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If you have ever set up and run a business before then you would have known that it is never a smooth process especially when it comes to financing. Banks may retreat from lending you loans and if you do not endure and find other means of financing your business, the business might collapse. Besides, when going for a loan, there are a lot of forms waiting for you to be filled before you join a queue to receive yours. That is where sharevest comes in. Sharevest is a platform that brings together businesses that are underfunded by connecting them to a bank of investors around the globe. There are multiple benefits for both sides as start –ups, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and growth companies are partnered with investors on the sharevest platform. Sharevest is also a dynamic social trading network that allows users to follow investors of interest or track companies. It is a two way affair in one place as companies can have access to investors globally in order to manage their investment rounds whilst investors also access Sharevest’s global company registrar in order to discover, track and invest in businesses of interest to them. With the relevant tools associated with the platform, transparency is ensured and also, users can have productive communication with each other.
Sharevest provides the central platform for business owners, shareholders and investors to meet and in turn creates liquidity within primary and secondary markets. The gap between the stock market and the primary and secondary markets is bridged as startups, growth companies and SMEs are able to meet their investors on one platform, Sharevest platform. This is how it all works.

The data on companies seeking for funding will be made available on the platform for investors to access, review it and make their decision to invest.
Sharevest will provide a blockchain ledger which will eliminate the difficult and complicated traditional system of bookkeeping. Sharevest’s blockchain technology is transparent, trustworthy and secured.
Are you a business owner? Don’t waste this opportunity to obtain funds for the growth of your companies. Also, if you are an investor, do not waste much time requesting for company documents for review anymore. Data on companies are provided on the Sharevest platform for you to access easily and save yourself from wasting time and resources when deciding on which company to invest in. Join Sharevest and make this great project a success.


Token Protocol: ETH, ERC 20
Accepted Contributions: ETH
Token Symbol: SVX
Total Token Supply: 200,000,000 SVX
Pre-ICO date: June-July
Pre-ICO value: 1 SVX = $ 0.13
ICO date: July-August
ICO round value: 1 SVX = $ 0.20
Minimum/Maximum Cap: 1 MM/21MM

Below are some of the team members that oversee this project;

Executive team
• Caleb Barnes-Christian - CEO & Founder
• James Whyte - Chief Economist Strategist
• Michael Christensen - Advisor, CTO
• Hadrien Forterre - CLO

Development team
• Gareth Christodoulou - Frontend Developer
• Chike Chiejine - Full Stack Developer
• Harpeet S Chawla - Advisor, Senior Backend Developer
• Raman Lakhanpal - Front End Developer

For more information on the rest of the team members, roadmap, etc, don't hesitate to check out the useful links below;

White Paper:

Author: Caxton10
Bitcointalk Profile:;u=2070123


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