Andre The Black Nerd Reviews NEW Black Panther Trailer

Black Panther dropped a NEW trailer on us today. I was happy about it, truly enjoyed it, and now ... you know what that means. It's time to see OTHER people React to and review the NEW Black Panther Trailer. Just to see if they feel the same way you do, or see things you missed ...

One of my favorite YouTube Reviewers, Andrew The Black Nerd Reviews The NEW Official Black Panther Trailer

I'm pretty excited about this film, dropping in February of 2018 ... during Black History Month. Films like these are important because 'usually' Hollywood and Television in general shows black people as criminals. Rarely do black people get the opportunity to 'see themselves' as Heroes.

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I see a lot of people getting excited about this. I hope they get more excited about the opportunity to connect with and help people in Africa through Forus.Global blockchain. While we give Disney our hard earned money, we could be working on closing the financial gap.

I hope so as well; hope we are inspired to see each other as Members of ONE tribe -- and start to look out for one another

This is my first time seeing this guy! But I love how excited he is about the trailer because I felt the EXACT same way!

I have been following his channel on youTube for maybe a year or two; he cracks me up -- but love his energy

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