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PPY aka Peerplays is based on Graphene - the same ecosystem as Bitshares and STEEM hence loads of users here should care about it.

Currently, while we are awaiting Bookie and other apps on system PPY trades on Livecoin and Openledger by Bitshares.

Twitter Voting

Currently, there is a voting on Twitter for sports betting related crypto project and it would be cool if PPY won this since its connected to STEEM and BTS with technology, devs also said graphene tokens will be exchanged on their DEX.

To vote use this link:

Witness Vote

You have PPY and didn't vote for witness yet? Give judge-dredd a vote, here is the witness writeup -

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Have been in peer play since the beginning, will definitely stick with the project though. A bright year ahead for Steem, BTS,EOS AND PPY


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Thank You! ⚜

Good job, continue to post fri

very cool project.I am interested

thanks given cryptocurrency news .

Cryptocurrency and Sports are becoming more intertwined..Interesting to see NLC2 and FunFair missing from this list... just an observation. I own neither

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Lemme check and vote for you

Voted for peerplays on twitter🙂


thanks for the information and i am very interested .. i want to know more about blockchain

good post

Great job friend

I hit up that twitter poll for you and retweeted it.

Good luck on witness!

Good job sir

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awasome, i like your post, good luck


very cool project, good job.

Semoga lancar beh rakan

Thanks for spreading the word about this.

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Nice post!
I am new on Steemit so I'd really love to make some friends here! If you want for us to support each other, please show me some love on my account and I will make sure I keep reading your lovely articles! :)

Now I have to get twitter. I'm missing out.

Nice. Let's bring it home

Ok. I will help