Book of Orbs (BoO) substitute XCP by PepeCash for Rare Pepe Cards order

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Hi folks,

We have already made an introduction for who want join the Rare Pepe Cards movement on steemit here and passed in review the last fews weeks behind us here.

Maybe, some of you have already began to collect Rares and have to buy and sell them. As, some update have been done, so be more precise on the introduction on Pepecash pair and how keep the choice between XCP and PepeCash.

Book of Orbs, a block-chain game dedicated wallet (counterparty compatible) have introduced, after many requests from the pepe community, pepecash in pair with Rare Pepe Cards. So, now with BoO you can buy and sell Rare Pepe for pepecash, his native crypto-currency. Great job @KojiH and thank a lot for your support of our community and for the reduced reaction time during which you have responded to our proposals.

In the same time, users of BoO saw now that they can't choose between XCP and PepeCash for their Rare Pepe order and that old history of XCP old order desappears of the app (All your passed order can be find of BoO, but not the general history for XCP). If you look into BoO game, all other games supported by BoO only support their native token for trading and none of those have an option to switch to XCP... see below

For those who want keep the choice between Pepecash & XCP, and see all history pair... you can still!

Again, BoO is one of numerous available wallet for counterparty asset. You can still place orders for XCP on counterwallet, indiesquare and rarepepewallet if you trully want to use XCP rather than PepeCash. If you are interested in you prior XCP trading history it has not desappeared! All these wallets go through the DEX, and the latter is written on the block chain.... So, you can check it on or even better, in rarepepewallet if you click on the arrows and then choose "My Orders" you can see that all your old orders are still listed.

As with other crypto projects, remember that you can find a plurality of app and dev that structure the same community. This plurality is a force to increase the resilience of the network and to offer everyone the possibility of finding what they came to look for.

"The more we will be, the more fun we will end and the more value we will generate", R.Verpepe, in PepeDesk.con

"We have elected to put or money and faith in a Kek and pepe framework that is free of politics and human error" Tyler >Pepelevoss in Pepenest

Content from my LTBC thread


Good post! You may made one for Takara app, and explain how use it for Pepe hunting or more broadly for get bitcoin and counterparty token by geocatching!

Thnx! Good idea, i will work on it soon... Cheers

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Yup, >100 view! but if it's considered as a "spam" by witness... it's hudge for a spam.... But maybe against this kind of censorship, some of steemit community members will become, like us, pepe addict!!!

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