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RE: April 2018: How to withdraw funds from the new Bittrex interface to your steemit account.

in #bittrex6 years ago

I have sent money to myself from bittrex with the memo of a gift maybe because it would be nice to receive this kind of gifts randomly so I liked the idea :))

Good point with adding spaces after your name, I would have panic if I wouldn't know that, as I hadn't tried it lately so I find this pretty useful, and I hope that anyone facing this issue will see your post!

It is good to see you posting after one month of silence and only comments, I still believe that you should be making posts more often, even if they are not complex or long or the highest quality that you are able to make, just in order to keep your followers close, because traffic and activity is actually one of the biggest values of this place, while quality of the posts is always subjective.

Anyway, welcome back in the posting world!


@mejustandrew It's always good to hear from you.

You have hit on a great idea.

Now you can send money to yourself, or to anyone you like from bittrex, with any message you like. Better still it is completely anonymous. Could be fun for some practical jokes, like "tax refund" or "Your blog was awarded first prize by the Americal Literary Guild".

It was great that you could send yourself a gift of steem. I will remember that when its my birthday.

As for posting more regularly, it is very important for me to only have the top quality. I don't really want to post anything which is not worthy of my highest standards, even though I would get away with it.

"If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well" Same thing for writing. If it is worth writing about, it's worth writing it well.

As for followers it is great to have them and I love them all (except the spammers... LOL).

When I started writing this blog I had 2016 followers. Suddenly I see it is up to 2030 followers. An extra 14 in just 30 minutes. Wow. At this rate I will pass 2100 followers before I fall asleep.

14 in 30 mins.
Where are they all coming from?
Sometimes I don't even understand how steem's algorithm works sometimes.

At this rate I will pass 2100 followers before I fall asleep.

And yes! You have a new follower. ME!

I can see you write less blogs but they are really impactful when you do.

@NairaDaddy- Founder Of @Air-Clinic

You are right to want to keep the top quality posts on your blog, but I also think of Steem as a social network so we should be able to share our thoughts in small but yet valuable articles while maintaining the relationships with others. You are free to chose what you want to share, as this is what makes this place a free platform and the actual manifestation of no-censorship and if you want to keep on posting only the top quality articles that is fine and they should get a lot of visibility and this is where curation makes sense, and the reader's will to push your quality content up from the whole bunch of plain posts and even resteem yours (this is more in an ideal world, but I hope it will become a reality). As you pointed out, you will get even more followers, because they may accidentally find your good quality posts by visiting your profile after reading one short but yet interesting post! 3000 followers, here they come :D

Yeah, sending random prizes to people will be quite interesting but also costly so I don't think that anybody will do that very soon, unless it is between their own accounts.

When is your birthday, if you are okay sharing this on the blockchain? I know it is not okay so maybe skip this question, never mind, I am such a child. By the way, thank you for your upvote, you are a kind person supporting minnows, but you already know that!

Birthday....LOL I am so old I don't have birthdays anymore. Just days when I am still alive.

I can't believe this comment, best so ever :)) I am happy to be here and talk with you then! Just keep yourself positive, you should enjoy the fact that you have a son and you can spend time with him!

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