Do you want to earn money by downloading your favorite movies, TV shows or books? Then you should read this article!

Hello, dear friends. Most recently, on the Internet, I was very lucky and I read an article about listing on cryptocurrency mdc: mediacoin. I was very interested in all this and I began to study the topic in more detail. Having studied everything, I highlighted the following main points: - Blockchain and cryptocurrency; - you can publish and download files with the subsequent distribution. For each distribution you make, you get tokens based on the number of GB and the cost of 1 GB at the moment, as well as the total number of gigabytes of distributors; - here is a very simple interface; - A wonderful application with a convenient search; - The password can not be restored, because it is the key to the wallet; - In the future, it is planned to launch open API of full Nodes and more. Personally, I often download interesting movies and TV shows. In less than 1 day I received 8.742 MDC tokens. The next day I also downloaded a lot of different movies, such as Fantastic Four, Fast and Furious, Spiderman, and also downloaded the Game of Thrones series and Sex and the City and received 8 more tokens. Now my UPD is already 16.742. The next day I downloaded more TV shows, and also downloaded a huge number of books and received 5 tokens, after that mine became 21.742 MDC. Wow, this is a really promising project that I use and will invest in. I will leave trading information for you: - The listing was very recent, around March 6 of this year; - The cost of 1 MDC is 0.0.00052 USD. Every day there is an increase in the MDC token, as the product is of high quality. I suggest you to see the graph 1 for greater confidence, where you can see that the token is growing every day and is very popular.

Graph 1 MDC/USD

After registering, I’ll recommend everyone to download several popular files that will appear first in the categories. Type as many GB as possible. And I will be very grateful to everyone if you use my referral link My advice to everyone: do not be afraid to take risks, because whoever does not take risks does not drink champagne. Of course, the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, and even really good projects do not take off. But I personally decided to take a risk. Of course, only you decide, but personally I will buy tokens. Suddenly he will grow up in the future and I will get rich, I will definitely buy myself a big house, a cool car and go to the islands to the ocean.


It seems an interesting project, I will pass and download with your link the application and try it as far as possible.
After all, I usually share with P2P networks and if I can accumulate tokens when doing so, I see no reason not to join that movement.

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