How Many Times Per Day Do YOU Train?

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Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard! How many times per day do YOU train?
I try to get a minimum of 2 hours drilling / sparring per day, plus teaching lessons and classes. And hitting the gym a couple times a week for weightlifting.
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I train three times a week most of the year, four times in the summer. If I get the random extra day off I get in the fourth day. I'm not a young man, so I need at least a day or two in between for recovery.

39 here. Recovery is a much larger part of training now. Before about 37, I could go all day, every day.

That brown belt is looking like its seen some miles :) oss, I train an hour in the a.m, 2 hours at night, and do mobility training/weight usually mid day after am prac...keep killin it dude

You shoulda saw his purple belt!!

@cryptofighter that's awesome brotha. Keep grinding hard! Where do you train?

I try to train jits 4-6 times per week. It's a mix of sparring, drilling, and technique. As I've gotten older, I've had to listen to my body more, so 2-3 days off a week is needed when my hip is out of alignment.

Besides jiu jitsu I got the gym for light weightlifting and cardio about 4 days per week. I've also introduced yoga and ground movement 3 days a week.

I also am glad I have training partners who train like beasts everyday!

Yeah, getting old hurts when you want to stick with BJJ. LOL
The funny thing is, I find if I take too much time off I hurt more and BJJ loosens me up. But, if I do too much I'm pretty sore. Taking BCAA's has helped with the soreness.

That's awesome dude! Listening to your body is very important - and it sounds like you're getting a nice mixture of training, strengthening, and recovering.

Great post! I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach! I also teach self-defense. You are an inspiration! I try to work out once in the morning and once in the evening. Cardio and self-defense in the morning and weight training in the evening. I try to do it every day and I usually take Sundays off. Please keep in touch my Friend! I am following you and I upvoted! Wishing you the very best of health and happiness! :)

@extraterrestrial Thank you for the kind words. Sounds like you are also hitting it up hard and consistently!

My pleasure! Thank you for the reply! I am trying my best my Friend! :)

Awesome! What type of self-defense do you teach?

Hi framelalife! Thank you so much for the upvote and reply! It is beyond appreciated! I teach many forms of self-defense. I am 36 years old and it is my passion to help others. I teach Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Meditation and Strength Training. Mind over matter. My training is very unique and intense. I train clients very uniquely. Ex. 40 lb workout vest on with inclined runs, 40 lb workout vest on push ups till failure, 40 lb workout vest on squats till failure, 40 lb workout vest on dips till failure. 40 lb workout vest on horse stance and planks till failure. I am following you framelalife! Please keep in touch! Wishing you the best of health and happiness! :)

Nice, looks like you are well rounded. Can't wait to see your content. I'm following you too.

i have wanted to learn martial art but my parents wont allow me

keep doing what yhu do.

ill like you to share how you train with pictures and videos maybe ill learn

I'm stopping by my Friend! Thank you to the steemit Family for welcoming me with open arms and all the help! Two thumbs up! It means the world to me! :)

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I train 7-10 times per week. During bad weeks I train 5. (This includes 3 private classes i teach every week which is not full training but it has warm up technique and sparring.)

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