A minotaur sculpt. Progress -Timelapse video.

in blender •  last year

Just another sculpt I did in blender.
This time a minotaurhead. I recorded the entire sculpt and made a timelapse approximately 8 times faster than the original (I think)
So far my videos have been without sound. This time I wanted to have a soundtrack, in part to have an excuse to try adding sounds, in part because it somehow is easier to something with a soundtrack. I Know that @katharsisdrill have made som electronic music that he has released under a creative commons license so I found his profile at diaspora (where all his CC work can be found including Phill from gchq ) and found the piece called Olette which fitted well with my video.
I recorded the video using obs studio and did the editing with avidemux. Both are free and open source programs.

Since I have made good use of CC material for this video It is only fitting that it is also released under a CC-By license:

And when the sculpt is finished (hopefully with a body and all) I plan to release a printable stl under a creative commons as well.
Until then
Hope you like it.

Im EvilHippie, a compulsive creative and jack o' trades. If you want to know more about me, check out my introduction post here

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always interesting your work, come and visit us on discord
you can join using this invite: https://discordapp.com/invite/JXSwmB6


un saluto, nicola


Thanks. I was never a big discord user but maybe i will be. At least I am getting a bit aquainted with it. I have followed your invite and joined the davinci group. still just lurking and chekcing out the interface though

Haha, so my strange musical dabbling have found some use. I think I will have to try a Blender session only using sculpt mode.


It has indeed, and thanks for that. It is actually one of the most easily usable Creative Commons contributions for me. I often do video editing but rarely have any music for them. CC music is great for that. I have also traversed several sites for freely available music but often it is either excerpts and not full pieces , or the licensing is not really clear.
Regarding the sculpt part , it is really powerful , but comes even more into its own if , like i do in this video, you start with a basic extruded shape. Also there are tons of little tricks to make it easier, and to not get an overly complex mesh too early in the process. Some of them you probably know, the rest I will share with you later.

Hi @evilhippie, it has been a while since my last visit. I saw much more progress for the 3d modelling. I hope I can visit you more often next. Wish you all the best


Yes there is some progress, and you are always welcome :-)