Krypto Talk: BAft #10 Starfish vs Spider organizations (panel)

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Talk #10 compares fragile, centralized spider organizations to resilient decentralized starfish organizations. The talk was held in panel form and featured two men at helms of recent ICO's, Mr. Mikko Alasaarela from Inbot and Mr. Anssi Uimonen from CloudBounce.

The level of this talk is beginner. For more in-depth look, please email at [email protected].

These talks were recorded at Blockchain Afternoon MAY 2018.

Watch this 14-part series to learn about the different aspects of the blockchain era, together with the newly established Finnish Cryptocurrency Association Konsensus.

#1 Introducing BEST Helsinki
#2 How to get started with cryptocurrencies?
#3 Introducing Konsensus
#4 Introducing Blockchain Forum
#5 Taxation of cryptocurrencies
#6 Personal security and wallets
#7 What is an ICO and how to approach it?
#8 Millenials’ approach to investing
#9 Is Bitcoin killing the planet? What problems do cryptocurrencies solve?
#10 Resilient starfish vs fragile spider organizations
#11 Introducing Enex Solar -
#12 Introducing Weconomy -
#13 Introducing Inbot -
#14 Final Words of Thank You

The Finnish Cryptocurrency Association Konsensus is a non-profit association, established to promote the awareness, knowledge and professional competence regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
Konsensus bitcoin address

BEST Helsinki is a local group of the Board of European Students of Technology, working in the Aalto University Student Union. BEST is a non-profit and non-political organisation. Since 1989 we provide communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe.
BEST Helsinki bitcoin address


Upvoted and Re-steemed. I want to visit Finland one day. I am so close now, but will be back in the USA by the end of Friday.

That's fantastic to hear! We run an AirBnB in Helsinki so hit me up when you are coming. Will show you around.

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