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Blockchain technology brought about by Bitcoin makes it possible for individuals and organizations to run a currency known as digital currency as an application on a network in a decentralized manner. This technology gives individuals the opportunity to create their own specialized cryptocurrency for laudable projects and also give other individuals the opportunity to key into such projects by purchasing tokens of projects that interest them.

Individuals can mint cryptos and other individuals can own such cryptos by taking part in crowdsales and ICOS. But all these cryptos are useless without an exchange. An exchange is a platform that functions as a market place where cryptos are listed and cryptos users or holders are given the opportunity to exchange one crypto for another or convert their cryptos to fiat currency.

There are many of such exchanges in existence but these exchanges are not devoid of challenges. Some of the challenges faced by some of the popular exchanges in existence are limiting the mass adoption of cryptos by some well established organizations and individuals. Some of such challenges include:

  • Security challenges

  • Lack of transparency in exchange operations

  • Unauthorized freezing of users’ accounts and loss of funds

  • Centralization

  • Lack of regulation compliance

  • Slow transaction speed and high transaction charges. Etc

All these challenges are what has come to address.


Screenshot_2018-07-26-14-26-40.jpg is a Europe’s regulations’ compliant crypto market place or exchange where vetted cryptos are listed. This exchange makes it possible for one crypto to be traded or exchanged for another in a very secure and transparent platform. is based in Paris, France and its founder and CEO is Pierre Noizat, who is also the founder of paymium: one of Europe’s first bitcoin to fiat exchange that was established in 2011.

VISION OF BLOCKCHAIN.IO has a vision to becoming Europe’s number one crypto exchange by 2020. It aims to achieve this vision by making itself the number one exchange of choice for users hoping to take advantage of the crypto space by providing unique and topnotch services that distinguished it from already existing exchanges.

WHAT MAKES BLOCKCHAIN.IO UNIQUE is unique because it solves most of the challenges that current exchanges in the crypto space are battling with. Some of the services that provides that makes it unique are listed below;

  • It Offers High Security:

Most of the current high volume crypto exchanges are battling with serious security challenges. Some of them have been hacked and their users’ assets vanished into thin air. has put measures in place to tackle security challenges faced by exchanges. Some of its security measures are the use of cold wallets that keeps users assets offline, the use of cryptographic protocols, etc. security measures will ensure that their user’s assets are secured at all times.

  • It’s Fully Compliant And Transparent: is fully compliant with all applicable EU regulations and as such; its users are assured of transparency and will never be subjected to a situation where their accounts will be frozen unexpectedly or their assets mismanaged without any accountability.

This makes stand out when compared with most of the exchanges in existence today. Most of the exchanges in existence are not regulated; neither are their activities or charges transparent, and as a result, their user’s assets can disappear without any trace or accountability. is very transparent in its operations and it is europe’s regulation compliant.

  • Blockchain.Io Has Very Reliable Infrastructures:

The technology used in building makes it able to withstand high trading activities and volume. It encourages fast and secure transactions and limit service outages in times of high volatility. Their traders are not able to trade, monitor or control their trades during periods of how volatility. enabling its users to trade at all times regardless of the volatility makes it stands out among the other exchanges out there.

  • Listing Of Only Verified Cryptos: will list only verified cryptos. Currencies to be listed on will be subjected to a vetting process to ensure that they are legit, solves real problems, have credible teams and in the business for the long term. This measure will help filter out scam coins and prevent them from being listed.

Many crypto traders and investors have losed huge sums of money by investing in scam coins. will help safeguard its users from such by only listing verified coin.

These are just some of the unique service that will be offering that makes it different from the rest.


Some of the key features of that enables it to offer its unique services are listed below:

  • Decentralized settlement through use of cross chain atomic swaps
  • Leveraging Paymium’s advanced technological architecture and software
  • 98% of funds kept in cold wallet as a strengthened security measure
  • Integration and implementation of advanced cryptographic protocols leveraging Lightning Network, Rootstock, Tumblebit technology, and more
  • Liquidity services for traders, markets, and projects
  • Peer to peer lending and proprietary lending for users are available
  • New token listings and token airdrops to BCIO holders
  • BCIO utility token provides users with discounted trading fees and survey participation rights for new listings and more

Blockchain.Io Partnership With Paymium


Paymium is Europe’s first Bitcoin to fiat exchange. It has been in existence since 2011 and it has experienced no security challenge for the time it has been in existence. Paymium is compliant with Europe’s regulations and it has over 180, 000 users. partnership with paymium will favour its quick adoption and build trust among its users since paymium is already compliant with Europe’s regulations and has a good reputation in the crypto space. Also, will also benefit immensely from paymium’s experience in the crypto market. This is a wonderful partnership as it will grant easy access to paymium’s security features and services.


BCIO is the token that will power Intending users of will need to own a considerable amount of BCIO in order to make use of the platform and perform transactions on


The token crowdsale is currently on-going. The crowdsale is in its third week and it’s set to finish October 25, 2018. Users that want to take advantage of the cool features and services that is offering can take part in this crowdsale.

The crowdsale has already generated $1.2 million USD and there’s no softcap for the crowdsale as the exchange will be developed regardless of the total amount raised. Any unsold token left after the crowdsale will be burned, meaning that the exchange could enter the market with an unusually low market cap for a project of its stature.

BCIO tokens will be unblocked 2018, following the launch of the exchange in November 2018. is giving a 5% referral bonus to users that contributed over 100 euros in the crowdsale that used this referral code: emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z in their purchase.

CONCLUSION is a laudable project that will solve most of the challenges faced by the current exchanges in the crypto market. This exchange will strengthen user’s trust in cryptos and cause many more users to embrace the crypto revolution.

For more information/resources visit: website token sale page and detail whitepape token sale contribution guide telegram

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