E153 2016-05-06 Fuzzy & Friends -- Peerplays Launch Party, Steem & OPENPOS

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Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #153 -- Peerplays Launch Party, Steem & OpenPOS

Today Bytemaster, Cryptoprometheus, Datasecuritynode, Kencode and others speak about various projects.

Bytemaster and the community talk about the merits of the new Graphene blockchain Steem, as well as the launch party and beginning of the crowdfunder for their graphene based chain called Peerplays. Kencode gives us a deeper understanding of how OPENPOS will only gain value as new bitshares wallets hit the scene and the beyond bitcoin community recognizes our new friends: the Solarcoin Community!

These hangouts are meant to bring crypto enthusiasts together to form partnerships and learn from one another's experiences in a new and fast-paced sector. Please upvote our beyond bitcoin hangout links on Steemit.com and help fund our efforts (and yours in return)!

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It can't be download from soundcloud. You need to change the permissions.

thanks for letting me know! :)

Link to the edited hangout (sorry everyone, steem is still buggy and I am unable to edit it to insert it above and so must add it as a reply) :)


Thanks for keeping us informed on what's happening with Graphene based projects!


Thanks arhag :)