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Hi Folks,

After a short overview of the pepe environment in my first post, it's time now, to describe you more precisely what happen on our community in the last few weeks! Tell how this week-end have been feed of many good news and sensations for all our community...

The first week of january

As you have been informed in the last post on LTBN, Rare Pepe Cards have been on the top of actuality with the publication, on motherboard (see this reference found on steemit), of a really nice and exhaustive article on Rare Pepe cards and it's former community.

But the motherboard article aren't alone to emphasis the Rare Pepe Cards community and in the same time a blog post on the FirstBlood platforme have mention our TCG game which still in development (see our old post and don't hesitate to take part on the financing)

Like on the other financial markets and "Fintech start-up" this kind of advertising has implies directly a huge impact on market price and furthermore on our demographic structure - both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Just after the publication, our telegram chat have been literally crowded of new comers! And it's have been really nice time to meet and informed this newbies in the Rare Pepe world: how get Rare Pepe Cards, where and how buy xcp or pepecash (see tuto), etc...
The group which, last week and for long time ago, turned around 350-370 members have reach in few hours more than 550 members (557 at the time where i still writing those lines, and it continu to increase regularly...). With all those new comers, the community have won the possibility to open a second Pepe trading Chat in Russian languages (lot of new comers come from this great place! Good to see you all! welcome)
like you can see belowRare Pepe Trading chat reach 557 members

Logically this waves of new comers have want to began to collecting Rare Pepe Cards and for that, they have needed to buy quickly PepeCash or XCP... You see us coming since all this is linked and pushes in the same direction... The volumes literally exploded and price rocketed to a high like you can see on the too charteenshot below (screenshot of Blockfolio App, see old post

On the same time, the Market cap of Rare Pepe Cards take the same elevator and some cards saw there market cap growing fast, see chart below

This last week: PepeCash to the moon on Tux Exchange: It's just reach the 200 satochi per 1 PepeCash...

Three day ago, PepeCash prices broke above the 200 sat per PepeCash swing high and began and new uptrend, and still in rally mode for the second half of January. This middle term uptrend should possibly continues into the new month. See below for the 3 month chart (screenshot of Blockfolio App, see old post)

Now, big movements are still at work on the PepeCash whose volumes as the price are very much on an upward trend and this for two days on exchange see old post. Particularly on Tux exchange, which the volumes literally exploded and price rocketed to a ATH like you can see on the chart below

These movements seem to start with a vote on twitter about the next altcoin to be pumped see the original tweet. See below

Then, if PepeCash have now the second place just after Litecoin, the autor, @ActualAdviceBTC, annouced that he bought some....

He conclued that only PepeCash survey seems to be right!! and predicted uptrend for the next week...

You tell yourself that this is just an episode of bullish speculation / pump, and you're probably right.

But in the days of today, who can say when such a movement will stop?. Because, in the same time Poloniex seems to be on pression by a new vote on twitter for the next altcoin to be listed ... And PepeCash is already now on the first place (see below)

Don't hesitate to vote on tweeter for PepeCash and more important, if you want to be an alpha, come on Tux exchange and buy your first amount of Pepecash

So, all what happens seems to reveal that the great work have been done by the community for a while just arrived to maturity and began to give us some delicious fruit...
We want said a great thanks to all former members for the work already done and in the same time, for new comer who bring with them new and fresh energy!.

We all, collectively, pull the winning ticket! Enjoy it

We are sure that our future will be beautiful and lightening too, and that an other great period opens up to the Rare Pepe's maker, collector and trader...

Be Rare | Be nice | Be Pepe

"Pepecash spread, the price will triple, and the entire world become Pepe" Vinny Pepegham, on PepeTelegraph

"The more we will be, the more fun we will end and the more value we will generate", R.Verpepe, in PepeDesk.con

"The dankness made possible by #PepeCards will far exceed the cost of electricity. Therefore, not having PepeCards would be a net waste."-Satoshi Pepemoto in pepecoindesk.con

"#PepeCash is Cash with Big Ass" - Charlie Shrempepe

Image source pepe cards 1 | 2 | 3 | Other images, screenshots.
Content from my LTBC thread


Just wait for SegWit activation, at that time XCP will have support for micro transactions. PEPECASH will be real CASH by then. I transferring STEEM to PEPECASH as quick as I can.

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awesome pepe :)

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