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RE: Shall We Play a Game?

in #bitshares5 years ago

Fantastic. You are my HERO @stan


And I have borrowed into existence and sold into the marketplace over 1500 HERO.

Hey, I'm a Hero too!*


WOW! This is very impressive, you definitely deserve the HERO title as well!Keep it up crypto-musketeer!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

@eric-boucher is EVERYWHERE dropping his awesome comments!

He is Hero he have steem Power too

250 and counting!

25 and counting?

You are no doubt a big reason behind the success of all Graphene related projects!

Awesome to hear! I'm new here but a big fan of BitShares and stoked to create my first Hero. Thanks for the nudge to go for it. If you've made 1500, I can surely do my first. :) Looking forward to following you.

Congratz bro :)

I really want to join. I dont have team or much money. I have 100$ at max.. can I join?

Congrats !!! ;) Upvote

I wish you would do a video on this. That's amazing!

Me here also lol

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