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I am delighted to welcome the heroic Toni Lane Casserly, to the Billion Hero Campaign. Toni will serve as an advisor and global ambassador while personally leading her own Big Heroic Audacious Project (BHAP) aiming to capture part of the Billion Dollar Prize for her chosen cause. We'll save details about that for a future post.

Toni Lane (@tlc on Steemit) is an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry who has been affectionately entitled, “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain” and “Young Star of Bitcoin” by her peers and various publications.

Casserly has been in the blockchain sphere since 2011. Notably, Toni is working on creating competitive marketplaces for governance as a founder of the VIRTUAL BLOCKCHAIN NATION movement. As a humanitarian, Toni Lane used Bitcoin as a tool for direct response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

Toni Lane is a co-founder of CoinTelegraph, one of the largest media networks in the blockchain industry, and an advisor at over 15 companies in the blockchain space. Miss Lane serves as a thought leader for many prestigious organizations including: SingularityU, IFTF, P&G, Cisco, HSBC and the United Nations

The Billion Hero Campaign team is truly excited to have Toni helping to chart our course, explain what we are doing, and forge new alliances throughout the industry. Here's a recent video she did about Bitcoin which convinced us she will be pivotal in communicating to mainstream people how the Billion Hero Campaign will change their lives in a Good Way.

Toni Lane Casserly Mentions Steemit on Bigthink

I believe in the coming year that Toni will radically grow the adoption rate of digital currencies in general and the BitShares financial superhighway in particular. But it doesn't stop there! Although she may bring fresh thinking from diverse schools of political and economic thought, Toni shares many of our goals to use the blockchain to secure "life, liberty, and property for all". I'm convinced that building on Dan Larimer's BitShares, Steemit and EOS platforms, she will be able to advance our shared aspirations for global freedom and prosperity like never before.

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I am SO EXCITED that you finally were able to announce this! We have been working on getting her onboard the HERO initiative and Bitshares for a while now, things are about to really HEAT UP!

Toni has been in the crypto-space for a very long time, is a thought leader, a speaker, a disruptor, a visionary, and a great person to spread the message of BITSHARES and the HERO.

Re-Steem this, Tweet it, Linkedin share it, Put it on Facebook, Reddit and everywhere else. This is a group effort to support not only Bitshares, but Toni, the HERO campaign and the community.

Let's give Toni a WARM WELCOME folks!

Amazing. Also, I remember, I read somewhere that Toni Lane used Bitcoin as a tool for direct response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

Yeah, in the article above :-)

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Toni is an incredibly serious, fun person.

She cracks me up! ".... trying to hold a huge cake with tiny arms..." Excellent interview!

Wow that would be a big news! The next BTC is now at the cheap price! People who wish to be millionaires in few years of time don't miss this opportunity! Thanks for sharing such great news! Really appreciate your effort to promote BTS!


Yes Toni Lane will grow the adoption rate of digital currencies in the upcoming years

This is great news. :)

Good news....... Cheers!

I am really happy that Toni Lane Casserly here is with us! I am following his work a few months ago, and i am really impressed!
Welcome Toni!


"these days i build unmanned companies." Outstanding what an amazing world we live in!

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Great news! The more talented people join the more quickly we can grow.cheers!

excited about this announcement and Welcome Toni :)

She really sounds like a true inspirational person!
That the Blockchain may free us from financial debt slavery!

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'co-founder of CoinTelegraph' joined BTS. a big news, yes a big news for BTS. nice sharing @stan

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Very exciting news for everyone! Thank you.

Huge news @stan Congratz on acquiring such a great asset. You guys rock and generate a real competition in crypto market. Watching closely your success :)

Using Bitcoin to help during the Ebola crisis is just further evidence of the good that can be done with this technology. I think this is only the beginning and the Hero campaign will bring much needed positive attention to cryptocurrency. So many people still equate Bitcoin to the dark web and illegal activities. This perception is changing as the world becomes more educated about blockchain technology. The Hero challenge is taking the lead in changing attitudes about crypto.

nice informaticon

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This is amazing news @stan and I'm confident that she will help us all to grow and prosper! Pinky has been thinking much much bigger!

Ok now I'm impressed. Great news!

I guess this is the appropriate way of describing my feelings:
" @stan , now you're talking!!"

@stan - Sire, with this news I think we can enjoy the price up of BitShares too. Love your work Sire. I wish to resteem this big news with my friends Sire.

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Co founder of cointelegraph? Wow, that's big media. Expecting to see more news about bitshares on cointelegraph.

Great news! Thanks for sharing!

Such a brave historian