(IJCH) Two Non-Traditional Uses for the Blockchain: Recognition of Lawful Identity and Worldwide Humanitarian Efforts

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(IJCH) Two Non-Traditional Uses for the Blockchain: Recognition of Lawful Identity and Worldwide Humanitarian Efforts


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In my last article "(IJCH) The King is Dead, Long Live the King (or Why "The Flippening" King may NOT be Ethereum)", I stated:


IMHO, Bitcoin as a digital asset is the least functional use of the blockchain.

...People with tunnel vision; that is, those who only focus on Bitcoin as a slow moving, expensive transaction medium are missing the notion that we’re on the threshold of the next generation of the web.


This article will discuss two non-traditional, yet critical uses for the Blockchain.

Recognition of Lawful Identity


Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights stipulates, ‘Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.’

However, more than a billion people across the globe lack access to this fundamental right, depriving them of basic healthcare, education, voting, housing, schooling, childcare benefits and other social facilities.


In support of the "ID2020 Program", Microsoft and Accenture began an initiative in June of 2017 to create a blockchain solution to address the problem of lawful identity (and subsequent eligibility to basic social programs and benefits) for the billions of people worldwide unable to obtain such "credentials" - lawfully recognized identity.

In November of that same year, the "Humanitarian Blockchain Summit" was held.


The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA), Fordham University, in collaboration with the UN had the following items on its Blockchain Solutions Agenda:

  • Anti-Child Trafficking

  • Increasing the Birth Certificate Issuance Rate - Over 600 million children under the age of 14 (and 50% of all children under 5 years-old) possess no documentation of live birth.

There are grave consequences that result from this situation.

Think of it.

These undocumented children are high-risk for child-trafficking, crime and eventually drug abuse.

Since they are "invisible" to the system, they are not eligible for government aid or NGO social programs.

This is why Recognition of Lawful Identity is so important.

Worldwide Humanitarian Efforts


Over 80 million people go hungry world over.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is an effort to address the needs of these people. The process is cumbersome with pitfalls at multiple points.

The WFP has been taking steps to imbibe the blockchain technology and make the food-assistance process faster, cheaper and more secure to cover as many people as possible.

"The internet is entering a second stage based on blockchain," states the World Economic Forum and its absolutely true.


Other such Blockchain Based Humanitarian Programs include:

  • The Humanitarian Blockchain (HB) is the first project that aims to solve social global problems using Blockchain technology.





  • OneRelief




  • UNICEF Blockchain






Blockchain has a great scope to revamp industries, and if its potential is harnessed for humanitarian assistance, aid and identity management; it would add a human touch to its use-case, making it one of the most significant contributions of a technology.


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Great write-up! I agree that we have yet to maximize the potential of blockchain technology. I read an article on Steemit (I can't remember who wrote it). It discussed the use of blockchain to dinstirbute aid to Syrian refuges. We are only at the beginning.


Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

And I agree with your thoughts.

Namaste, JaiChai

I would love to see an impact in the area of Humanitarian food distribution . If the government is not stealing it or the local crooks taking it , should be dealt with . Look at the aid that went to Venezuela and went directly into the bank account of their leaders . 100 of millions of dollars . Maybe this should be addressed instead of a new idea after new idea . until the corruption is dealt with no new idea will solve the problem .

just ranting here , it's all a shame because it could be solved . And one way is as you just did and keep it out front in the limelight


During the catastrophe in Leyte, Philippines, I saw firsthand how local officials would "rebrand" worldwide aid by repackaging them into bags (with less than the original amount of items, of course) that had their own names on the bags!

May bad karma haunt their bloodlines for 1,000 generations!

Also, THE ONLY AID THAT COULDN'T BE ALTERED was peer-to-peer donations via cryptocurrency!

Thanks for your usual insightful comments.

Namaste, jaiChai


THE ONLY AID THAT COULDN'T BE ALTERED was peer-to-peer donations via cryptocurrency!

That might be the best way to deliver aid . bypass the middleman and those who try and put themselves in the middle . I'm all for that .

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