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Have you ever been part of a Fiat based Initial Public Offer (IPO)? Can you tell the difference between the nominal Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and that of an IPO? The difference is purely on the rights granted you in the project and company, subject to the amount of the company shares you were able to purchase. While the IPO grants you some decision making and voting rights in the affairs of the company, the ICO seems programmed to benefit the investors when the coin / Token value is doing well in the market. Maybe you haven’t noticed or you just noticed and feeling bad about the development; the moment for the needed change is here and is been championed by the HIBTC token called HIBT. To figure out more about this coin; I’d suggest you read in between the lines here for some clue.



HIBT is simply an acronym for HIBTC Token. It’s the primary and only token, generated by the HiBTC. Unlike the nominal coin you may be having within your crypto wallet before now; HIBT doubles as a financial asset and still grants the holders, decision making and voting rights on the HIBTC platform. What this means is that the holders of the HIBT are joint owners of the platform, courtesy of the proportion of the HIBT they possess. This will win the holders; access to over 40% of the revenues, dividends and voting rights on issues pertaining to the platform. The voting rights was made possible through some tweaking of the smartcontract platform; which did pay off in serving other capacities like the engagement of the community on issues bothering the HIBTC platform. With that been said; it becomes obvious that HIBTC is decentralized and not run as the nominal companies you’ve always known in the cryptosphere, who has some stakeholders that dictates what happens; not minding who’s ox is gored.

Having a decentralized body, doesn't necessarily mean that the platform doesn't get directives. The need for a team to ensure things are being done right necessitated the formation of HIBTC team periodically, through a smart contract enabled voting system by HIBT holders. The voted members will periodically report their works to the HIBT holders for periodic supervisory input. The HIBTC team are periodically reviewed through elections, retaining and pruning some.


While we discussed about the prospects of decision making and voting rights; there are still more to holding a HIBTC token. One of the reason is the daily revenue sharing amongs the holders, the ability to participate in periodic dividend bonus award courtesy of funds generated from mining activities and the expected robust nature of the, compared to what obtains in the alt coins secondary market. This on its own is a complete investment worthy package that can put to rest the several fuss on how risky, cryptocurrency market can be.


HIBT can be gotten as transaction fee in the mining of the HIBTC platform or purchased from exchanges.
A total of 10 billion HIBT has been issued, and HIBTC promised that the amount issued will remain constant.
Of this total HIBT value;

  • 50% will be for trade fee mining rewards according to the HIBT holding situation of the users, the fee of payment and the market price of HIBT.
  • 18% for holders shared fund; which will be frozen in advance and then released according to the proportion of HIBT excavated from the mined tokens. It was designed to encourage HIBT holders.
  • 25% for founding team and strategic partners.
  • 5% for cornerstone investors: This percentage of HIBT is meant for a periodic appreciation of the cornerstone investors, after 6 months on the platform. It helps in aiding market stability by encouraging long to medium term holding of token. Those that was not put into market will also be locked out as non-tradable on the platform. The same treatment is meted out on the token that wasn’t disbursed for promotional activities.
  • 2% for market promotions

A reflection of the above said can be found in the illustration below:

HIBT allocation

Below is a chart showing the financial implication of the percentages:


hibtc valuation

It’s very obvious that HIBT is currently one token that will disrupt the cryptocurrency market. For the very good investors, I believe this is the opportunity they have been waiting for. I’ll encourage all to take off some time of their busy schedule and see if this is the one in a lifetime opportunity they’ve been waiting for. Let’s make that hay while the sun shine.



Website https://www.hibtc.com/#/act/homepage
Whitepaper https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram Channel https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1
Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5016151.0


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