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It is true that 2018 has not been a great year for cryptocurrency prices but when you decouple prices from developments in blockchain technology, blockchain applications themselves have made incredible progress and we are just months away from a complete overhaul of traditional centralized systems in exchange for new decentralized blockchain based ones.

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When people hear the world blockchain thrown around the most common thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin. But is Bitcoin blockchain? Well Bitcoin is certainly the first mainstream cryptocurrency to utilize a blockchain for wealth preservation and wealth transference but its not what people are referring to when they mention blockchain.

In this article I will review many of the ways blockchain has already been integrated into our world. The development of new and innovative technologies is moving at light-speed and blockchain technology is being incorporated into modern day business applications at an accelerating pace.

One area in which blockchain is being utilized is in cybersecurity as companies look to capitalize on the technology to create keyless signature systems with the capability of securing health records.

A company called Guardtime is looking to accomplish this task currently to secure the health records of one million Estonian citizens. Securing extremely sensitive information in a decentralized manner has many benefits and allow health care providers to reduce costs by saving them time and expense.

Another company called REMME is basically a decentralized authentication system which is making a sincere effort to replace logins and passwords with SSL certificates stored on a blockchain.

These are just a few of the many ways blockchain is being applied to cybersecurity with many exciting new ventures sure to be just around the corner as we make our way towards Q4 of 2018!

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A recent article published by CoinTelegraph entitled 'Standard Chartered, Siemens Partner on Blockchain Pilot to ‘Fully Digitize’ Bank Guarantees' sparked my interest and as it fully supports the thesis of this article I thought I'd share a few interesting points mentioned and touch upon them.

Basically the famous UK multinational banking and financial services company, Standard Chartered (SC) plans to unleash a blockchain pilot for bank guarantees using R3 Corda blockchain technology.

This points out a fact that I've long believed, essentially money as we know it will no longer exist in its current digital format but rather be converted to a digital format existing on a blockchain resulting in increased transparency and interoperability across other blockchains.

In partnership with Siemens’ financing arm Siemens Financial Services (SFS) and trade finance platform TradeIX, the pilot program has been operating since March and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Industry experts hope this new move will “digitize trade and leverage real-time data to deliver efficiency gains and transform the way trade finance is conducted,” or at least thats how Samuel Mathew described it.

“The future of trade is going to be all about data,” Mathew added.

Bank guarantees are traditionally a highly “paper-intensive” area, the parties state in the release, with the industry first blockchain solution designed to significantly streamline current practices by “fully digiti[zing] the process, from initiation of the bank guarantee to the claim handling.”

“We believe that global trade is at the cusp of multi-level digital transformation which will revolutionise the entire business and operating model,” TradeIX CEO Rob Barnes continued.

If this isn't progress tell me what is? I know that blockchain, AI and robotics will all play a role in the future and its not a matter of approving of it but rather understanding it so we will be prepared to take a stand one way or another as these new systems roll out.

Image Source: CoinTelegraph

Another industry which is being transformed by blockchain technology may come to you as no surprise. I'm talking about the financial services industry.

One project I think shows a lot of potential is called Bank Hapoalim. It is essentially a collaboration between the Israeli bank and Microsoft. The project aims to create a blockchain system for managing bank guarantees.

Soon we will be seeing investors looking for blockchain exposure in the stock market. This will be an interesting opportunity to cash in on the new and emerging technology while limiting the potential volatility of investments when compared to cryptocurrency markets.

Another interesting project has been launched by a company called Maersk. Traditionally their business has been described as a shipping and transport consortium but they have recently unveiled plans to launch a blockchain solution for streamlining marine insurance.

The final topic I would like to discuss revolves around how blockchain technology is transforming manufacturing and industrial distribution systems.

One company called Provenance is creating a project to provide a blockchain-based provenance record of transparency within supply chains. This will make it possible to track a product all the way from its raw material inputs to the final consumer and be aware of a product's journey from a to z.

Image Source: Julius Silver - Creative Commons - Pexels

Another company called Jiocoin is a subsidiary of India's biggest conglomerate, Reliance Industries, is currently developing a blockchain-based supply chain logistics platform that will operate alongside its own cryptocurrency, Jiocoin.

One last really promising project is that of which plans to be the first decentralized provider of distributed and encrypted cloud storage. This will allow users to share unused hard drive space and take a dent into popular paid storage services like Google Drive and Amazon AWS.

So when people talk about blockchain they are not necessarily talking about Bitcoin. They may not be even referring to other cryptocurrencies that operate on blockchains.

They are most likely referring to the underlying technology that allows for decentralized transferrence of information across time and space.

There are many advantages to running a decentralized service as opposed to a centralized one but one of the biggest advantages is free and open access to information with limited risk of corruption.

What do you guys think about the applications discussed in this article? Which fields do you belive blockchain technology will be most successfully implemented in?

Lets get a discussion going about your favorite blockchain projects and how they propose to transform our world!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

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Standard Chartered, Siemens Partner on Blockchain Pilot to ‘Fully Digitize’ Bank Guarantees - CoinTelegraph

Image Sources: Pexels, Pixabay

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The disintermediation made possible by the Blockchain opens the field to multiple applications, capable of upsetting the banking world, but also areas far beyond the financial sector: the actors of health, insurance, real estate education or even music are concerned, among others, up to governments (for official certificates of any kind, or for the question of online voting). Combined with smart contracts (autonomous contracts that run automatically), the Blockchain could see its potential multiply, which would open the way to new issues, including legal. It is essential, for this reason, to promote the transversality of approaches and to bring together academics, economists, lawyers, sociologists and even philosophers alongside more technical profiles in the reflection and construction of Blockchain projects. The important thing is not the Blockchain itself, but what it makes possible. This possible future is that of a more horizontal world.


Blockchain will not only affect banking but an incredible number of other industries from healthcare to logistics. It has been and will continue to disrupt every industry it touches and streamline operations creating additional transparency.

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The concept of blockchain is great, but Bitcoin itself is a hugely wasteful use of resources. People need to look into alternative cryptocurrencies more. Currencies like GridCoins and many others provide utility while generating the currency, instead of just wasting electricity. And @adsactly this is true Blockchain and the Potential it Holds to Change the World!


It is true. Bitcoin needs an incredible amount of energy to be self-sustaining, all that energy is backing bitcoin in terms of value but is extremely bad in terms of sustainability and environmentalism. This is an issue that will have to be looked at more closely going forward.

Cool, so as far as I understand the use of cryptocurrency will dispense of some big institutions like banks and a lot of bureaucracy, speeding up some interactions in societies. But the core mechanism of trading stays in place, which means profits will still be a thing, thus the grounds for monopolies and wealth gaps. And if miners just get rewarded bitcoins for just mining (doing abstract calculations with computers) , without actually doing anything related to production, science and arts , doesn't that eventually make them similar to the now established banks and financial institutions where they also just do abstract calculations but get rewarded? And if silly idea of 'intellectual property', which currently stifles progress (especially in tech and science), is made even more secure with crypotcurrency, wouldn't that mean even slower progress in tech and science in some instances? Surely in the small, personal-scale, individual cases he mentioned , bitcoin looks 'good'. But it also seems that it will enhance the control/domination of larger businesses, and create new big ones.

The potential of blockchain technology is completely unimaginable IMO. It’s literally the base of an entirely new Internet. From one that is information based, to one that is value based such as cryptocurency itself as well as cryptocurency with platform or different kind of projects. There is no doubt in my mind about blockchain technology having unprecedented opportunities for anyone in entire world. Blockchain is a new layer of technology being completely new upgraded version of older projects such as Facewhat, Twitter,... including Banks. The war is comming. older versions will fight to survive, but eventually unless they adopt, they don’t have a chance of survival once blockchain goes mainstream.

Blockchain might be good for everything but money. True money, true wealth is finite. Gold, silver and diamonds have not lost their value even to this day. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just a more evolved form of the fiat currencies we have today. There is nothing backing paper money and there is nothing backing cryptocurrencies either. So use blockchain for everything else but back to gold and silver for true wealth. Embrace crypto and you can be sure that the elites will use that as a way to implant microchips into our hands to enslave us that much further.


Gold and silver yes. Diamonds no. Some things are scarce while others are artificially scarce. What people don't understand about Bitcoin is where it derives its value from. Firstly it is belief, without belief in it there would be no underlying value. Network effect is another big reason it has perceived value as its use in everyday life cannot be denied. Finally you have the energy it takes to secure the network and mine it. I would argue that Bitcoin has more true underlying value at the moment than diamonds but Gold and Silver are hard to beat!

In shorts, the cryptos are undervalued now!!!

I think so you want to express in your post. It is absolutely right that blockchain must control about all the financial transactions. It is my believe also.


totally agree what u said :)

@adsactly 100% correct. Blockchain will chenge the whole world 🌏 who thinks of us all. Because blockchain is a technology that allows us to keep every thing in our online lot of security. I think a day will come in our life. We can roam around blockchain in all our pockets. Just like today, we all take mobile with pockets, in the next day we can roam with blockchain in pockets. Blockchain is a revulsion of our technology era. Now the blockchain has begun to be accepted slightly. The use of this blockchain will be used in banks, offices, school colleges, courts, everywhere. We were all waiting for that day. @adsactly sir 🌸

Blockchain is really the future and I believe it is going to replace the current systems in most sectors.
Scalability is an issue but im positive we would soon find a solution to this.

I believe that blockchain is the future, and it will completely changed our world... Nice article

Great read, well documented and I believe we have barely seen the power of this technology, and soon enough financial services all over the world would key into this.

Thanks for the information @adsactly. A lot of people always think of bitcoin only every time they hear something about blockchain. I ones in that category of people, but now thanks for the enlightenment.

This is something that must be put into discussion because as you imply, people rarely think what's behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the applicability that it has on different areas. I also think there are going to be many aspects of our life that will undoubtedly open to the blockchain.

The mistrust that people have in centralized headquarters that store sensitive information will drive them to adopt the blockchain technology. It will be inevitable.

Yes you are right decentralised cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will lead the world in coming future. Great blog @adsactly keep sharing keep growing

Good info man thanka for sharing !!

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@techblogger and @adsactly, Yes, current phase of time is tough in aspect of prices. And Crypto Sphere is striving hard to come back in aspect of prices.

But, as you said, for sure we are watching some exciting news in the Blockchain Economy and many Blockchain Technologies entered into the market and many existed Blockchain Technologies expanded.

And for sure in future we will going to see that Blockchain Technology and System will going to enter into many fields and for sure Adoption is around the corner.

So, we are in exciting times and we have to stay with patience because in my opinion Crypto Sphere and Blockchain Technology is in infant stage and we all are early adopters.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂