Blockbrothers Witness Update: we value Ownership of Property


@blockbrothers has been a community and developer witness for Steem since September 2017.

We are also the creators of the best notification application for iOS called Steemify.

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The beauty of Steemify is that can you keep up to date about your own account but also the accounts of others without importing any keys.

It can't get safer than that!

We are developing a version for Android and we would also like to translate the app to more languages.

Besides Steemify we currently are also working on tools to maintain the Steem Blockchain. We will make an extra post about that in the upcoming weeks.

Ownership of Property

When it comes to the Ownership of Property we have been very clear where we stand. We don't condone freezing or hard forking out anyone's property ever.

The first time we made a statement about that was on 1/18/2019 - here and we repeated the statement on 23/2/2020 here.

Any Hard (or Soft fork) that proposes to fork out any account or limit the actions of an account on the Steem blockchain we will oppose now and in the future and anyone on the Steem blockchain should be able to do with their stake whatever they want.

Our stance is simple and very clear.

Our witness.

Our witness server has been perfectly running since 2017 and is maintained by our brilliant dev @bennierex.

In all the years working for blockbrothers, he has become very knowledgeable about the Steem blockchain and is an asset to our team.

Recent events have sadly ultimately led to a split of the chain. We have tried till the very end to fight for a scenario were this would not happen. But it has.

We won't become a witness on the new chain and see no point arguing anymore about things that can no longer be undone. It's our hope that peace can return to both blockchains now.

We will run our witness for many more years with the support of the community and anyone else involved still trying to make Steem the best place it can be.

Thank you.

If you support us please vote here for @blockbrothers or set us as proxy.

Makers of Steemify. The dedicated notification app for anything happening on the Steem blockchain.

or apply for the Android beta here : [email protected]

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You valued the property of @justinsunsteemit over everyone elses'

Let's be clear his property on steem was temporarily frozen so that those damn witnesses could discuss with him what his intentions were in a way where he couldn't use the nuclear option of hostile hard fork and put everyone's property at risk.

IT'S YOU that You put people's property at risk

And now they're all go to greener pastures.

Question did he? From what I recall it was the witnesses that froze Justin's property. and please don't sugarcoat it by adding temporarily before the frozen there was no intent from the old withnesses side that they will unfreeze those assets well not unless they are guaranteed they will remain in power including their cohorts in their years-long circle-jerking party.

And No witnesses that talk the talk but could not walk the walk endangered everyone's money. They did not even last a month why because they are too greedy to make concessions. They have been intoxicated with power all these years that they forgot that the crypto space filled with bigger whales that you can't just bully around.

Greener pastures? or Green with envy? and why are you attacking this witness why are you blaming him/her for risking anyone's property? Blame your witnesses for not lasting a month to fight for steem and not willing to act like the leaders they want others to believe them to be. They lost Steem blockchain because they don't want to lose control and power.

As the top witness on Steem now- Can you tell me how you feel about these changes to the terms of service? Some open and honest communication would help during these trying times.

Do you agree with these changes? Were you consulted at all before they were changed? Do you really believe people need written permission to promote each other? Am I seriously not allowed to promote anything that isn't Steemit?

Steemit TOS
14.1. When accessing or using the Services, you agree that you will not commit any unlawful act, and that you are solely responsible for your conduct while using our Services. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you agree that you will not:

14.1.7. Use our services to promote third-party platforms or to promote each other without our written permission.

Don't worry about that. It's clearly because of the way the Hive community has been pushing people to move from Steem to Hive.

Both sides are lead by little children. They're not that different from each other. 🤣

So, unless you promote Hive, you should be OK.

much needed for the protection of private property

How does that update of the terms of service protect private property?

Hi! Thank you for standing up for your values. I support your witness since 2017 and never changed my mind or doubted you guys for 1 bit.
I also hope peace returns and we all can start to respect each other again.

People don't have to have the same values, ideologies or cultures, to understand that you never ever touch someone else's property without consent.

It happened, there is no way back. Tomorrow is a new day, a new moon. I hope everyone looks in the mirror and asks himself: Shit, was there really no other option? I answer it here: There ALWAYS is a better option.

I also will not make the move to Hive, so we will see each other soon again.

I wish you a lot of produced blocks!

FF in het Nederlands. Ik run een strategisch marketing en communicatie bureau. Als jullie hulp nodig hebben in dit vakgebied kan u me steeds contacteren.
Discord: whatsthatcryptom#3997

Honestly, I wish you guys would be over on Hive. The problem with the whole situation:
While what the witnesses did was wrong, we were never given the chance to vote for different witnesses. It shifted quickly to having a single entity as every single top 20 witness.
Hive gives us our vote back. Meaning, if we disagree with witness action, we choose different witnesses. That is not an option on steem. If all the witnesses that disagree with the 22.2 stay on steem, hivers will have nobody to vote for
Really like your work, and I hope you have tons of success. If you ever do fire up a Hive witness, I'll be very happy to vote for you

They forked out the people who voted for different witnesses, real Steem users like proxy.token and a bunch of other Koreans who were simply voting their stake. Having done so once do you think they will hesitate to do it again?

If people had voted for different witnesses, they wouldn't have started on the hive chain with 0 stake. The problem is they voted for the same person to hold multiple witness spots. The steem chain was successfully attacked and is now under the control of a single entity. Some of the witnesses are obvious fake accounts. Some of the witnesses have no idea what they're doing but promise to run exactly the software they're told to run.
ALL of the witnesses on steem serve at the pleasure of one person. That person is the only person who decides who the witnesses are. That person also voted a post to the top of trending that accuses hive users of ethnic cleansing. Nobody can do anything about this single person having all this power.

On hive, stakeholders can use their stake to change witnesses.
In answer to your question - if the chain is attacked, I demand witnesses do everything in their power to halt that attack. Including forking and moving stake used in the attack.

I don't agree with everything the initial hive witnesses have done, but at least I can vote that conscience on hive and it matters

If these users didn't realize they were participating in an attack against the blockchain, then it makes sense that they have to talk with someone before getting handed a free stake in a new chain. If they knew they were participating in an attack, then I would hope they never get an airdrop from ANYONE that can be used to attack the very group that gave them the airdrop

Peace is what everyone was running from. You all kept your back straight. Hated to see everyone panicking and let you down. Although I am not a Blockbrother Anymore since November last year I think you didn’t deserve this from community members who you have helped for a long time. Hope peace will return and wish you all the best!

Really hoping the dust settles soon @blockbrothers , I also do not condone Freezing! Following you now and I'm looking forward to when Steemify is available for Android, would love to use it!👍✊💪

there are people with senses

Schouders naar achteren, borsten vooruit, ...

Ik zal met al mijn accounts op jullie stemmen...

I hope the Android version of Steemify will be ready soon.

Thanks for maintaining your tools & apps for Steem.

We are developing a version for Android and we would also like to translate the app to more languages.

looking forward for this one, hopefully with points too as esteem point had at their apps.

@wakeupkitty they going to develop mobile apps for android, if you use iphone you can use their apps steemify for ios

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