Proposal: Move Bitsharestalk to Steemit?

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Discuss moving the forum over to Steemit

Hey all. As we can all see the Steemit platorm is progressing well and many of us are excited about the great potential. There may have been some disappointment that Bytemaster shifted his focus to Steemit instead of Bitshares, but over time I think more and more in the Bitshares community will discover how the success of Steemit can be a great boon for the Bitshares community. Most people here are from Bitshares anyway so might as well bring everyone else over and work together to make both projects reach its full potential!

Here are some of the top reasons to move:

1. Steemit Is A Great Platform for Forum Discussion.
It's easy to read, has great UI/UX, has collapsable threads and more. There is already discussion of moving the Bitsharestalk forum to use new software. I liked Bitsharestalk because of the familiarity, great discussion and memories, but there is a time and place for everything and I think it's a perfect time to be reborn on the Steemit platform.

2. Synergy
Bytemaster invented and is vested in both Steemit and Bitshares. The success of either will enhance the other. The Bitshares decentralized exchange is a natural bridge/gateway/exchange platform for STEEM and STEEM dollars to trade with all the many other cryptocurrencies out there!

3. Working Together As A Team
First off, it's far more convenient to use one forum than go back and forth between the two to read the same content. We will be diluting our time, resources and efforts using two forums. Again many of us STEEMers are from Bitshares anyways. Oftentimes independent-minded individuals like many of those in the Bitshares community like to do their own thing and that's great, but many other times it's better and necessary to work together as a team. I think this is one of those times.

4. Replacement for Bitshares Worker Proposals
It was extremely difficult funding Bitshares projects with the DAO for a variety of reasons, but Steemit allows Bitshares contributors to be rewarded for a wide range of projects and even just valuable ideas!
Just look at the potential for Bitshares-related projects here:
BeyondBitcoin Hangouts

..and we're just getting started! Steemit can be a large part of the funding mechanism we've been looking for all along to foster and grow the Bitshares ecosystem!

So what say you Bitshares community? (Will be reposted in )

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  ·  4 years ago (edited)

I'm sure this will gradually happen naturally. But there a few things I would like to see on Steemit before I feel it is ready to abandon Bitsharetalk for it.

  1. Private messaging. Apparently @dan is starting to work on this?
  2. An ability to quote a post/comment you are replying to. This basically means an easy way in the GUI to get the raw Markdown source of any post/comment, and ideally also a mechanism to automatically prefix each line of that raw source with a ">". It would also be nice if there was a standard way to represent such a quote so that it could include the metadata of the post/comment the quote is from (similar to SMF forums). This would especially be nice together with the linear style comments of part 3 below.
  3. Support for rendering linear style comments the way Discourse does. I have talked about the way this could be done (no hardforking changes needed to steemd) on Slack before. It would involve putting tags of special meaning in the JSON of the post/comment and rendering it appropriately in Steemit. Perhaps I will write up something formal for this.
  1. There is less need to quote because you can reply to any comment.
  ·  4 years ago (edited)

It is still useful when replying to a long post so that the user immediately understands the context of the reply.

It is also essential in a linear flow style thread. I think there is merit to having both hierarchical discussion threads and linear ones. Linear is better when there is a lot of back and forth discussion between a small number of people. Especially since Steem currently limits the depth of a comment to only 6. But even if that restriction was lifted, you don't necessarily want the indentation of each comment reply to get more and more inward in a long back and forth discussion.

Yes that makes sense.. quoting or highlighting certain parts of a post is useful. It would be great if you could cut text with your mouse and paste with '>' markup automatically added.

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Check out the way reddit does it. You simply select the part of the post you want to quote then hit reply. It will automatically include that part of the source with the "> " prepended to each line.

However, I think we can and should do better. I would prefer (after enabling safe filter-html rather than escape-html in the Markdown rendering of the site) to use html blockquote tags. The Markdown source would be included in

<blockquote cite="/@[author goes here]/[permlink goes here]">
[source of selected portion of post goes here]

and that way if you quote a portion of a post that already includes a quote, it all still works very nicely. The website would be responsible for detecting URLs of that format (rather than external URLs) in order to represent the blockquote as a quote internal to the system, which could allow it to represent it in a nicer way.

Yes I would like to see PMs too, but I've heard encrypted messaging is coming so that should work great . I prefer Steemit's collapsible thread trees. The linear style seems better for chats.

I don't think quote is much needed in Steemit's posting system. I somewhat worried about that it just increases blockchain size. But if people can easily add "link" of the relevant comments with simple button, it would be great.