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Dear Plazus Testnet Users,

Plazus is a blockchain communication protocol for large groups; a peer to peer trust machine to empower users to control and monetize on their social activities and a tool for admins to identify their users and by using the power of the crowd to promote the group.

We are testing the Plazus platform to use its protocol as a bridge to our community on Telegram, using their reward mechanism on the blockchain, users that help promote our group with social activities will automatically get rewarded with cryptocurrencies.

To find out how to use the Plazus Protocol watch this video explainer by CEO at Plazus, Galya Westler:

Please find below a detailed list of the campaign rules beneath.

All users subject to reading this should have access to a password allocated privately which will allow users to access TokenMarket Test Tribe on the Plazus Protocol

Campaign Rules:

  1. All users will only be able to earn ETH for one action set by the Tribe Admin but can do multiple actions

  2. All users must not delete the posts they make, otherwise they will not receive ETH

  3. Do not spam the telegram groups. Only constructive posts will be allowed. For ex: meaningless posts like ‘Hey’ will not be rewarded a long with constant repetition. Comments asking about the: project, technology, articles, events are encouraged.

  4. Only a maximum of 5 posts a day will count toward your reward on Telegram. Any more posts a day will not be counted but are encouraged.

  5. A minimum of 1 meaningful post a day on Mobilum’s Telegram will ensure a user will get rewarded.

  6. Using our channel on Plazus we will post 5 pieces of content on the activity wall (every week), once you have clicked on the ‘get rewarded’ button you will be able to share on twitter. (5 pieces of content will be able to be retweeted a week).

  7. Please note that all telegram activity will be on Mobilum (url). The Plazus /TokenMarket QA telegram group is there for user Q&A only:

  8. To join the Mobilum telegram group, a one time ETH payment will be made.

  9. If any uninvited users come into the 2 week test run, they will not be rewarded any ETH. Only the highlighted participants in this doc are included:

  10. All users most only join the Mobilum Tribe for the purpose of this test.

  11. Participants will be required to undergo KYC from our KYC provide in order to be paid. Citizens from these countries will unfortunately not be allowed to participate in this test protocol: Afghanistan, Burundi, Belarus, Central African Republic, Congo, China, Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Iran,Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Libya, Serbia, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Thailand, Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Uganda, United States, Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

0.0012 ETH: will be awarded for each content piece shared on twitter. These shares will have to be done via the Plazus platform on the activity wall thread. From the activity wall thread you will have the function to share to twitter (using you correct # number). There will be a maximum of 5 pieces of content to share per week. (x57) = 0.342 ETH

0.0012 ETH: for Telegram Join (x1 throughout the campaign) x57 = 0.0684 — Activity Wall Post*

0.0084 ETH: will be awarded for users who reach at least 7 posts a week on the Mobilum Telegram group. (x57)= 0.4788

Plazus / TokenMarket Testnet Timeline

Budget =1.75 ETH

1st week max payout = 0.8892 ETH

2nd week max payout = 0.8208 ETH

Campaign max payout= 1.71 ETH

Kind regards,



Looking good!

unfortunately i can not participate

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