How To Recover When Your Expectations Are Crushed On Steemit

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A lot of expectations have been crushed on Steemit, and this is basically because the platform was marketed the wrong way to people

Two days ago I talked about the wrong way Steemit have been introduced to people and the right way I feel the platform should be introduced to people

We all know the frustration we feel when things don't go according to our expectations, nobody marketed Steemit to me, so I developed the right mindset early on, but some who have been told they will make money for their content easily give up and abandon their blog

In the real world we have been taught that when things fail to go according to plan that we should cut our lossses and move on, but when it comes to Steemit, that is called Steemicide

Steemicide : When Someone abandons his Steemit blog

I first saw this term on @stellabelle's blog when she made a post about people who quit Steemit after being frustrated by the level of returns they were getting

Even though cutting our losses to soften the blows of disappointment is necessary in some areas of our lives, we need to know that this does not apply on this platform, Steemit is shaping a new world order and you have to discover how to lend your voice to this revoulution

I know that you may not be familiar with blogging but you have to learn, if you are frustrated with what is going on in your blog, here are three ways you can make all the impact and rewards you want


Have A Clear Goal

This is where you sit down and make clear goals about what you want and turn those expectations into a goal

Do you want 5000 followers?

Do you want to your posts to get maximum engagement from your readers

Do you want to create a community around what you do

You do not have to limit yourself or feel that your dream is too big, whatever the mind can concieve it can achieve, you are free to be specific about what you want. This will enable you have a sustainable course of action


Review Your Current Activities

One thing I love about Steemit is it's open nature, there is nothing hidden, you can always go back and easily review anything you have been doing since you opened your blog, your posts, your voting habits, th replies you got from people

This requires you to be honest and give your blog a critical evaluation to see if your actions have been matching your expectations

Are your post well written and of high quality?

One of the greatest quote I have come in contact with on this platofrm is that where @edumurphy said: "Don't save your quality content till you become a whale, post it now"

Because if you keep on making those inspiring commnets on the blog post of that whale you have been trying to get to follow you, and then one day he/she decides to visit your blog. When the person gets there and see shit post, he/she will just roll their eyes and leave

So I am asking you today, are you willing to write like a million people read your posts, even if you have twenty followers

Are your comments on the post of others worthy of a reply, or do you spam them with the infamous " Great Post" comment

Like I said in one of my post last month, all it takes it one view from someone who has influence and you will blog will be brought to Limelight, make yourself someone worth knowing

And you have to fabricate it, know when a particular method is not working for you, people who succeed more are more flexible and know when something is not working for them
they reassess their methods and move towards a goal that is similar and easy to achieve faster

They keep setting and accomplishing new goals, and with time their original goal becomes easier to achieve and they may even surpass it, but if you stubbornly refuse to try new methods you may be stuck at that point for a long time

So for example you may be gunning for 1000 followers by the end of the year, but we all know that having followers does not automatically mean you will earn more on your post, you may shift you focus to building a community around what you are doing like @progressivechef's Steemit Iron Chef contest

Steemit is community based and what you will find out is that you will eventually attain your original goal while making meaningful connections with others in your field along the way

This platform is a hub of great minds and if you make meaningful connections, you will get rewards outside the Steem you will earn here, one connection you get on this platform can bring you rewards that surpasses what you expected from your blog in the real world


Back Your Goals With Actions

This is where you go back to those expectations that helped you set those goals, rather than wishing for what you don't have, work like your expectation is a reality

Don't save your best ideas for when you are very popular so that people can see how smart you are, write as if everyone on Steemit is following you

Know your audience and provide them real value, you are not called to serve everybody, know who you are serving, not everybody will be interested in poetry, or food blogging or cat pictures.🙂

The concept behind this is to shift your focus from what you don't have yet to how you can provide something meaningful for the world, you will achieve what you want if you help people get what they want

Give and you shall recieve

It is all about channelling your expectation into excellent work and it will constantly move you to the next milestone, till you achieve your ultimate goal

Thanks For Reading

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Good true that some people sell it like day one you can make 100$....and is not true. People should be more realistic, and new people are treated a bit like infants.From the other side, the new comers side its is also true that people should do their homework


Hello @luisneira

You are right, newbies need to make out time and learn what this platform is truly about, it is only then they can find ways to contribute positively to it.


I think we should also be promoting the reader as a valid role on steem: support your favourite content creators with your free daily upvotes.

This is solid advice, you had me at

are you willing to write like a million people read your posts, even if you have twenty followers

That made me stop. Just because every post doesn't make a bunch of rewards and upvotes, you don't have a right to slack if you want to improve on Steemit.

I'm still new here, plankton basically, but I was also fortunate to learn that if something doesn't work- try something else. I write about anything I want, if some posts do better than others, then I'll be writing those topics more often. This is the reminder Steemians need to hear, the only time that matters is right now.

So why not try to live your end goal version of yourself everyday?


Hello @shello

The earlier people get that the better for them. You have to give your best everyday. Iron sharpneth iron over time you will attract the right people.



Thank you for this comment @ogochukwu, I will remember that the following will meet me half if I can keep going!


Steemit definitely has been marketed wrong to a lot of people. I've been saying this aswell, but I can understand how tempting it is to lure people in by saying they can earn money by doing what they've been doing on Facebook. It's just not as simple as that. Luckily, some realistic people do stick around and they are who make it in the end :-)


Hello @playfulfoodie

My marketing approach changed when I realised that. I now tell people that Steemit is a place where they will get an opportunity to elevate their platform and connect with people around the world, and if they get it right, they will see rewards.


hi nice one upvote me and comment on

Very good advice mate! It is all true, people have to manage their expectations and set reasonable goals


Hello @meesterboom

Thanks for reading, i am glad you dropped by to check up on my blog


Good advice. Especially to post good quality content now!Need to work on that one. Haha thanks


Thanks for reading @cryptomam

Its not always about the returns. Sometimes a bag full of responses is much more satisfying than one big upvote and a dead post.
I'm much prefer to interact with people than have 1 $5 upvote on my posts with zero real people responding.


Hello @dune69

What you said is true, sometimes comments are more satisfying than an upvote especially on post that you need to interactive, to find out people's opinion on something. Even though this particular post have not earned much the number of comments I have recieved so far , have given me an assurance that I connected with my readers.


AGAIN! Awesome​ Post.
Encouraging empowering. It's​ great your light is shining.
More people should read your post, to get empowered​.

Keep on going, ​my friend. This is just the beginning for you.


Hello @modernpastor

I am honored by your kind words,I just believe in giving my best at all times.


It's good advice, but no matter the best article you need connections to whales in order to get a nice upvote once in a while. If you don't people ill leave. Also after a few months of blogging whales are generally un-interested in n00b's. just a fact.


Hello @bearbear613

I still believe that the right approach is building and joining a community around what you do, and over time you will attract the people that care.


Wow @ogochukwu

I'm speechless. Thank you so much for posting this article today. You know, there was a time I was really discouraged by my performance here on steemit, but I'll do great effort from what I've read now.
Thanks for sharing


Hello @kingsley-clement

I am glad that my post was able to motivate you to refine your blog.

Keep up the good work.


nice one .the advice sanked into my heart.their is always a room for endurance in everything we doing.keep it up brother.thanks alot


Hello @egbujorvictor

I am happy that you were able to take something out from the post.

Thanks for reading.


Believe me bro, this post has really boosted my spirit for perseverance and determination to succeed in Steemit. Thanks man


Hello @samminator

Thank you for reading, with hardwork and patience we shall overcome.


Good post.

I must admit to contributing to a new platform & community without any monetary motivations, and being thoroughly disappointed with dismal post views on the platform.


Thanks for reading @clintneilsen

If someone comes on steemit just with the idea to make big money...well you know what will be his state after couple of weeks...Steemicide for sure!
You rightly said, join communities or create new communities with some new ideas, work hard and in the end you will start finding the success coming!
Thanks again for the mention brother!


Hello @progreesivechef

Stop thanking me about the mentions. Get used to it. 🙂

You are doing a great work on this platform and i will never fail to keep mentioning you whenever the occassion arises.

Steem On Brother.


You said it all. The connections that could be made here can make you for life! Thinking beyond steemit should be something we should all do especially as minnows. Good job

This post does indeed reflect my innate feelings. More and more persons are being brought to the platform with wrong mindsets, thus making them commit the steemit suicide you earlier made mention of. Steemit should not be advertised or marketed as a get-rich-quick financial scheme, as this will certainly lure the wrong kind of persons with the wrong kind of mindsets, but rather their attention should be geared towards the endless short and long term benefits the platform provides with an equivalent input of dedication, determination and hard work, as it is a community which rewards hard work and not laziness. Those three factors are what eventually and definitely pay off in the end. Lovely post as always @ogochukwu!

I noticed a few people even in my own life get caught up in thinking “it happened to someone its going happen to me.” As in something wonderful happened to other people around the world and I feel I am deserving of something wonderful to happen to me

There are a few mind sets like that and other factors that go far beyond how anyone advertised Steemit to them.

I do strongly believe the person you quoted in "not saving" your best till later. Later may never come or someone comes along and make it similar to yours you end up looking like a copycat.

I often wright out of necessity I have to get it out of my brain and onto the block chain. Therefore it does not bother me how well or not well it does as I just had to get it out. I wrote a blog almost two weeks ago that was 5k words or so long.

It’s been rattling around in my brain for month or longer. Felt great to just get it. The amount of time vs reward did not matter. Never really does for me.

Far to many people allow themselves to be controlled by greed and a piece of paper.


Hello @enjar

Apart from posting to earn. Steemit has a lot to offer, and I believe that an opportunity can arise from anywhere it is just left for us to recognise it.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.