April 2018: How to withdraw funds from the new Bittrex interface to your steemit account.

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As many of you may have noticed, Bittrex has a brand new interface. Needless to say things are different - especially if you want to withdraw your steem.

What's different when you withdraw?

Three things are different.

The first is a "bug". If your steemit name is less than 10 characters long. you will encounter an error message saying it must be 10 characters long. Don't worry, you can fix that by adding spaces at the end of your name.

Secondly the fields for withdrawal are named differently. There is no "Memo" or "Acct" but “Tag” and “Address”.

Thirdly, you no longer need to use your memo key.

Step by Step walkthrough to withdraw steem from Bittrex to your Steemit account.

  1. Login to https://bittrex.com in the usual way.
  2. Click on "Wallets" on the top right of the screen
    Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 19.23.02.png

Your address bar should now show:_ https://bittrex.com/balance

  1. Click on "Hide Zero Balances" to show only the currencies you hold. Assuming you hold some Steem, it should appear in the list.

  2. Click on the red withdraw button.
    Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 19.22.03.png

  3. Now you can enter your memo key in the box marked "Tag". You don't have to enter your memo key. You can write any text you like, as I have done below.

  4. Also enter your steemit name WITHOUT the "@" sign where it says "Address". Double-check you spelt your name correctly. If you put somebody else's name in error the steem will go to them. Check and re-check the steemit name is yours.

  5. Enter the amount you want to transfer to your steemit account. Remember, there is a fee of 0.01 for each transfer, so if you want to transfer exactly 10.00 steem, you should enter 10.01 in the Quantity box.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 19.20.24.png

  1. If your steemit name has less than 10 characters you will get an error message like the one below:

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 21.49.18.png

Don't worry. You can correct this simply by adding spaces to the end of your steemit name until you have 10 characters.

  1. Click on "Withdraw Steem", and the following screen should appear.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 19.21.01.png

  1. Enter the 6 digit code (On your phone in the App called "Authenticator"), and click "Withdraw Steem"

  2. Wait a couple of minutes and the steem should appear in your steemit wallet, as below:

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 22.02.56.png

That's it. You are done. Don't forget to "Power-up" your steem if you want to use it for voting.

The more steem power you own, the more people will look at your blogs. It's like having a Lamborghini parked in your drive.


You are my man @SwissClive

The first thing I will say is, Thank you so very, very much.

I was helping a friend to get more Steem Power. He gave me the confidence of doing it for him and he is buying more than 10,000 STEEM. Then Bittrex went all new and I could not move the money to Steemit.

Today I found your well written post and everything became easy.
You have helped a lot of Steemians with your post today.

Do not forget what @SwissClive says:

That's it. You are done. Don't forget to "Power-Up" your STEEM if you want to use it for voting.

The more Steem Power you own, the more people will look at your blogs. It's like having a Lamborghini parked in your drive.

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Best Regards @Redouanemez

Nice dance @ramta. I am glad you could help your friend!

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@Ramta, your dance jam is making me wanna jump off a building..... to dance haha.... I really love dancing. I'm Oatmeal. This mega mix inspires me to do stuff.

Hi my friend! I think it's very well written and it's very useful. Thanks for sharing. Resteem done!

Thanks for the vote @miti And thank you for the re-steem. Here's a big vote back! So many people write comments these days without voting. It's a shame they forget.

Thanks @swissclive ;-)
I couldn't agree with you more! Today I made a post for Dmania titled: "When people praise you in the comments, but don't upvote...". Yes, it's a shame.

It's like having a Lamborghini parked in your drive.

It really is going to be a lambo in near future.
Eagerly waiting for that.
And thanks for a well written tutorial.

@syedmair I am convinced you will soon own that Lambo. Your blogs are well worth following so soon everyone will be following you.

Also thanks for remembering to vote. Here is my vote back for you.

Thank you so much!
I hope that dreams become a reality.
I will try to improve as much as I can.

I have sent money to myself from bittrex with the memo of a gift maybe because it would be nice to receive this kind of gifts randomly so I liked the idea :))

Good point with adding spaces after your name, I would have panic if I wouldn't know that, as I hadn't tried it lately so I find this pretty useful, and I hope that anyone facing this issue will see your post!

It is good to see you posting after one month of silence and only comments, I still believe that you should be making posts more often, even if they are not complex or long or the highest quality that you are able to make, just in order to keep your followers close, because traffic and activity is actually one of the biggest values of this place, while quality of the posts is always subjective.

Anyway, welcome back in the posting world!

@mejustandrew It's always good to hear from you.

You have hit on a great idea.

Now you can send money to yourself, or to anyone you like from bittrex, with any message you like. Better still it is completely anonymous. Could be fun for some practical jokes, like "tax refund" or "Your blog was awarded first prize by the Americal Literary Guild".

It was great that you could send yourself a gift of steem. I will remember that when its my birthday.

As for posting more regularly, it is very important for me to only have the top quality. I don't really want to post anything which is not worthy of my highest standards, even though I would get away with it.

"If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well" Same thing for writing. If it is worth writing about, it's worth writing it well.

As for followers it is great to have them and I love them all (except the spammers... LOL).

When I started writing this blog I had 2016 followers. Suddenly I see it is up to 2030 followers. An extra 14 in just 30 minutes. Wow. At this rate I will pass 2100 followers before I fall asleep.

14 in 30 mins.
Where are they all coming from?
Sometimes I don't even understand how steem's algorithm works sometimes.

At this rate I will pass 2100 followers before I fall asleep.

And yes! You have a new follower. ME!

I can see you write less blogs but they are really impactful when you do.

@NairaDaddy- Founder Of @Air-Clinic

You are right to want to keep the top quality posts on your blog, but I also think of Steem as a social network so we should be able to share our thoughts in small but yet valuable articles while maintaining the relationships with others. You are free to chose what you want to share, as this is what makes this place a free platform and the actual manifestation of no-censorship and if you want to keep on posting only the top quality articles that is fine and they should get a lot of visibility and this is where curation makes sense, and the reader's will to push your quality content up from the whole bunch of plain posts and even resteem yours (this is more in an ideal world, but I hope it will become a reality). As you pointed out, you will get even more followers, because they may accidentally find your good quality posts by visiting your profile after reading one short but yet interesting post! 3000 followers, here they come :D

Yeah, sending random prizes to people will be quite interesting but also costly so I don't think that anybody will do that very soon, unless it is between their own accounts.

When is your birthday, if you are okay sharing this on the blockchain? I know it is not okay so maybe skip this question, never mind, I am such a child. By the way, thank you for your upvote, you are a kind person supporting minnows, but you already know that!

Birthday....LOL I am so old I don't have birthdays anymore. Just days when I am still alive.

I can't believe this comment, best so ever :)) I am happy to be here and talk with you then! Just keep yourself positive, you should enjoy the fact that you have a son and you can spend time with him!

Thanks @swissclive for this helpful guide, was in panic when i saw "Address must be atleast 10 characters long".

i've been facing this withdraw problem from yesterday , you just saved me thank you

I can never understand why exchanges charge a transaction fee for exchanging steem. Almost like trying to level the playing field for all cryptos.

I would have never come with the spaces after user name idea. Thanks.

Thanks ,now i know how to solve the 10 character .

Thank you so much for this very useful step by step instructions @swissclive, my sister's been looking for tutorial steps like this and now Im letting her check your post, we are really newbies here in steemit and rely on someone we are paying in helping us in converting our sbd's to money, we're 4 sisters here and one of us was able to create an account in Bittrex but we don't know how to use it, quite funny but true...im starting searching blogs on how to use bittrex.com, thanks, God bless and keep safe all the time.

It's really important sir...thanks for showing us. i had some confusions about it... you explained really amazingly. 👍

@swissclive how you doing long time

The more steem power you own, the more people will look at your blogs. It's like having a Lamborghini parked in your drive.The more steem power you own, the more people will look at your blogs. It's like having a Lamborghini parked in your drive.

This got me like any cash I get now I must buy Lamborghini (Steem ) by all means just start converting all Steem dollars to Steem thank God post have started paying out in Steem also.

I have the lowest Steem power here I guess but still upvoted you my 0.002$. its not much but sincere

Not read your post for a long tym


Loved your upvote no matter what it's worth!

Am happy it did I really appreciate your upvote!


Oh wow! I must say a heartfelt thank you for this carefully detailed post! You answered all of my questions about Bittrex. It was as though you knew my dilemma. You're the best @swissclive! Cheers

Great tutorial!
Didn’t even recognize that there is a new interface on bittrex.
I will try it out directly and use your tutorial as a guide.
Thanks, I will recommend this as well!
Deserves a 100% vote ;-)

I just got a bittrex wallet not long ago through a friend's referral. You detailed explanation cam just in time to help with my way around it.

Thanks for enlightening me on the username part, I would have just had so many struggle finding my way around.

Been long I read from you @swissclive. Miss you from here.

Hi @swissclive, I signed in on bittrex very recently, not an idea on how to use the platform do I know.
Thank you for the pictorial illustrations which will make it easier for a novice like I am to operate on the platform.
Nice to meet you @swissclive🤗

Whenever you learn something new that you think others will enjoy, it is always going to be valuable to share it. That's what is good for this world. We must all share our knowledge and discoveries.

I love your style swiss.

Where have you been? Hope you've been alright? I don't have a bittrex account though covering my face. So many things to learn and do.
Thanks. :)

I am very glad to see your return! Now I master Bitrex and your help is invaluable to me. Much becomes clear! Thank you very much for the information

Hello @SwissClive,
I always knew there was some buggy bug in this their new interface. I haven't used Bittrex for a while. Logged in like 3 days ago and saw it.

On one hand, I loved the change. On the other hand, I don't like the way I have to look for buttons I knew where they once where.

The arrangements are so different now I may mistakenly send away all my crypto .

An annoying thing too- THEY DON'T HAVE EOS. Like who does that?

Anyway, thanks for sharing. The username bug may have been a little difficult to figure out if you didnt mention it.

A space always fixes everything!
Mental note: when your life messes up, give it some space/time

@NairaDaddy- Founder of @Air-Clinic

Wow. Thanks for this great information. Just yesterday a friend of mine @hayomi was complaining of how he was unable to withdraw to his steemit account from bittrex. He said he received an error message that the address must not be less than 10 characters. Since his username is not up to 10 characters, he called me for help and asked if he can send it to my wallet, so that I can send it back to him later. I asked him to send it to my wallet but up till now, he has not sent it.
I am going to tell him right away not to bother to send it to my wallet anymore. He just need to put space after his name to make the characters up to 10.

Thanks once again for this info. It's just right on time. The reason why I always love reading your post. I always have new things to learn anytime I read your post.

It's been long you posted. I really missed you and your post. Hope all is well with you. Happy to have you back.
Please, I want to always see you around. I've learnt a lot from you and I still look forward to learning more.

It's great to be able to help your friend solve this problem.

It's a shame that Bittrex has this "minimum 10 character" bug. I wonder what made that happen? Probably they cut and pasted some code from another currency and didn't notice that steemit does not require 10 characters.

I guess so. STEEM and sbd are unique and are suppose to be treated in a unique way

Wow, a friend of mine once complained of unable to transfer due to short username. This is will definitely be of help to him. @jacobite, you need to check this out.
Steem all the way

Thank you very much @swissclive for your useful post that can help many people on steemit and who will solve a lot of problems for our wallet.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Really great article indeed
A very special explanation you need for this parameter

Really very useful post. I was totally unaware of this system.
Thank you, Thank you so much dear..

Hi! bittrex has changed a bit. when withdrawing it asks for "memo to help route your deposit" and "recipient's wallet address". I'm new to steem and blockchains and i'm finding this a bit confusing..

Good advice on using Bittrex which I use sometimes.

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I just got bittrex acct some few days, and i have not used it, this post came timely. Thanks

Magnificent article. I'm sure that it will help a lot of STEEM users, especially those who have a login shorter than 10 characters. Good luck to you and Love. Restееm.

Великолепная статья. Я уверен, что она поможет множеству пользователей STEEM, особенно тем у кого логин короче 10 символов. Удачи Вам и Любви. Рестим.

I am very new to all of these. No knowledge is a waste, right? I will keep this to mind and save this link for future reference. I live and learn. My first time coming to your post. Well done.

Great to have you join me. I hope that you will enjoy the interaction with me and my friends.

I sincerely look forward to it. Thank you so much. Your reply means a lot.

Hi thanks for this post it is very useful and informative. Resteem for other users to know about this.

Ohh wow My friend,i think i will help to all steem user.....

Hello! You have not been here for a long time and now your appearance has helped me. Today we are faced with some problems with bittrex. For me, this is useful information. Thank you for sharing

Wow wow wow... @swissclive is here.. Yaaayyyy.. Its been a long time, how are you doing? Hope all is well. I miss you.
Thanks so much for this new updates. I'll sure follow suit. Muahhh

Awwwwnnn, thank youuuuu

Thanks! I really liked Bittrex before... why do things constantly have to change??? LOL

Excellent work sir. Thank for sharing us .

Thank you for providing this guide @swissclive! I don't use Bittrex that much, but had been considering adding some funds to "power up" from some BTC we got for stuff we sold online. Had just gotten used to the OLD Bittrex interface... the new one doesn't yet seem entirely intuitive. So thanks for this-- bookmarking to have handy for later use!

Bright Blessings!

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Wow.....thanks @swissclive very good information.
Will go try it out.

Thank you for sharing such a great informative instructional post, @swissclive. I'm sure it will help a lot of people. I love how you ended it too:

The more steem power you own, the more people will look at your blogs. It's like having a Lamborghini parked in your drive.

Thank you so much for your valuable post!!


This was really helpful. Thank you soon much.

But, I'm having problems depositing sbd/Steem from my steem wallet to my bittrex account. I wish anyone could help

I wish i had time now to do a post to help you

I think all I have to do is send to bittrex with the memo given in my bittrex account as the memo in steem wallet right???
I'm not sure I'm getting it right. And I'm scared to try so I don't lose my little sbd

I just tried it with 0.002sbd and it worked... So I guess I'm correct. Thanks alot @swissclive. You're super awesome!

Thx for another informative post. Easy to read.
Please continue up with creating interesting content - it may be hard at the beginning to build reach and solid followers base.
Steemits needs solid content builders so just dont ever give up! :)

Already followed and upvoted :) Cheers,

Let me suggest something that may help your readers a lot.
At the beginning of the post use

and at the end of the post

The difference will be huge. Just like on picture below:

Good luck mate :) Obviously upvoted

Yours, Piotr

Thanks for the clear instructions on aligning text/...

<div class="text-justify">
I bet you don’t know how to what i just did - ie type the instruction without a photo? I just found it by mistake.

damn. I indeed wonder how did you do it ..... share your secret :)

Here’s the photo which shows you how to do it without a photo.


Just insert a “*” before the “div”.

Thank you so much for sharing this informative post. Its really awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. Upvote and Resteem done.

very informative post. thanks for your post.

@swissclive, I have always found transaction on bittrex kind of difficult. Thanks for simplifying steem withdrawal process.

Yes you are right @ramta ! I have searched a lot and I found only one method to succeed on steemit is to grow the steem power as much as possible.

Nice Dance :)

Best Regards @Redouanemez

WITHOUT the "@" sign

Thank you!! Saved me from some probable trouble. I haven't seen the new interface; it looks nice. Thanks for the step by step!

It's really important sir...thanks for showing us. i had some confusions about it... you explained really amazingly. U5dthCLDonn51NdByhKUWQ2LWZhiGcf_1680x8400.jpg

what turns me off about bitter is that they dont have discounts unlike kucoin and others https://news.kucoin.com/en/99-discount-over-the-trading-fees-on-dcr-trading-pairs/

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