What are the most popular Blockchain Platforms?

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That would be Ethereum, Steem, Tron and EOS. 

You can use this website to see what (D)apps (most are not really decentralized but use a normal webserver) are currently most popular:


This is the top 10 most popular dapps (Tron dapps are not included in these rankings):

Basic attention token, Makerdao and IDEX are most popular on the Ethereum blockchain. 

On Steem is are mostly games who are most popular: Drugwars, Nextcolony, Steem Monsters. And the user interfaces Steemit and Partiko.

I think steem is one of the best blockchains to build games on because it's scalable and you don't have to pay a transaction fee every time you do something in game. 


Nice to see that steem has two at the top.

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I just recently use dapps on steem blockchain and I am happy that I quickly get used to it. From my point of view, it is user-friendly and the community well interacts to one another.

I would give this blockchain a thumbs up and I would rather not try something else.

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I agree, steem is the best block chain to build dapps on. I was listening to an article today about the EOS block chain and how that might be the platform people are shifting to. However, EOS is more of a general block chain , and steem is built specifically for flexibility and individualized apps, on EOS you would need to write side chains to interact with the main block chain, however Steem you just interact on top of it. (*I am not a programmer so that's just my way of understanding it, it may be wrong)...

Steem is only three years old right? So still very much in its infancy. I think the next several years will see this platform grow to something awesome!

I agree. Steem is now the best Plattform/Blockchain to develope dApps. Ethereum is actually more popular, but Steem is very better with nice dApps.

@niel96, Soon this list will going to change because we are in amazing times where new projects will come up and will receive adoption.

At the moment I start to increase my character on DrugWars the freeway and update my stuff once a day.

Most of the top DAPPs are on STEEM. that really says a lot about how great an investment we really have here. We've made it this far without the funding or development team of EOS (which does have some technical advantages like 0.5 second blocks)STEEM is doing pretty good even without smart contracts. So with SMT we should be able to get 50 of the top 100 positions at least for some time. I've seen some good posts from @taskmaster4450 check him out.

Ethereum and Tron and EOS are the most popular Blockchain Platforms!
I didn't expect STEEM can be with them.

Regarding dapps i would say yes. But the advantage here is that they can leverage the community. New dapps can become an overnight hype here, especially games.

A better place to see the most popular blockchain dApps is; https://www.dapp.com/

yes steemit is doing well on that :)

I would love it when more gamemakers enter the steemblockchain and bring us some. :)

It's great how easy is the steemit platform to place games, I'd love to see some popular games on cell phones like HAY DAY ... you can imagine