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RE: Shall We Play a Game?

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@stan, the purpose of hero is great and noble. But economics does not works on nobility it works on greed. Why anybody will vest their BTS for borrowing ever growing (5% a year) Hero, having better alternative withering USD?


Um, because that BTS will grow by 1000x right along with the grand prize?

Oh ya @stan, I'm hearing you!

loud and clear son!

But it will grow anyway, and one will get more shorting a USD than a Hero in a porcess.
And prize is a one-time matter. What after that?

For this to work, there must be demand for it from John Q Public. John needs a way to earn a safe 5%. He is not that interested in digital for digital's sake.

So we designed a coin that will interest main street. The 30 million retired members of AARP. The unbanked workers needing a way to save and send money home.

If they adopt it, and want to buy it, then there will be a reason to short it because we'll be able to sell it.

So you can go ahead and short the USD directly if you want to hoard that little 5% for yourself.

But will you be able to sell it for the same premium as the HERO? Will you be able to sell it at all in the presence of the HERO?

So, like, the banks have developed a crypt Ripple, аnd then similar currencies just for those who want to transfer outside banks?

Hmmm... I see the point. Ambitious indeed.

Hope you right! I have some BTS after all, and peple need a stable currency - true... )))

One more question, if you please. Does not a Hero compete with a BlockPay? It's also based on BTS and aims to be widely used.

BitPay will probably adopt the Hero. :)

Wow. Ok. You got me )

Many thanks for your answers @stan and good luck to us all with a Hero!

knowing when to hold, fold and also run! like Johnny cash said it! :D

Just note2self. So as always the winners are who get into it first if it appreciates.

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