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Loyalty programs are one way to motivate customers to make repeat purchases from the brand. In the current loyalty sector, there are various problems inherent in the program model, of which the most frustrating is difficulty to redeem loyalty points and fragmentation. To solve these and other problems, qiibee has been involved with the loyalty market since 2015, and within a short span of 12 months, qiibee has partnered with 900 brands including famous brands like Subway and Burger King.

Qiibee is a blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem that aims to provide a qiibee app and a developer kit to the customers and the brands, respectively. With the qiibee app, the user will be able to store all of their loyalty tokens in their qiibee wallet where they can sell and trade these tokens for other cryptocurrencies and FIAT. Using the developer kit, the brand owners would be able to develop their own loyalty program.

For more information about the qiibee project, please visit their website and read their whitepaper.

You can also participate in the airdrop here.

Why did I choose the following designs for this graphics contest?

I created these graphics in Adobe illustrator and I think they are suitable graphic representation of qiibee. In one sentence, 'a blockchain solution to loyalty' , it tells the viewer about the goal of qiibee.

A different version

This is my entry for the graphics contest organized by @mediaworks.



Aww...that's cute!
qiibee looks promising. I have also participated in both of the contests, the writing one, and the art-related. Fingers crossed!

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