POINS | A Three Multi-platforms Project Using One Cryptocurrency

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The blockchain technology has brought so much change that many centralized projects are moved to the decentralized blockchain technology. The decentralized blockchain technology ensures a secured, transparent, immutable, efficient, effective and trustless transactions that are carried out with ease and convenience. The POINS project is out with an innovative project that integrates three platforms to a single digital currency the - POINS coin.

The POINS Project

The POINS project has created a multi-platform system that has integrated a single cryptocurrency the POINS coin as the means of payment and incentive on its three independent platforms. The POINS ecosystems are decentralized blockchain technology projects that use the blockchain protocol for its transactions. The three platforms are independent of each other but are interwoven for optimal usage. They are; POINSDEX which is a trading platform, The POINSPAY which is a trusted payment platform and the POINS incubator which is an easy startup incubator platform.

The Three POINS Platforms

1.Poinspay.com host the POINS WALLET (POINSPAY ) platform

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The POINSPAY platform is one of the POINS ecosystems which create the POINS wallet that serves as the medium for storage. It is used to store the POINS cryptocurrency and other various altcoins that are available in the crypto marketplace. The POINS wallet serves as a multifunctional storage for the user as it is interconnected to the POINSDEX trading platform.

The POINSAPAY platform enables the user to make payment and transfer his POINS coins and other cryptocurrencies. The user can use the POINSPAY platform for trading, global transfer, payment, and make online purchases. The POINSPAY platform charges a 0 .50% flat transaction fees on the various types of altcoins stored. The transaction fees are charged at the beginning but will decrease when the platform is able to register more users.

The PPOINSPAY platform allows its users to make online purchases from the e-commerce stores that are available on the platform. The e-commerce store allows the user to spend his cryptocurrency in real-life goods and services. The platform will make available popular shopping carts as a plug-in used by e-Commerce stores for easy and convenient users experience. The POINSPAY platform also makes available a unique payment method. Here, the user is able to pay merchant by using” pay by name” option. This is possible because all merchants have their individual unique POINS wallet addresses when they register on the platform. Therefore, when a user pays the merchant by name it goes directly to the merchant wallet address.

The POINs wallet is secured as it is protected by the muti signature technology. Other services on the POINSPAY platform are POINS Flash, POINS Freeze, POINS Mobile App, POINS Fiat settles, POINS Auto Conversion, and POINS POS.

2. Poinsku.com host the POINS Incubator (POINSku) platform

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The POINSKU platform nurture projects from startup to a full running business. It gives the POINS members or coins holder an opportunity to release and make their dream businesses come true. A lot of people have good business ideas but do not have the funds and other facilities to achieve their business desires and dreams. The POINS incubator platform is created to facilitates, motivates, encourage, train and educate, fund, support, advice, guide start-up projects to successful full running businesses. The POINTS incubator intends to list all startup projects that were created and launched on the POINSKU platform on its exchange. The newly launched coin or token will get to be listed on the POINSDEX trading platform automatically after release.

3. Poinsdex.com host the POINS Trading Platform (POINSDEX)

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The POINS trading platform provides a safe and secure trading environment on the decentralized blockchain technology to its traders and investors. The platform ensures that the trader has the best trading experience that is available in the trading marketplace. The trading platform will list all cryptocurrencies available in the trading marketplace on its trading platform. It gives the trader a wider range of trading pair to choose from thereby giving the trader a more trading opportunity.

The POINSDEX platform makes available educative and training material for all users depending on their level of trading exposure. The platform provides to the trading beginner a trading platform that allows him to open an account and avail educational videos. The beginner trader gets to learn a lot from the Starting section and FAQ training. He also gets POINS airdrop bonus to motivate him and get him ready for a successful start in trading.

The expert trader will have a continuous flow of information that will help in trading. The new expert trader will have to open an account on the POINSDEX to access the trading platform. Different types of trading conditions, offers, crypto trading analysis, Chart, TV Poins relating to TV crypto world news and television interview video will be made available for his use.

The POINSDEX platform has a Promo section where users are able to see the promos and contest that are currently running. The section will display sponsor activities and POINS star. Brands that promote POINS are displayed and updated for all stakeholder to see.

The POINSDEX trading platform also avails a section that entails on latest Crypto Service. The crypto service section is the section that is significant to all serious trader. It avails information on trading pairs, API Client Cabinet, Crypto System which is Copy a copy system from successful traders, WebTrader, Trading Investment System and a Crypto Bot that will automate trading for a better profit.

The POINS partner section is featured so enable users to be part of the team via the different Partnership programs available. The user can become a partner in this section. The users can partake in the affiliate program, be a cabinet partner, website partner, area partner and earn from users trading he is directing.

The POINSDEX platform also functions as a social media and community platform where users can interact with each other depending on their interest. The POINSDEX community makes available a forum where the community can interact and learn from one another. The crypto portal makes available information on cryptocurrencies and the humor portal is created to make the crypto trader relax and douse trading tension. It avails funny jokes, friendly cartoons, and caricatures of current events in the world of economics.


The POINS three platform is created to offer to the user one-stop cryptocurrency services. Here, all the crypto needs of the user are meant and do not need to be serviced by an outside platform. The user is able to use three platforms, each offering a unique service with one cryptocurrency the POINS coin and means of payment. The project is backed by a hard-working professional team that is working relentlessly to the success of the project.

For more detailed information. Visit the project Website and read theWhitepaper for more insight into the project. Follow the project's Facebook and Twitter for the latest update. Join Telegram Channel for answers to your questions .

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