prices of the shares are starting @ € 0,01 per share. Minimum buy-in is € 75,- for a share certificate for 6.500 common shares (including € 10,- administration and notary costs). Minimum buy-in of € 250,- is including adm. and notary costs, so € 750,- would be 75.000 common shares.

With your help and investment will be able to either make preparations and/or even do the first private ICO/STO round and/or start with production of the demo software needed to start the tech-marketing business arm of the new venture.

Because the plans cannot be divulge publicly, only mention of the technology / plans we’ll be using / pursuing can be mentioned broadly, few examples being; Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Tech-marketing, IoT, Inclusivity, & Community building.


Can pay for the certificates with fait or cryptocurrencies.

Interested send an email to info@tcpaconsultancy.

For investment sums above € 1.500 there’s a special rewards program active untill Jan 31st 2019. If also interested and eventually able to invest at least said amount, then ask in your mail for more details.



FYI: You only need to state if you’re either willing and/or not willing to eventually send a copy of your passpoort. Not needed to send a copy beforehand, that’s something to be done when you know for sure that you’re interested and/or eligible to particitipate in this funding round.

Do you think that Bitcoin will reach its All Time High again and how much time it will take?

Not only that, but it will definitely surpass it (by a long shot) even. The second part of your question is the most difficult to answer. By a long shot probably not this year anymore, maybe not even next year.

yes, of course, Bitcoin is the future but nobody is sure when it will cross its All time high due to Wales, those who are playing with our emotions.

But this is confirm that Bitcoin will break all the records and our future will depend on it.

Well, I won’t go as far to say that our future depends on Bitcoin, but I could agree with you if you said that are future now depends on the blockchain technology, just as our future now also depends on internet, drones, IoT, renewable energy sources and energy storage, etc...


When fiat will disappear and then only the 3rd world countries will realize what they missed?

Fiat wouldn’t necessarily need to disappear, because it could either stand beside crypto, or stay either bigger in volume or smaller but still significant in volume against crypto.

Total disappearance, won’t even be that beneficial, if even being beneficial at all, because in the future those two systems can work as arbitrages between themselves, creating true financial freedom for all.

Also, don’t count 3rd/4th world countries out yet, most of them still have their natural resources, untouched. That is valuable, immensely more valuable than paper wealth to create stuff wealth.

With this venture we’ll be going after real wealth, for all.
Starting with our customers, then our teammembers, then our stakeholders and shareholders jointly and evenly.

I need to make a post about the share structuring for this startup’s ecosystem of companies. Need to work out first what I can deliberately say on an open forum like this and it’s cousin platforms. Would be a good test for the whitepaper piece about the share(certificates)-coin connection/link.

3rd world / 4th world is the reality, don't mind

1st are = our

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I’ll reply back in the future with proof for you on how you missed out. I believe in this project, and I can understand your hesitation for believing everything/anything you read now on the internet, especially in the fake news era. More legit than this you won’t find that easily, just saying.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Without a doubt

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2nd divulge = divulged

Interested send an email to [email protected] = Interested? (Then please) send an email to [email protected]

1st will = we’ll

Hypercorrection and tiredness can be a bitch.

If you want to be ‘political correct’ and don’t want to offend women/feminists with the usage of ‘bitch’, what synonym can one use in this case?

1st an = a

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