Peerplays Launched! Guide, Small Interview, Network Stats and .. judge-dredd Witness Proposal!

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If you follow me here or anywhere else its not a secret i have been pushing Peerplays and helped people with investing into that coin. It launched few days ago and since friday we have easy to use GUI wallets so lets start.

PPY Info

Made many posts about Peerplays but some tldr for newcomes. Its a new Graphene blockchain which will be used to online betting, gambling and prediction markets. The team behind it are guys who were always active in Bitshares and STEEM and trough years have been solid and trustworthy. State of PPY for 12/06/2017 at the end of the post since this post will be linked as witness proposal too.

Claim Your Coins

If you can use CLI then you can skip this part, this is for users that need GUI.
First download GUI wallet from and create new user (write down password).

Then enter the wallet, go to Settings-> Balance Claims
Put your private Key from presale and claim it.

If you are a Bitshares user or if you want more detailed info here is full text explaining (right click and open in new window) CLICK HERE

Why to Vote For judge-dredd

I have been into cryptos since 2010 and since long time im in love with Graphene technology that ive met trough Bitshares. On STEEM im from May 2016 and on Peerplays.. From before day one as i have been a heavy promoter of this coin.

To make sure the witness-node is runned perfectly, a very active and skilled witnesses of BTS/STEEM are helping me and if needed they have access to fix stuff, even if i am offline.

Current Server Specs:
16gb ram 4core xeon
2 x 128 SSD (raid 0)
1gbit New York
If there will be need, we will upgrade accordingly but this should be more than enough for now.

I thought Judge Dredd would be a cool name for a witness and would look dope on the list. Code and security wise the node is set but this is an extra entertainment addon.

Witness Voting Guide

So if you have PPY, read my posts or would just like to support me outside STEEM you can do that with your vote on PPY Network.
Process is simple - but first scroll up as you need to redeem your PPY from initial crowdfund (first paragraph description_.
After you have an account you have to follow this simple steps:

Click Vote on Top

Move to witnesses and type in judge-dredd

Click Add (Then will look like this)

But do not leave yet! This has to be saved!

Scroll down and click publish

and then CONFIRM in new window.

Thanx in Advance for all votes on judge-dredd!

Current State / Invterview

We have a GUI wallet, Games are pending.

Trades at 0.00480000 BTC but on an exchange i have never used and dont suggest anyone due to this.

Peerplays is growing quickly! Since the blockchain launched this week, Peerplays now has over 10,000 unique addresses, including over 2,000 accounts from donors to the recent crowdfund, over 500 Traders of Peerplays UIA assets on the BitShares asset exchange last summer, and over 5,000 sharedrop receipients. The Peerplays telegram channels have over 500 members and frequently see more than 1000 messages a day.

Quote of one of Co-Owners: at this stage we launched with a focus on establishing a strong witness base to ensure the securing of the network. Understanding that later this year the introduction of Bookie and other DAPPS like Sweeps and Peerplays 8 will penitrate markets that account for trillions in volume per year.

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judge-dredd is mining blocks now, but needs more votes.

Ensure after voting after you PUBLISH the changes you CONFIRM - this is important.

Cool - is there a list of witnesses for Peerplays that you know outside of the wallet? Also would be curious on your thoughts about the Bancor sale.

Bancor post will be today infew hours :)

For now people have to promote to get to top list to be visible hence why im asking fellow Streemians for votes

kingscrownBTC kingscrown tweeted @ 12 Jun 2017 - 15:23 UTC

vote for judge-dredd on $PPY #PeerPlays as witness #Judge… /
#bitshares $BTS #graphene #steemit $STEEM $EOS #eosio

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

No problems I will vote for you I just need to get my PPY in my wallet - don't have much - should have bought more. I'm trying to login to freedomledger but it seems to be constantly busy right now. Will try again later.

No worries, maybe try OpenLedger anmd thanx in advance :)

May do I'm a bit new to Bitshares so it is a bit confusing for me!

Weird I keep getting this message when I try to vote "Missing Owner Authority 1.2.6172".

You need to create new account [for free] then loing to your BTS account, send money there and vote from it. From BTS account you cant vote

Damn OK I will need to make to sort it out then.

Its easy just make acc and move funds :)

Soul_Eater_43 The Cryptofiend tweeted @ 12 Jun 2017 - 22:15 UTC

@PeerPlays Launched! Guide, Small Interview, Network Stats and .. Witness Proposal! — #cryptocurrency…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

judge_dredd vote ppy.jpg

you keep them perps of the PPY highway Judge.. I'm counting on you !

Thanx man :)

better the devil you know.. I think PPY will do great !


with Dredd on the team !

Hello, please read my POST please.

*Judge Dredd: I was wondering when you'd remember you forgot your helmet.

Anderson: Sir, a helmet can interfere with my psychic abilities.

Judge Dredd: Think a bullet in the head might interfere with them more.*
-Dredd 2012

Uh-oh, I forgot to click publish. You are always quick to point out these simple yet game changing steps. Thanks.

"I never broke the Law, I am the Law!." - Judge Dredd, 1995

I'm going to look more into this project, sounds very promising. Thank you.

Great quote :)

Followed 👏

Gambling getting even more gamblier. :)

Currently experiencing a lotta FOMO...

i bought some peerplay tokens its all good ill share with u when they explode in value

Too early to have that feeling.

You hear so many coins and tokens getting mentioned all the time you dont know what to do or believe unless you go research yourself. May have to research this one a bit further.

Peerplays is going to be a monster - one of the few blockchains that do something useful and create a profitable DAC. Can't wait to see how the dividends go, the token could become extremely valuable as means to earn income from crypto. Awesome!

Agreed, I'm not worried at all about my entry point on this one (though I'll still shoot for a good one) -- PPY seems like a solid long-term buy / hold.

How difficult is it to make a basic gaming app with peerplays - are there any tutorials or it's something best left to the pros?

I can see there is a lot of potential in this idea. From a basic experiment I did doing matched betting the bookies took around 7% of the value from each bet.

Thanks a huge bunch for all this precise and easy to follow instructions!

Namaste :)

Thanks for sharing. I have been ignoring Peerplays posts due to an ICO overdose, but I will take a closer look.

It would help if you included in your writing an analysis of upcoming ICOs and reasons why or why not to jump in. If you already do this then thanks in advance.

Read for that

wow $34 from one comment that's one of the highest comment rewards ive ever seen! thats more than most posts! this deserves a post to explain the value of helpful comments in a high scoring post!!!

Holy Crap!!!! my butt hole was tight as can be until I checked my wallet lol.


It was really easy to set up. I have been happy with the whole process. Ill go and vote for you later. I got you!

When will it be possible for everyone to obtain PPY? And where?

It's listed on CryptoDao at the moment. Haven't seen any other exchanges list it yet though.

What's the best way to buy into peerplay at this time ?

Ronny said Openledger (= Bitshares DEX) will add OPEN.PPY
I have no ETA tho

ill save one of my tokens for you if you check out my posts and remember me when ur steemit account has tens of millions of dollars! u are the real zerohedge right? very cool that your here!

Amazing work really informative... Thnks

Its so great to see Peerplays doing well with its launch. I was in touch with them while I was working in PIVX marketing a few months back and we were in talks with partnering. Not sure what came about with it but a regretful mistake I didn't get them together lol. Upvoted as always to one of my favorite Steemians!!!

FEPE Thinks You're The Tip of The Beak Kingscrown! :) Great Post!

great....upvote and resteem for u

I am so lost...
Can you please explain to me what a witness is.😋


Wow! Cool idea. It's exciting to witness the crypto world expand. Thanks for sharing :)

I will have a look at Peerplays

Does anyone think GameCredits coin will go up because of this?

Hi @kingscrown, I was not able to participate in the PPY token crowdsale... But I'm interested in acquiring some PPYs. Can I still buy this tokens? Thanks!

How does this work is this a mining coin or like this a social media coin how do we get them are they any being given away at moment

Nope you have to buy and play and.. WIN :)

Thanks for the info gambling isn't for me had a history with it when was younger so not for me thanks for ya time have a great day bro

Glad to see more people getting into peerplays :D

i Dethie -- i am australian and found you on team australia -- iam now following and look forward to seeing what you write -David

Hi @kingscrown
Glad its been working out and growing, I'm looking more into now and it seems awesome :)

Awesome sauce!

Everyone is talking about this project. I think it will blow up in my face if i dont join fast

Very true bro

Thanks for sharing! great article! followed :) have a look at my new post you might like it too :) Snorkling with Whalesharks

I have some problems with my Vista windows, do you know how much time I have until I can download the wallet and send my tokens there?

Great writeup. Upvoted.

Looks very interesting

downloaded the mac peerplays core - i get a blue screen and a message that says, can't connect to the blockchain with try again...

interesting post !
thank you ~

Do you know if there will be a Linux release? Thanks

it is already deploy able on linux, just needs to be built. Checkout the repo for more info

I only see info on setting up a witness, but nothing about GUI client. I'm not necessarily wanting to set up a witness server (don't have a reliable internet connection, let alone the proper technical knowhow) and I would just like to have a wallet to hold peerplay tokens if I can get my hands on some of them... Hmmmm...

sorry I didnt realise you where looking for a gui. so there is no gui wallet available at all yet. that witness process does also allow you to simply create an account. but if you check out here you can make yourself an account and you can also buy peerplays on bitshares and hold the peerplays in your bitshares wallet. Hope this info helps man.

Thanks, I will look into it 👍

Last March, I sent 2 bitcoin from my Coinbase account to the Peerplays crowdfunding address. I have not received confirmation of my investment. Any way to get the coins back? Or any way to complete the transaction? Or are my coins lost? Help!

Write to their support!

I have emailed them and they say I need the private keys to complete the process. I have emailed Coinbase who say they don't release the private keys for security purposes. They also sent a threatening email saying they won't support funding of gambling and that they might block accounts participating in funding of gambling sites. I'm chasing my tail here. Why can't I get the private keys for my bitcoin? I don't know enough to understand.

If I recall correctly Peerplay advised against using coinbase. U had to use something like MEW or Blockchain to send ETH or BTC. Basically you have to have your own private keys. Coinbase doesn't allow that. Otherwise U can loose all your funds. Sorry bud

If coinbase has the private key, it would seem they have the bitcoin or at least the access to them. Why can't they return them to my account? Am I off base here? By the way thank you for responding. I am just learning about all this. It may turn out to be a hard lesson.

Hello, please read my POST please.

You'll have to take it up with Coinbase as the PPY is redeemed with the BTC private keys from wallet it was sent

Peerplays seems to be a great idea . This a good add value to the blockchain. I think peerplays will have the necessary funding for it's development, because it's a very promising project

Great post. Idea looks awesome, and i hope it Will be used in many places. How do you plan to help this Technology?

it seems like a good blockchain

Judge Dredd was always a hero of mine and it's well past 200AD.. I will vote for you, judge as long as you continue to chase down perps on the Steemhighway.. Bitshares, Steem & PPY what a team !

There is no Linux wallet so it's not for me but looks interesting good luck

Welcome to Steemit :)
I follow u, follow me back if u want lot of fun and amazing picture every day.

Upvoted, resteemed, and promoted too. Great work!

So gambling uh?... Interesting, though i always been afraid of getting into gambling...

Really good post

Seems interesting

thanks for sharing

I've read your post, it helps us in doing feerplay, thanks for giving this very useful information, may you always succeed in posting another blog

thanks. that is very benefits

thank you...i will need to study this

You are a good researcher

Got my vote... bts-g-gdubs

I can see from your information that PPY worth having...thanks for the info

Good work .resteemed..greets from Germany

Cool, I'll do some more research into Peerplays, sounds interesting.

Very interesting post. I don't know alot about these sites but am interested to find out more about it. Thanks for sharing

Sounds like a great idea, hopefully peerplays gets all the funding it needs for it's development, while at the same time stays focused on what it is trying to a accomplish.

Good luck on the launch, and please keep us up to speed on the latest developments.


This is pretty awesome I will be looking into this ASAP!

Upvoted and Followed!

Killer post brotha

Are there limits on how much you can win or bet??

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U do great work.... Really inspiring newbies to work at your footsteps thnks for sharing :)

Fascinating! I'll be keeping an eye on this!

Great post! I wouldlike to know more about it.

How toya start making money here??

Peerplays looks interesting. Another potentially great addition to the blockchain.

Does anyone know when PPY will start trading again on exchange so we can buy PPY?

very good :)
Thank u!

so if i bought peerplay tokens during the ico, i can just wait tiill its ready to redeem right?

dam it. I missed out on this one

Thanks for your post, sadly I'm unable to claim my PPY, bought them in second run of crowdfunding and trying to claim on my win7 64 bit PC on the newest GUI version 1.1 wallet,I wonder when this issue will get fixed.

I am interested, hopefully peerplays are affordable and can cooperate well in achieving Tuna

Thank you for your good post. I understand little English and only understand what Google translates for me, but I liked this post.

I wish the team good luck. I hope that these changes will only improve the platform and there will be no reverse effect.

Thanks alot....we take the inspiration from us to bring more Africans....thats what we preaching now

I am new members steemit join please follow me post votes me please

Thanks for the information @kingscrown
very help me
follow me @hattaarshavin

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