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RE: Statement from the @blockbrothers #3.

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These are the ones they're planning to lock atm



who is the they ?
who is for it and who is against. Can it be stopped?
And thanks for the reply

They is the majority of the top 20 witnesses atm. Everyone on this page that is running version 0.22.888

Thanks to your buddies the top twenty witness line up changes daily !
At least the insane changes in witness line up provides conclusive evidence the Sun is not controlling the top twenty witnesses selection as so many of you claim. Its funny to see people who don't even know they are in the top twenty : )

If you were Sun, being attacked by the original ninja miners, what would you do? Really, what would you do?

Lol, the lineup changed because top 20 witnesses didn't agree to this softfork so Sun voted them out.

its been changing from the time hive was created lol
Voting for witnesses then removing the votes and voting new ones. Just have a look on steemworld. I am sure you dont need me to tell you which accounts to look at : )

Some still creating many new accounts. to use for what I wonder : )
what is going on is obvious.
The risk of it backfiring and burning hive should be obvious as well. The actions are hardly positive PR
If I was Sun I would have left them to post. I mean come on, all that Trolling hardly said come to hive, we a so friendly, reasonable and well balanced. He did us a favor

Ah yes, I see all the votes changing Oh wait, that's Sun kicking out witnesses because they won't lie like he did

creating more accounts doesn't help your witness voting, you don't even know how Steem works, do you?

Yes, yikes he did take back control.
I have found accounts which have been censored heavily but still control their wallets on steempeak. I see people saying accounts have been frozen.
I would say that they were not willing to do what he wanted done, so he took control. I see no lie there?
He did relinquish control and he took it back. Even tho most people will believe anything a perceived authority says, I believe it is still important to maintain ones own integrity. If someone catches an embellishment they are more likely to disregard everything being said. Then you have lost them forever.
I find it very easy to change my position when presented with new verifiable evidence.
The facts are of more interest than how I am seeing things in the moment.
I really appreciate your feedback

Yeah, those witnesses weren't willing to freeze accounts like Sun wanted to, so he took back control.

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