ADSactly Tech News - The Many Ways in Which Blockchain is Changing Our World

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ADSactly Tech News: The Many Ways in Which Blockchain is Changing Our World

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When people hear the world blockchain thrown around the most common thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin. But is Bitcoin blockchain? Well Bitcoin is certainly the first mainstream cryptocurrency to utilize a blockchain for wealth preservation and wealth transference but its not what people are referring to when they mention blockchain.

Blockchain technology is so powerful it has the potential to transform all sorts of different centralized applications and services into transparent decentralized applications and services. Blockchain technology will be applied to fields including finance, healthcare, media, government and all sorts of other sectors, in fact you may not know this but it is being incorporated into these fields every day in all sorts of ways we can hardly imagine.

In this article I will discuss many of the ways blockchain has already been integrated into our world. The development of new and innovative technologies is moving at lightspeed and blockchain technology is being incorporated into modern day business applications at an accelerating rate.

Image Source: Eweek

One area in which blockchain is being utilized is in cybersecurity as companies look to capitalize on the technology to create keyless signature systems with the capability of securing health records.

A company called Guardtime is looking to accomplish this task currently to secure the health records of one million Estonian citizens. Securing extremely sensitive information in a decentralized manner has many benefits and allow health care providers to reduce costs by saving them time and expense.

Another company called REMME is basically a decentralized authentication system which is making a sincere effort to replace logins and passwords with SSL certificates stored on a blockchain.

These are just a few of the many ways blockchain is being applied to cybersecurity with many exciting new ventures sure to be coming in 2018 and beyond!

Image Source: MIT Media Lab

Another field in which blockchain technology has a potential to transform is the global health care industry. For example, one company called Gem is working with the Centre for Disease Control to encrypt disease outbreak data onto a blockchain which will potentially result in more efficient disaster relief and response activities.

Another company called SimplyVital Health is currently developing two health-related blockchain products. The first product is called ConnectingCare, a blockchain that tracks the progress of patients after they leave the hospital. Their other blockchain product is called Health Nexus, which is focused around providing decentralized blockchain patient records.

Finally, one of the most promising blockchain projects I've seen focused around the health care industry is called MedRec.

MedRec is a project that is being developed and managed by MIT to create a blockchain that can securely store electronic medical records while also managing authentication, confidentiality and data sharing.

Image Source: IBTimes UK

Another industry which is being transformed by blockchain technology may come to you as no surprise. I'm talking about the financial services industry.

One project I think shows a lot of potential is called Bank Hapoalim. It is essentially a collaboration between the Israeli bank and Microsoft. The project aims to create a blockchain system for managing bank guarantees.

Soon we will be seeing investors looking for blockchain exposure in the stock market. This will be an interesting opportunity to cash in on the new and emerging technology while limiting the potential volatility of investments when compared to cryptocurrency markets.

Another interesting project has been launched by a company called Maersk. Traditionally their business has been described as a shipping and transport consortium but they have recently unveiled plans to launch a blockchain solution for streamlining marine insurance.

Image Source: Julius Silver - Creative Commons - Pexels

The final topic I would like to discuss revolves around how blockchain technology is transforming manufacturing and industrial distribution systems.

One company called Provenance is creating a project to provide a blockchain-based provenance record of transparency within supply chains. This will make it possible to track a product all the way from its raw material inputs to the final consumer and be aware of a product's journey from a to z.

Another company called Jiocoin is a subsidiary of India's biggest conglomerate, Reliance Industries, is currently developing a blockchain-based supply chain logistics platform that will operate alongside its own cryptocurrency, Jiocoin.

One last really promising project is that of which plans to be the first decentralized provider of distributed and encrypted cloud storage. This will allow users to share unused hard drive space and take a dent into popular paid storage services like Google Drive and Amazon AWS.

Image Source: Pixabay

So when people talk about blockchain they are not necessarily talking about Bitcoin. They may not be even referring to other cryptocurrencies that operate on blockchains. They are most likely referring to the underlying technology that allows for decentralized transferrence of information across time and space. There are many advantages to running a decentralized service as opposed to a centralized one but one of the biggest advantages is free and open access to information with limited risk of corruption.

What do you guys think about the applications discussed in this article? Which fields do you belive blockchain technology will be most successfully implemented in?

Lets get a discussion going about your favorite blockchain projects and how they propose to transform our world!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

Source: 35 Amazing Real World Examples Of How Blockchain Is Changing Our World - Forbes

Image Sources: Pexels, Pixabay

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First of all, i must commend your pictures. They really portray the message very well.
And i really love it when i see post that strike up a discussion on @adsactly here. It shows the essence of the post. Not just for reading alone, but that there may be rubbing of minds. Nice one my friend.
Wow. Blockchain has revolutionized the world..
I agree with your point in cyber securities. Every transaction added to a private or public blockchain is timestamped and signed digitally. This means that companies can trace back to a particular time period for every transaction and locate the corresponding party on the blockchain through their public address. Thats so very important and safe.
I will sure check out those blockchain projects you mentioned above, they seem to be great.
I also know of one called Lympo I dont know if you have heard of it, but its also a health care blvokchain project. I stumbled on it as a post and read althrough and it was really cool. Lympo aims to allow people pay for fitness products using the LYM tokens. It also aims to allow the individual to collect their fitness data then sell it to research companies. The coolest of them all is that it offers a great opportunity for a person looking to make money, while at the same time keeping fit. Isnt that awesome.
Its so refreshing to see blockchain in the health industry.
Cool post. Atimes we just get so much choked and occupied with the financial aspects of blockchain and forget its other benefit. This is sure a reminder. Thanks.


Awesome comment. There is a lot to learn from the post. Nice one.


I have heard of Lympo amd it is a great initiative. Keeping fit project. Because you mentioned it, and i am reading about it again, i will look it up. Thanks.

Thank you for giving these insightful and hopeful updates. I want to make sure I understand you correctly. Those blockchains you mentioned by name - are those the names of the coins that we would purchase if we choose to buy into those blockchains? Other than Jiocoin, I don't think you stated that specifically, so I want to make sure you're not referring to the name a technology that powers the coins instead of the coins themselves. I do believe we are living in exciting times. This is changing our world. I'm excited about it.

After reading your post I realized that It is quite annoying that if people hear blockchain they only see bitcoin and money fraud or on the othet hand a milion $ chance. What is worse, that thousands of people who call themselves as a crypto investors say that they now what exactly what is cryptocurrency and blockchain, but in fact they just see what money can they earn (gambling).

You described many examples of blockchain technology usage. It is so important toshow people the advantages of this technology. In my opinion there is an unwritten rule that if we try to do something we should at first get some knowledge about it.

Let me give you 2 links to my articles about blockchain technology usage:

what do you think?


When I try to explain what is blockchain to someone who does not know this world, I tell him that blockchain is like the road and bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies are the cars that circulate through it.


Agreed! This is a very wise way to explain it!


Thank you!! I work with children and I have a habit of explaining things so they can understand it.


Exactly the point. That's why I tend to wonder those who's telling Bitcoin is scam if they really understand what they're saying or if they even know "blockchain" technology exist.


wow...this is a brilliant illustration


Thank you! it's an easy way for them to understand


yes sir... i have to follow you


Amazing explanation ,R u A teacher?


more or less, I give extracurricular computer classes to children :)


You nailed it bro


The world is changing and we should not be late for it.

excellent post




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This is considered spam. Try to provide a useful comment next time!


I am lucky to be able to see such good articles! The bit coin view is very good. Thank you.


Thanks. I'm happy you enjoyed reading this article. Bitcoin is good, no disagreement there!


FINALLY!! Someone who truly gets that this will change things historically! So much fud flying around to drive prices back down so all the major corporations can scoop it up at a discount and be greedy capitalists as usual.

My question is: @adsactly Do you think the potential power of the 99% controlled by the 1% can outweigh them? and we can start to see a gradual conversion towards a 50/50 fiat(cash)/crypto global economy in the coming 8 years ? By the way I am a new follower and I gave you an upvote!

I am a self employed tattooist from the uk and crypto enthusiast, if anybody is interested I try to post as much as I can :) peace!


I think a lot of people in government are still trying to fit the square peg (Crypto/Blockchain) into the round hole (Fiat/Status Quo Society). Ideally, something like what you describe will happen, where the new blockchain based systems are built and gain acceptance along side the existing system. Then, when the status quo collapses, its replacement will be there ready to take over. I'm looking forward to that day.

As a self employed person you have a lot of power to help with that transition. Do you accept crypto for your services? What if you were to ONLY accept crypto?


Currently, no. But it is something I am contemplating... however most of my business is currently cash based so would be a huge transition to make, especially since only having this new studio open for a little over a month! But I’m considering at least giving people the option ;) new follower and upvote from me anyway as you seem to be switched on!


Thanks bro. I haven't posted anything yet but hope to soon.

Cash is still King for the time being... The interesting fork in the road coming down the pike faster than people realize is government-crypto -vs- decentralized-crypto. Governments would love to get rid of cash and have 100% traceable transactions via gov-crypto. It's gonna be up to the people to reject that when the time comes and hopefully decentralized crypto will already have wide acceptance. It may be a bumpy ride but I have faith!

It's already happening:


I think that communities can use blockchain technology to change the world. Be ready because ADSactly is going to be a player in the game shortly with that very goal! Lets take the power back from these greedy corporations!


Exactly !! There needs to be a MAJOR shift in power (money). It’s already beginning to happen, the snowball affect is all we need now ;)


i know this is off your topic but please consider it

please dont flag me, this is very important to me



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@iqbalgubey cat attitude show us the blockchain strength...
such a attractive quotes & thats three line means many more...
i am getting more curious about bockchain.
thanks for posting this

Blockchain technology is definetly changing the world.
I use blockchain to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. Also use it to convert one crypto to another. I love this informative post @adsactly.


Yep! Hopefully it moves far beyond just being used as a currency and disrupts some industries.


Agreed. Where are you from? Love Bitcoin. I'm Oatmeal. Upvoted.


Right!! We are still in the infancy stages and the best is yet to come, I believe!

Amazing post... completely agree how you see the future ...

those who are investing in cryptocurrencies right now will be millionaires in a few years,dont lose hope and #HODL


I really hope so... That would be life changing. I'm worried about how saturated the market is now. Hopefully it can double a few more times.

Among us may be the next Mark Zuckerberg....

May be not, he probably is busy right now...:P

Blockchain is definitely a disrupting technology. It will definitely be disrupting social media the way we currently know it. Steemit is a prime example of this. Where else can someone post comments and get paid for it? No where else. Steemit is a pioneer, and I am very happy to be a part of it. I am currently perfecting and fine tuning my strategy, mission, objective, and focus to deliver the most unique contribution to the platform. I have already begun the journey and have learned a lot along the way through trial and error. I highly encourage the community to critique my posts. If a post deserves a upvote, by all means give it a upvote, but if it doesn't need a upvote, and needs a down vote instead, by all means give it a down vote because I need to know the truth from an unbiased opinion. This is how the community will grow and how my post will get better. This approach will also give the voter some level of credibility and recognition as an outstanding, unbiased evaluator of quality content.

I think that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize entire categories of industry including banking, government records, insurance, health care, title and asset ownership, digital identity, trading, clearing and settlement, secure voting systems, and many others.
It’s in the early stage so far, but we can definitely call it a breakthrough technology of present and the future.
Amazing post!


Hopefully banking and asset ownership for sure. I think I'm pretty invested in those two things going crypto. It's all already gone up so much I hope it still has room to grow.


Technology is the new seed we soe


Is the new world of digital currencies let embrace it.


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Best of luck! I hope you can reach your goal. Begin by actually reading the work of others and making thoughtful and valuable comments. That will encourage interaction and you may be able to make some real and lasting relationships which will power your success on this platform. Take care!

What's happening to the cyptocurrencies yet? There is a hard downswing - good time for an investment or what do you think? All in all, the year 2018 will be a good one at the end of all up's and down's if you beware yourself of panic sale. Keep cool!


I think buying BTC below 10k is a great move. I don't have a crystal ball but I still feel the primary direction is up and will be for a long time to come!

I guess you covered only a few.
There are hundreds I guess of companies and startups that use blockchain technology and there are those that are still coming. Maybe thousands of companies are thinking of utilizing this free open source technology to integrate into their business model.
It would be a huge disruption to old and traditional model of infrastructure. Brilliant minds behind blockchain technology had made it perfectly!

People are now unleashing its power within!

There are numerous other reasonable uses cases for blockchain innovation for our regular daily existence and business operations. As the interests in blockchain arrangements begin to yield brings about the method for inventive blockchain-empowered items and administrations .

help : I and some people, have been attacked "flag" by unknown people . Can you help me with just one upvote mr. @adsactly ?


yes....blockchain is really changing our world. lot of broke guys in my local area have improved their standard of living through the help of blockchain. we recently developed a website in nigeria where sbd can be conerted to our local currency... you can see this post.

blockchain is gradually taking over

Blockchain technology requires the Internet to be online at all times. What happens when there is a blackout?


What happens now if there's a blackout and you have money in the bank? Can you pay for groceries with your card? We are way too dependent on internet already.


What am I gonna dooooo!!!

I am a firm believer in block chain being the future. I am a part of a few Human Resources/Payroll Groups and there are already talks of how it will affect their processes. I think it is a change nonetheless, but a good one.



That's exciting to hear. HR needs total reform.

Good luck staying relevant once something like Hashgraph comes out that will be doing transactions faster.


Tracking the processing of raw materials all the way to its finished state every step of the way is an ingenious use of blockchain technology.

Awesome article. Thanks you. I’m learning more everyday.

Do you think blockchain technology can be used to create a powerful search engine like Google? I think that would really transform the internet. Content will be available regardless of how governments and other controlling bodies try to bury it.


Yes, Presearch is creating a decentralized search engine.


blockchain will change this world. Thanks for sharing information

Blockchain technology is the future of science

Blockchain is the future and those who are involved now are like getting in early on a GOLD RUSH! Wealth and success to everyone!

crypto nation! WE will be the early adventures of the future currency .
We will one day talk about how we where in it when everyone thought it was a big scam and we will say i am rich because i was early and wasnt scared to take a chance on the changing future...

crytpo FFFTTTTTWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1_8f29YAiwwtEqT9TD_CVtUw.jpeg

Very informative post indeed... Thanks for the info @adsactly.. Before I really was kinda afraid of the term "blockchain". :) because I have zero knowledge about it. it's sounds like a monster for me who eats up your money. Hahaha. But I was wrong, it's a Good monster who helps a lot of people get enough money.
I stand corrected. Thanks for educating me about blockchain and crypto currency @adsactly. :)

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i really learn alot....thanks for this

  ·  last year (edited)

The future is the blockchain, we are lucky as already we are part of the future :)

uovote look my blog

Well put together..who would have though block chain would ever be a thing. Now there is so many uses for it, its unbelievable!! The fact on how secure it is and how much protection we have while using it is its main benefit..Imagine what else this technology will be used for in the upcoming years..

Wonderfull post...thank you for this knowledge resteemed and .upovoted....the medical aspect will be one of the best benefit of blockchain.

I understand that decentralized blockchain technology is the future. However, I don't understand that why some people are still trying to resist against it. We should be tolerant to new technologies.

I agree with you

thanks for this blockhain update news providing... i appreciate this post..

Do you think other social media can also be like @steemit in earn aspects?

Interesting to learn there is alot more to blockchain tech!

Thanks for sharing it will increase my knowledge.

Blockchain is the future for sure. I cannot wait for it to realize its full potential and truly change technology and the world we live in today. So many crazy things are coming, Blockchain will truly make the world a better and safer place.

Hello! I signed up for your blog, you too subscribe to my, thanks
Life is beautiful

Great write up... Been thirsty for more after my first exposure to crypto!

Want to know how i got introduced to blockchain technology? Well a friend of mine introduced me to Zarfund (bad investment) which is a multi-level marketing based on bitcoin... This was how zarfund made me research more about bitcoin and the technology behind it...

Great Information. Thanks for all the great post. Looking forward to the next post.

I love your creativity. It's amazing.
#follow me

Well done LAD

Great article



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Another great Idea was how counties can use Blockchain technologies to record deeds of trust. I'm sure that will help to ease real estate transactions.

Una nueva era empieza y nosotros somos testigos cadena de bloques a cambiado la historia de la humanidad...

Thank you for your nice post . .
I am your Fan. . Im inspired by U..
Can U plz visit my blog and give me some tips?

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They are very complex issues and now it is difficult to say which platform will be successful. I think the union of Bank Hapoalim and Microsoft is interesting. It can be a great start of the blockchain

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic @adsactly learning about the applications of block chain technology in other industries only highlights what awesome capabilities the block chain has.

As a confirmed foodie, vegan and organic produce lover, I can foresee it becoming an essential, and really helpful, component for tracking your food from the producer or farmer to your fork. And in these days of pesticides, poisons and accidental contaminants in the food chain this is potentially lifesaving and ethically sound. Particularly when eating clean, organic food is important to you...and it is to me!

Great work, thanks again⭐️

there was a movie about it. If I remember correctly, the terminator film series was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. it seemed good at first to hide all the information in the virtual environment, but at the end of the film the system was a virus and experienced macaque to be destroyed. what can we do to get rid of this if it serves bad purposes like the scenario in the film. we do not have our terminator and we will have to fight as human: D: D we need to wait for a joke and see how useful it can be for humanity.

I think it is interesting that a technology based on transparency is applied to so many aspects of securing private data.

@adsactly mohon bantu saya. Untuk bisa bergabung dalam blockchain

Very nice :)

Very good information, I did not know that in the security and in the encryption the Blockchain was making its biggest contribution.

Thanks for the information of this amazing world or "crypto"

When I endeavor to clarify what it is blockchain to somebody who does not know this world, I reveal to him that blockchain resembles the street and bitcoin and the digital forms of money are the autos that course through it.

very good information @adsactly, very much useful for everyone, especially for myself. Thank you for sharing and hope you will be more successful.

blockchain is future. I think Steemit is also the most innovative blockchain channel. I'm waiting for new channels which adapt this innovation

Blockchain is a Gamechanger.....

how can i explain the advantages of blockchain to my mother who knows very little about technology

Blockchain technology is replacing the old clerk and server systems to record the data which is so vulnerable to multiple sorts of threats and ultimately the companies are saving a lot by not implementing the disaster recovery plans due to this modern technology. I would rather term it as a revolution in this modern world.
And wow, another surprising thing is, as companies are going to create paperless environment and keeping all their data in soft form, it will massively decline the paper requirement, hence devastation of forests would be less and it will affect global warming in positive way. What a relation of technology and nature. Isn't it?

Beautiful! Brings things to perspective.
Most importantly is the fact that security of information is guaranteed with blockchain

I now have the knowledge of so many thing through steemit:I have many ideas on krytocurrencies and the likes now.....thanks for sharing these knowledge .It has enlighten me more on blockchain.
Steem on!
Thanks @adsactly

Upvoted! =D thanks for the awesome article! Im pretty new here and im an artist, be sure to come check out my art sometime over at my page ^_^ I just finished this new one 10.jpg

this is all so fascinating - i am excited to see how the health care industry adapts this to fit their needs, hopefully with good intentions and results.

Can we try to stop Rothschild from stealing and from destroying blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrencies and bittorrent and email and real internet and ham radio internet and phone and apps and Ubuntu and more? Love what is happening in the world. I'm Oatmeal. Liked. Shared. Upvoted. Resteemed.

Thank you for this information @adsactly. I was aware of the point you were trying to make about blockchain already. I was not aware of all of the different projects you mentioned. I really appreciate this post for that information alone is relevant and gives us an insight on future investments. 🙏


Very nice

I think the financial sector is where the technology will have a big impact, because nowadays there are a lot of subsidies and most of the time they don´t reach the target, which mean that it is deviated and is one of the facts that causes corruption to become more and more widespread in our society.
But this is my opinion and based on my knowledge that is turned to the economic side of the world, this technology as a lot of potential to improve other areas too :D

Nice! Really like your way of working and calmness. Can you do a Rupee analysis? I believe it to be really undervalued, a ground floor opportunity and with a lot of long term potential. But that's just me. I'm heavily biased on this one, since I've been invested since it was 100sat's

I'm very excited about the future with blockchain in general! Even China will be implementing a new satellite that uses the blockchain network! imageGreat Post!!

useful sharing


Definitely a good read, nice research and lmao!!!

It's a great and interesting post....I love this amazing post....Thnx for sharing...

I believe that the economy works best when it works for everyone, and Blockchain technology is an engine of inclusion.
Great post!

Thanks very much. I think the blockchain opportunities in health care and science are nearly endless. Think of the peer-reviewed but centralized way how scientific papers are dealt with.

I am glad the blockchain is beginning to find it's way into medical applications. The industry really needs it. Protecting people's information as well as providing avenues for increased access to medical care for all would be another promising change I hope to see in my lifetime.

This is a "steem" train that is coming and the whole world will understand it within 10 years and it will become the norm!!

There are so many applications that it's kind of mind blowing. Blockchain is going to transform so many industries.

One that I was thinking about is licensing. If you owned a patent for something right now you will have a minimum amount of volume that makes even talking to someone about licensing that patent or trademark worth your time. But why not have a per use single license that is transferred after payment all via blockchain in a secure environment which can't be manipulated after the fact.

I believe blockchain technology is going to be one of the instruments of transformation in various fields that's going to blow the human mind. Nice post

This is a very interesting read adsactly and I really appreciate your post! I work in the Disaster Management field and the efforts of Gem and the CDC utilising blockchain technology is a really interesting initiative. I will research this more.

But the one i will like to know is will blockchain be able to help in storing criminal records so as to prevent them internationaly.

thank you for the info i really learned a lot

Bravo. Good post

  ·  last year (edited)

gracias por la informacion!! yo desde diciembre, fue que entre en el mundo de las criptomonedas, y todavia me cuesta entender muchass cosas... pero como ustedes han dicho, es el presente y futuro esta tecnologia, por tanto cada vez sera mas comun este tipo de lenguaje.

Excelente artículo, hay mucho desconocimiento acerca del blockchain. cada día se aprende más. felicitaciones.

Truly mere must be the key crypto of using blockchain to increase wealth. Thank you!