BitShares - a Collection of Developers Guide, FAQs, Tutorials & more

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Learn from BitShares Documentation website


These are simply listed collection of BitShares Documentation website contents (Development Guide, FAQs, Tutorials, Integration Guide, Blockchain Interaction, Network and Wallet Configuration, and other reading materials).

BitShares Documentation website has variety of information but sometimes we miss to find them. I have collected manually and grouped the contents by similar categories and added links to a page or an anchor. You would get the information page ( by clicking links.

Reading materials


Address structure, Format, block, time, etc
Data structures
Public key system
Scriping language?


Vesting Balance


Fee Pool
Prediction Market
Market Fees
Market Pegged Assets

Integration Guide

Blockchain Interaction

Network and Wallet Configuration

CLI Wallet - FAQ

Create lifetime membership

Witness - FAQ

Price Feeds
  • Price Feeds
    Besides producing new blocks another very important task of the witness is to feed ACCURATE prices into the blockchain. Educational material on how this can be implemented is available in scripts/pricefeed at github (//xeroc/python-graphenelib/)together with the corresponding documentation.
Public & private testnet differences

Committee Guide

Worker Guide

I am planing to make more information lists to share. My hope is to reduce information searching time and make easier to look through the BitShares Documentation contents.

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Thank you.


holy crap this is awesome!! Great work @tsugimoto!! 100% upvote and resteemed!

Hello @ashe-oro, Thank you for your comment!! :)

ur very welcome. I tweeted it too :)

This comes at a rather timely moment as so many people are moving into the Bitshares environment. A few friends of mine will be needing this right now and, on top of upvoting you and resteeming this, I will be sharing this widely.

Namaste :)

Amazing work by BitShares by the way, it is definitely going to be one of the big gainers in 2018 ! Brock Pierce on board! and he is travelling 24/7 to promote Crypto! :)

No doubts, Bitshares is on a serious run and it is only the very beginning of it all as, at least 1.2 million people are jumping into the network over the next few weeks! Stay tuned for more uprise and value finally getting the recognition Bitshares and its family, EOS, Steem, Zephyr and Eristica deserve.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

I hope so. I never heard of Zephyr and Eristica before. How are all of the coins related?

They are found built on the Bitshares platform or are moving by the millions from the Ethereum platform to Bitshares as Ethereum can't cope with the demand scale of their customers! ;)

Namaste :)

Hi @eric-boucher, Thank you for your comment!

You are so welcome, it is my pleasure! Namaste :)

Thats great, Im currently trying to jusr use bitshares but I'm still learning about it, there is so much that you can do with it!

Great collection, well organized, thank U

Hi luisneira, Thank you for your comment!

Nice. Thanks for sharing.

Wow this is a lot of links! It must have taken you some considerable time to organise so well. So all your upvotes are well deserved for this good job. Awesome, following you also now. I will be referencing this a lot and reading everything I haven't seen before about BitShares. I'm really glad you made this list. Thank you.

Hi @britcoin, Thank you for your comment!! Happy learning! :)

I wish we could place stop-losses on the BTS exchange.

Bitshare was a revolutionary step in the field of crypto

Great post ! But is there anything about wallet-ui customisation @tsugimoto beside ?

Need help on this as I can't personalise my ui-wallet dashboard :(

Cheers and happy holidays guys !

Hi @tatchcapital, I found this one ( This might help ?

Actually I figure it out and started an "alpha" version at
Though your link looks very interesting seems like an alternative way to run the ui !
I'll be looking more into that, thanks for your help !

All best

BTS is awesome! I have tried it and the transaction speed is very fast compared with other crytocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is damn slow, it takes me over 30 hours to get a single confirmation and charged me a lot for the Tx fee!

Wow this is very interesting, I have been searching for a new project to take on and this is certainly one I will seriously consider. @tsugimoto

Hi @duane.dos, Read this up to consider. :) Happy learning!

I am hodling Bts , 2018 belongs to BTS !!!!

nice post keep it up, for inspirational quotes follow me @giftedwords .

Thanks for the information

Bagus saya suka

Sunguh menarik

thanks! And as I see - it's good time to buy some BTS right now ;-)

thank you for sharing, very useful information for me, but I still have to learn again

Good job!!

Great work man! you really helped me out here!
Upvoted and resteemed!

Amazing work,
Thanks @tsugimoto

Great compilation of info. I will be sharing and spreading this to all the people I turned onto BTS. Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

Hi @cliffy32, Thank you for your comment! Let's share and spread BitShares! :)

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