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I think that each of us, for once in our life, faced the necessity to get advice from specialists from different areas. In matters relating to health, real estate, sports, personal development, it is recommended not to rely on own opinion, but to seek advice from an expert. That makes sense that we want to know the expert opinion.

Unfortunately, existing infrastructure is not always convenient. For example, to visit a doctor we need to go to the clinic, a trainer — to the gym, a realtor — to the office. But why waste extra energy, time and money, when it became possible to make our life easier and more convenient!

The On.Live platform will allow us to receive professional advice right from our home. The project team presented the development with the broad capacities to organize mass and individual broadcasts.

On.Live conquers the world

The goal of On.Live developers is to become one of the best companies in the videoconferencing area. The market is saturated already now, but there are still few technologies that use blockchain. An openly decentralized data network, as the creators of On.Live expect, will become a competitive advantage.

The On.Live platform will erase the borders between people. Customers who were previously forced travelling to other cities to get advice from a highly qualified specialist will not do this now. They will join On.Live platform, pay for the broadcast and learn everything directly from home.

Through On.Live you can conduct free and paid broadcasts. In the first case, access to the broadcast is not limited. When carrying out paid broadcasts, the viewer transfers the necessary amount of cryptocurrency to the organizer, and then receives a private link.

Two types of events are implemented in On.Live:

  • group — the lecturer simultaneously interacts with a large audience (you can not ask questions to the author of the broadcast);
  • individual — one person gets access to the broadcast, the lecturer answers all his questions.
    Depending on the type of conversation, the broadcast organizer can charge a fee per minute or for the whole event at once.

Project advantages

First of all, the expansion of the range of clients. Previously, specialists can work only with customers from their city or region. Thanks to On.Live, specialists will expand range of clients, and increase revenues.

The second direction in which you can use On.Live — the organization of live broadcasts. Media holdings pay millions of dollars for the organization of broadcasts of major political, cultural and sporting events. Using On.Live, any user with a good video camera will be able to broadcast the video from the scene on the air. This will reduce the cost of organizing the broadcasts and will allow organizing them where, there is no opportunity to install professional video equipment.

On.Live is a project that can conquer the whole world. The developers want to promote the product in the USA, Japan, Brazil, Russia and Great Britain. In the future, On.Live will appear in other countries.

Advantages of On.Live project:

The use of blockchain technology opens unlimited possibilities for On.Live users.

Thanks to the blockchain technology in the On.Live system will be formed a peer-to-peer decentralized network.This means that no one has a decisive influence on the platform — all users are equal. Thus, the developers guarantee the observance of the interests of all participants. Event organizers receive a fee for video or audio conferences on time, and listeners become familiar with relevant and useful information.

Also blockchain allows On.Live platform members to earn money. The On.Live platform needs the services of miners. The computing power is required for the verification of transactions. This can be done by watching streaming video. Thus, On.Live users are able to earn money for watching various videos.

ICO Details

On.Live developers conduct ICO and sell tokens to attract investments, as well as to attract the attention of potential users to their platform.

It is planned to release 111 million internal ONL tokens, intended for payment of services and resources that are available within the platform.

61 050 000 ONL tokens will be allocated for the main sale. (12.21 million tokens were allocated to the pre-sale stage.)

Crowdsale will begin on March 11, 2018 and will end in a month, April 11.

All unsold tokens will be burned.

Token distribution:
55% — ICO
11% — Pre-sale
11% — Reserve
11% — Founders
6% — Marketing
5% — Consultants
1% — Insurance

The On.Live project has good prospects. No one has ever offered a blockchain- solution for organizing live broadcasts from anywhere in the world.

On.Live has an extensive user base. The benefits of using the platform can get anyone, since the project team initially focused on a wide range of consumers and developed the product, taking into account the requests and desires of content authors and those who pay for content.

Well, it seems that On.Live has every chance to become the market leader in organizing video and audio broadcasts around the world.


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