The Gift in Seeing the Good

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Today marks five years since a very special day in our lives.

The birth of a child is usually special, but this one was a little extra special.

A few minutes after our son was born, we found out that he had down syndrome. After about 30 seconds of dark thoughts, the clouds opened and I saw the truth about our gift. I realized that our other children would have an opportunity to learn, grow and give that few others do. I saw that we'd learn to appreciate so much that others take for granted. We were freed from needing to keep up with the Jones's kids - every milestone would be celebrated. I thought about how happy and loving these human beings are.

We called him Tuvia Simcha. Tuvia means 'the good of G-d' and Simcha means 'happiness/joy/satisfaction'.

We can get all the gifts in the world but if we take them for granted or don't see them as good, we don't enjoy them. The real blessing in anything is our ability to see it as a blessing. It's not always easy to see, but when we see it we are truly blessed.

Five years ago we were blessed with that 'insight'. And we've loved this roller-coaster journey full of love, joy, and some jolly hard work!

Happy birthday Tuvia Simcha! !

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Birthday greeting to you Tuvia! Those are some cracking glasses 💯🐒

Thank you!

Happy Birthday to Tuvia Simcha!

Thank you!

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Absolutely!!! And I'd add appreciate what you have... what you appreciate - appreciates!!!

That post was an automatic post. There are people on here that post these comments on lots of blogs. You can tell by the generic nature of it. Don’t vote up their comments!

Thanks for letting me know. Can I upvote your comment?!!

Yes. You certainly can as it’s useful!

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