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Bless Online Early Access was released today on Steam and I just had to try it out. Having been a big fan of MMORPG's I wanted to see how they have evolved over the years. While downloading the game I read quite a bit about it, was surprised it has received such poor reviews on Steam:

I was guessing it might be due to it being Early Access and like usual when games launch nowadays there is a lot of server stress and problems in the first hour, so that didn't stop me from buying it. After 40 € and 20 GB downloaded I got the game installed and guess what happened next, of course I kept getting stuck on the loading screen, just like you'd expect from a game that was just launched (or shouldn't since they should've been prepared for the massive traffic).

After this picture being engraved in my brain after constant restarting I turned to Reddit to see if someone with similar problems had had any better luck to get it fixed. Some users were stating that if you started it in admin mode by going to the launcher in the steam folder and having it set to "windowed mode" in the launcher settings it should work after a few tries.

And after a few tries it actually did and I got through to the character creation and customization section. Enough talking for now, let's get right into it.

I have to admit though that getting through the tutorials was a pain, not sure if it was me who has been up til 3 am to get this installed and up and running or if it was confusing for others too, but feel free to skip most of the confusion when you get bored. In the second video the fun part starts (although it doesn't last all too long).

After what felt like a decade and the tutorial phase was over I finally started getting into the real game with the storyline, here is the gameplay of that.

Surprise, surprise. The server went offline and I got disconnected. It would be weird if that would not happen with a game that has just been released and I'm sure many others have experienced something similar with other MMORPG's in the past when new expansions were released, etc.

Some more words about the game, I read that the creators have really put a lot of thought into the fights and focused on both the PvE and PvP aspect. I hope the latter won't disappoint as the competitive side of these games is what I love the most. Remember that this is still early access and that a lot can still change, but one thing they had promised was that the game is not going to be Pay2Win which is a good thing considering the game itself costs to buy and there will probably be massive amount of cosmetics that will cost you most of your SBD's. ;)

Anyway, will probably stream this in the near future here on @dlive as soon as the servers are a bit more steady.

Thanks for reading!

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It's Diablo 3 error 37 all over again! lol

I've been looking for something to scratch my MMO inch for a while because world of Warcraft has been stale cuz it's on the wait for the next expansion... The graphics and the premise of the game look decent enough but I might wait for a stream of yours to check it out properly and I'm not looking forward spending money and then not be able to play because the servers are down :^) You already sacrificed your money for us, so you have to go all the way! lol


Haha oh god, why did you have to remind me of the D3 launch.


It was a great game launch, idk what you are talking about! and the RMAH was amazing!


Well, that sucks that you really couldn't play it very much. Hopefully they get the servers up and running without an issue. There's still quite a few early access titles that just took the money and ran without fixing problems like that, so I've always been leary of picking any up. This looks like a money machine though, so I'm assuming they'll fix it up quickly :P


Also, stop being a god damn slutterbutt and come play fortnite @acidyo. How many times must I harass you before I'm forced to seduce you to play some whorenite?!


Fortnite sux



I think it has a learning curve, which you need to play a fair amount to get over just like with CS:GO. You could probably be pretty good at it and have fun if you had a group to play with who were smart players, bro. I'm about to cross 200 wins within the next two or three days probably, and I have quite a bit of fun running with the crew that I do.

Though, I will say playing solo is incredibly dull and boring, even if you've gotten a decent chunk of kills. At least in my opinion. I don't recall any solo game where I actually had fun. I'd be fine if they took that mode out of the game, honestly :P


Also, my vote power apparently has shit the bed thanks to the market bleed. RIP.

I've been following Bless since forever and I'm so eager to see how good it is. I hope is better than Black Desert. When you do get the time to test it properly, you should make a review! It would be exciting to have another big mmorpg, it's been a while since one of these became truly relevant for the gaming world.

I really hope you enjoy the game after so much trouble. Heck, even with the troubles I envy you hahaha 😉

I heard about that game not long ago and was curious how will it go.
Hmmm, let's see, half-naked girl running around with a giant axe. I already love it!

This game looks promising when it stabilizes.
The graphics is great imo and the little I’ve seen of the gameplay I think I’m in love with it .
Since it’s the early access, the disconnection is normal. But with time definitely, it’d get better and ofcourse can’t wait to watch you stream the game play.
Thanks for informing us about this .

@acidyo , i hope you get refund for your game


Refund? No one is talking about refund or wants a refund my friend.

Looking forward to it. I've heard a lot of negative information from people who have played the game! I've been hesitant to try it due to that. Some of the reviews I'd looked at talked about the game freezing a lot even once you are playing. Hoping that it is just because it is the first few days!

You really do love games boss, lol. Looks like an interesting adventure game looking at those few images. I hope you enjoy this one once the server is fully ready. Let me get a bit of sleep now, my dog woke me up.

Although these errors are common in new games, the creators had to do their best to avoid those bugs because as they represent a small company, their reputation will be defined by the opinion of the first users.

It is not good for them that the reviews are mixed.

Now you've piqued my interest. I need to hustle up the game too. But hey; 20GB? Sounds fairly large. Hope the game would be worth it.

I used to be a gamer by the way :)

One thing that cut my fancy in the game it the graphics and the effects they are very commendable, I like games but this one i must confess is top notch, I will surely download this game! Thanks for sharing @acidyo

it is a good game i will play it in my vocations

I love adventure games I also love that game ..
Because the game includes adventure games.. 😊😉

Congratulations @acidyo!
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