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I realized that now it’s important for me to continue working on a blender. I can spend improve all my life in drawing. But I need to move towards my goal. I want to create a game and I need to continue to study modeling. I will follow the lessons, create objects until I feel confident, in order to create some kind of my own forms or to work independently with reference. I will always give a link to the lesson, if I worked on the lesson, so that later someone could repeat my path.


Blender: Modeling a Wooden Cart (Blender 2.8)

For my task, Blender and Godot engine are the main tools! I will make every effort in this direction now.


Looking so cool! И цвета офигенные!

The cart is looking good :) Are you focusing on modelling at the moment?

Yes, now I have decided to take a break from drawing. Only modeling and programming. Now I am creating a wooden wagon and plan to add roughness with sculpting. In the work of this post I did not like the fact that the cart is too neat.

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