I'm a shill for blockchain

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The word shill has started to be used a lot lately in cryptocurrency communities, sometimes even too much in my opinion.

If you google the word it will give you a definition such as "an accomplice of a confidence trickster or swindler who poses as a genuine customer to entice or encourage others." with an example like "I used to be a shill in a Reno gambling club". Nowadays though they seem to call anyone a shill that merely dares to bring up an alternative solution to a problem they may be facing or discussing at the time.

If I had a Steem for each time I've been called a shill on various chats or social media platforms, I'd probably be shilling a lot more for Steem.

Over the years I've been involved in blockchain technology, my focus has drifted from Bitcoin, to Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Expanse, Lisk, Waves, Decred and finally landed on Steem. Its not even as if I've always only had skin in one of them at the time to be shilling for the my own interest, at some point you get annoyed when you're in a discussion with random internet users and just cause you happen to bring up one of those currencies you are instantly called a shill and downvoted by the hivemind of that community.

There are a few different shills out there as well. The most common ones are probably those with self-interest, shilling & marketing their own assets for attention and with them increasing in value in mind. Then there are paid shills who directly through cryptocurrency get paid to mention and attract potential investors to their currency. One thing they have in common though is that the technology backing their projects never matters when they are actively shilling it. They choose the timing of bringing these up when it seems best to fit their agenda.

If I had an Ether for every comment and direct message on Reddit I received not to invest in Ethereum cause it was only a scam/pump&dump, etc, I'd probably be able to buy a horde of cryptokitties right now.

The worst of it all is that platforms such as Reddit make shilling effective. Having anonymous upvotes and downvotes they can use them for their agenda and work in groups to change the outcome of a discussion for their own favor. Not to mention the shady sites that offer clever ways to game Reddit upvotes and downvotes for a low sum of money.

I admit I have been shilling for Bitcoin back in 2013-2014, I visited subreddits such as r/investing and other similar ones to discuss Bitcoin and Blockchain technology - the outcome was always negative. Still to this day when Bitcoin is above $10k I only get downvoted there and Bitcoin gets called a Ponzi scheme or some sort of "HYIP" high-yield investment program and kept bringing up common negative aspects of it such as drug deals and ransom payments. Often completely ignoring the innovative technology behind it and the decentralized freedom of payment it offers.

When I moved away from Bitcoin and started seeing the improved technology in projects like Ethereum I was instead called an Eth shill. Its like these communities form into bubbles where anyone discussing any potential competitors brings risk of bursting that bubble so they silence them and group up on that user to shut them off.

Same thing with Steem the past 1.5 years since I've been introduced to it, doesn't matter if you bring up the technological advantages, the censorship resistance, the limitless possibilites, etc. You are labeled a shill instantly. This feels really weird to me, especially in a time where people should be more open to other possibilities and solutions, especially after Bitcoin started it all with the blockchain innovation - it should've opened their eyes that change is a good thing. Freed them from the chains of the economy pre-blockchain and compared to the beginnings of the internet they should know that we are still at the infancy of technology. It seems like they instead get comfortable with what they already know and own a stake of, and anything else that attacks their blissful existence they don't want to hear nothing of, as if trading fees are ridiculously high.

I find it a bit hypocritical to be honest, people who only want to follow one project alone and want to stay ignorant toward other solutions out there are not far off from those who didn't want to hear or research the blockchain innovation to begin with.

Considering my history, I don't want to be called a shill when I mention Steem on a platform that's discussing their problems of fake news and censorship. I don't want to be called a shill when I offer people other ways to monetize their content than ad-revenue that's constantly dropping or a platform that demonetizes them. I don't want to be called a shill when I tell people they need not worry about trading or transaction fees on this blockchain.

I don't want to be called a shill just cause I happen to follow the most promising blockchain solutions to date.

I'm a shill for the overall innovation that blockchain technology offers.

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I just wrote an article that said STEEM was the solution to forthcoming worldwide problem of technological unemployment and that, at some point, an account with 500 STEEM will be considered a large one.

If that makes me a shill, then I am a mega one.

By the way, judging from the time frames you mentioned, it seems you were a shill who was right...numerous times.


hi. nice comment. i see your article about steem. great work. well done.


Thank you...I am glad you liked it.

I am one of STEEM's biggest cheerleaders on here.

My belief in this blockchain and what is going to happen in 2018 is through the roof.

Existentially we all are shills


Think of it as contributing to "social momentum".

Very nice acidyo. But you know cloud of skepticism is always there when it comes to crypto. No matter how good it is.


True, its kind of sad though. Then again I remember how people used to think about the internet in the beginning as well...


Yeah only the beginnings are a struggle. Every revolution and revolutionary idea was bizarre in the beginning, we are in that dilemma again. To emerge as a dark horse.


I will say it and say it again. . For those of us ole enough to remember the start of the internet, Blockchain=Internet 2017 Blockchain = 1997 Internet. . . We have a long way to go! :) BTC is AMZN in 1999 at $107, it then traded down to sub $10 before it went to $1000+ in 2017. . Keep that in mind when looking at crypto. Sometimes markets have to crash and correct before making the move to the moon.


There's no fighting against the bell curve of adoption it seems, seems like a natural phenomena.

Even if everyone in the world would be told about some upcoming tech and how it could change the world at the same time, not everyone will act upon it. It's just what it is.

STEEM become the solution to coming near near global problem of technological unemployment and that, in some unspecified time in the future, an account with 500 STEEM can be considered a large one.if that makes me a shill, then i'm a mega one.by means of the manner, judging from the time frames you noted, it appears you had been a shill who turned into right...severa time

You are not just a shill, you are a paid shill lol
Don't pay attention to those negative comments, those come from people that regret missing out on this great oportunitys, and don't have the balls to get in now. Or to research what it is.
I read a comment on Facebook, of someone saying "Bitcoin was just something a guy created on the internet, and that it had nothing backing it, and it was only used to buy drugs." This people are narrow minded, their uninformed preception of any subject it's the absolute truth for them. And if someone, like you, who knows what hes talking about tryed to argue and explain it to them, then absolutely you are a shill. Not worth wasting anytime talking to them.

Great post. I have some reflections from my experience in life and crypto world.

First, I believe that when we look at crypto we also have to admit that there is a lot of material for shillers. An investment sector with returns year-to-year in last 12 months of about 1000-2000% in something that attracts shillers like a cake attracts ants. And people usually, before speaking with you, enters in contact with this category of people. Internet ads, guys that say "i will made you rich with BTC, just give me your money", shittin ICO's promoters, etc. So, in my opinion, you don't have to wonder for these episodes

Maybe, the average user will easier distinguish shillers from genuine adopter if there was a bigger risk disclousure. What are the risk of adopting an unregulated tecnology? My crypto has a good project, but what is daily volatility? I am not saying that anyone who promotes a new thing without a risk disclousure is a shiller.

But I had some experience in pseudo-shilling activities: I have done more than 3 years of political activism. I storngly believed in what I was doing, it was all gratis, no money, only ideas and great people. When we went to public events, to make flash mob or "informative" actions, the most important thing was think like the person you were talking with. I really believe in the aims of my organization, so i everytime started admitting that "yes, there are some problems but..".
Simply, when you talk with people that are out of your ideas, they start with their interpretations and their prejudices. It is not bad or good, it is simply natural. You have to change their mind, but maybe give some space to "counterindication" can be an useful way to approach people.

This was an interesting read for me, because while I had been vaguely aware of the idea of cryptocurrencies before, this is the first time I've ever really set foot in their domain. Truth be told, I ended up coming here more because of the content creator aspect of it than the cryptocurrency aspect of it.

This article was eye opening in a way not just in talking about how shilling is done or why people might call you a shill, but the alternate reasons someone might even bother talking about a cryptocurrency. Considering the term 'currency', it's easy to jump to the idea that the only interest anyone could have in such a prospect is a monetary one. You, however, seem more drawn to the technological and cultural aspect of it and motivated by a curiosity on that than anything. That's very interesting to see. A part of that is due to the fact that most currencies alone are, as far as I can tell, rather arbitrary themselves and a social construction, as is the idea of 'worth' on a grander scale. It honestly simply makes sense that as technology has gone on, a sense of currency should emerge from that as a weird match for the development of the culture that has grown due to technology.

Most people are either close minded or dont like change. And the thing is, even if you have more knowledge regarding a certain topic, they on the other hand even if they never did any research about it or only heard one negative news from god knows where that says its a scam or doesnt work, they act as seem they know better than you about it. I dont know i just dont like dealing with these sorts of people. Great post by the way acid!

You know I think it is possible to over-do it... I try to be self-conscious of my own "True Believer" status to recognize that I could be wrong - about steemit, bitcoin, blockchain, or anything in life - even if it seems very unlikely.

But in the end most people will think we are crazy... that is the nature of being an early adopter. They laugh at us until they are joining us. I think the nature of steem is so good that it's hard for people to remain too skeptical for too long - I'm actually surprised at how easy it is to explain this website and get people interested. I figure it would be harder.

You're also a shill for CS:GO, you can't fool me.

On a more serious note, I think it's a bit ridiculous people just write off discussions like that on Reddit. It really is an absolute joke to call someone a shill for wanting to discuss new technologies and opportunities. People are so god damn closed minded these days. Jeez.

I agree with this completely. Kind of falls in line with a post I wrote a very long time ago about the loss of meaning when it comes to words that are used too often.

Kind of off topic but talking about Steem in general. When I try to sell people on the idea of Steem, they can't rap their head around it being free. They instantly think that if they are getting some sort of money, somebody else must be making a ton in the back ground.

I see a lot of issues that people bring up and they are great, but they are easy to fall into the background of other issues. Do we have a central repository of issues that face Steem?

Thank you I a shill for blockchain as well!
Moving forward at rapid speeds into this awesome new space.

Haha I guess I know what you are talking about, exactly today I searched the word 'Shill' on google coz I saw that @littleboy saying shill to @alishannoor I guess. It's may be coz you have noticed that same situation lol.
What I understand of Shilling is it's like lobbying if am not wrong.

I am in the world of cryptpcurrency only 6 months.. And I would regret if I could have joined in this community 2 more years ago.. Then I found the answer.. who will join 2 years later, they will also regret for the same reason and I will be 2 years advanced compare to them! Love this blockchain technology..

Haters gonna hate! Ok but seriously, the people that have not jumped on the Blockchain strain are getting more angry every time there is a price increase. Hopefully they will be hopping mad in the future ; )

Why did you stop shilling for DASH? It seems to have real world use cases and a recent big uptick in price points.

I like most of the coins that you've listed having an interest in. I have to say though if you are promoting the blockchain then you aren't a shill to me but are but more of a teacher. I've definitively learned a few things by listening to you during the past year.

Great post @acidyo. I love this blockchain even though I still have a lot to learn about the cryptocurrencies but I am so grateful that I have found it. I try to introduce it to family etc, but they just think I'm just waisting my time or they don't think you can make money on it just because it is cryptocurrencies which they are not familiar with. I jumped into this opportunity, not knowing anything about it and I am so happy I did. And I can't wait to see what happens in a year or two and more.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

you blockchain description is very nice,

I thought about not upvoting this article in order to preserve some voting power, but as I finished readin, I couldn't resist :)) The ending was great, I also believe in STEEM but I let myself amazed too by the potential of coins such as IOTA, ADA or Ethereum. I am so curious what is your opinion about them, and I am not shilling :D

Fantastic post! Very nice my friend @acidyo

"I'm a shill for the overall innovation that blockchain technology offers."
Thank you for this and for sharing your experience for free with all of us.

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Shillings are gone!!!

Bitcoin is here to stay.


Yiiii boeh! Nice gif @sizuka

Let them say what they want to say... They can now see crypto flying...In their faces....lol

thats a great information of cryto..thanks for sharing@acidyo

Thanks for sharing

great post,nice information sharing,thanks for sharing

Good saying, same thing happened to me but am no longer relentless, am ready to invest energy , time and currency in cryptocurrency. Thanks for sharing it's aspiring

Cryptocurrency Is the future I see, though. It s hope on every door step, for those willing to open up

I said this 2 or 3 years ago. One of the biggest hindrance in crypto is that as a community Bitcoin, Litecoin, Eth, Doge, etc. we don't bind together as one community instead of only promoting what you believe in.

You, my friend have a great way with words :) But people are scared of change, and it is understandable, especially with the meteoric rise in bitcoins value. I hope that steem is the future, and for the first time in a long time, i am actually somewhat excited for it.

In the beginning people were afraid of online shopping and amazon started it just by selling books and now it has changed the way of traditional shopping a lot. So the same may be true with cryptocurrencies.

well put and it is a shame that most people are still sheep or sleep to the whole notion that the world as they know it is changing. For the few its in a good direction. Nice insight and great read. =)

So basically, I'm a shill?
Knowing and keep recruiting more friends to enter steem, and being so positive that steem will go higher with its current price!

I spread my post in my tweeter and fb! So i'm a steem shill!🐈

People will always resist change! That comes in our DNA, apparently. People are scared of what they don't understand, and think everything and everyone is out to get them and their money.

It's comprehensible, at first, because many such projects have existed in the internet age. And, quite frankly, I always get suspicious when things like BTC hitting 21k happens so fast, but it's also evident after so "much" time, after so much development, that blockchain will play a big role in the future of our society, and the earlier we adopt it the better. Satoshi bless those who bought BTC for pennies way back in the day!

To be honest, I've gotten the same reaction towards Steem as I've gotten towards healthy living and exercising. People seem to get angry that you're into it and making great progress and earnings, so they call you a shill.

I may be a shill, but they need to chill.

There will always be skeptics when it comes to new technology. As they say "haters gonna hate". Just pay them no mind.
Do you think Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates are worried now about the people that laughed at their ideas before they made it big?

Just curious, what are your thoughts on the Tangle used by Iota?

I think many people are afraid of trying new things thats why the most of them stick to one think.
Nice post, thank you for sharing :)

Everything has its time to shine, people are skeptical they’ll call you whatever they want but in the end you are the one who has last “laughs”.It’s STEEM o’clock 😁😁😁

I really want to know more about crypto curency

Wow, didn't thought the word I've heard (read) just a few days ago at one of your posts is such a big deal!

Loved your articles..... Any comments on crypto kitties?? I wrote an article on it and its crzy to have something like this



made 500k with a 20k investment and looks like I'm going to be a millionaire by 30

BUY BITCOIN you dumbfucks! NOW!

This month is the first month 100% of my monthly investment is going to bitcoin for the purpose of holding and not selling. I am going to keep it for a whole month, and after that I will only take the profits to trade, or keep holding.

It's nice to know your experience

I haven't been here for months and now steemit lookind much different

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The blockchain offers so much innovation especially Ethereum it is web 3.0!!!

You god damn shill. . stop it. :)

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote plus a resteem

nice post, well if talking about crytpo and new tech makes me shill so be it.

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