Krypto Talk: BAft #7 What's an ICO and how to approach it?

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Talk #7 covers the basic idea of what is an ICO. Project viability assesment method, P.T.S outlined. The level of this talk is basic. For more in-depth look, please email at [email protected].

These talks are recorded at Blockchain Afternoon MAY 2018.

Watch this 14-part series to learn about the different aspects of the blockchain era, together with the newly established Finnish Cryptocurrency Association <a target=_blank href=Konsensus.

#1 Introducing BEST Helsinki
#2 How to get started with cryptocurrencies?
#3 Introducing Konsensus
#4 Introducing Blockchain Forum
#5 Taxation of cryptocurrencies
#6 Personal security and wallets
#7 What is an ICO and how to approach it?
#8 Millenials’ approach to investing
#9 Is Bitcoin killing the planet? What problems do cryptocurrencies solve?
#10 Resilient starfish vs fragile spider organizations
#11 Introducing Enex Solar -
#12 Introducing Weconomy -
#13 Introducing Inbot -
#14 Final Words of Thank You

The Finnish Cryptocurrency Association Konsensus is a non-profit association, established to promote the awareness, knowledge and professional competence regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
Konsensus bitcoin address

BEST Helsinki is a local group of the Board of European Students of Technology, working in the Aalto University Student Union. BEST is a non-profit and non-political organisation. Since 1989 we provide communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe.
BEST Helsinki bitcoin address



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