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RE: April 2018: How to withdraw funds from the new Bittrex interface to your steemit account.

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You are my man @SwissClive

The first thing I will say is, Thank you so very, very much.

I was helping a friend to get more Steem Power. He gave me the confidence of doing it for him and he is buying more than 10,000 STEEM. Then Bittrex went all new and I could not move the money to Steemit.

Today I found your well written post and everything became easy.
You have helped a lot of Steemians with your post today.

Do not forget what @SwissClive says:

That's it. You are done. Don't forget to "Power-Up" your STEEM if you want to use it for voting.

The more Steem Power you own, the more people will look at your blogs. It's like having a Lamborghini parked in your drive.

I am so happy now that I have to share this dance video:

@Ramta Reddington


I thank you @SwissClive for the valuable information that has been provided to us and this information will certainly help us. Thank you @ramta for this wonderful mix song that drives us to dance and awakens in us a sense of happiness.
I give you this one and hope you like it :)

Wow. This dance mix was pretty exciting too. I'm Oatmeal. I loved this. Makes me wanna turn into Dance Man if there could be a new super hero.

Yes you are right @ramta ! I have searched a lot and I found only one method to succeed on steemit is to grow the steem power as much as possible.

Nice Dance :)

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Nice dance @ramta. I am glad you could help your friend!

just awesome dance mix.
We are also happy to read your nice post @swissclive
And very nice video Edit .

Thank you for sharing your nice post and nice video

@Ramta, your dance jam is making me wanna jump off a building..... to dance haha.... I really love dancing. I'm Oatmeal. This mega mix inspires me to do stuff.

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