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Half of the Billion Hero Campaign marketing team just finished up a two-day video shoot in our studios in Austin. This will provide content for the billionherocampaign.com website. Lots of editing remains to be done, but you should start seeing our results in a week or two.

Meanwhile, we continue making great contacts interested in helping with our plans for BitShares to raise billions for Harvey and Irma victims.

Yes, billions.

This does require us to increase the market cap of BitShares by 1000x, but that's a price we're willing to pay.

You'll be hearing more from us.


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Lots of shiny, smiling happy people doing noble, wonderful things... but...

I see Bitspark, HERO, Stokens, TXSRB, UI improvements, huge DEX volume increases and BTS just refuses to be bought.

If there's any token that deserves, by any metric, to be at $5-10 billion cap right now it is Bitshares. So why are none of these speculative investors buying it up?

$1-5 BTS is a no brainer and it seems ridiculous that Bitshares isn't at least a couple of bucks right now.

We are not going after speculators. We are going after mainstream users. The speculators can catch up later.

Well, that does imply some distance between where BTS is now and where it will be when the speculators catch up... but news or upgrades don't seem to have any impact on price at all. None, nada, zilch. I just can't understand why BTS doesn't catch a bid and pop, many cryptos have mooned on way less of a working product and good news than BTS has right now.

Frankly, the Bitspark migration to Bitshares should have touched off a massive rally. Bitspark is a mature company (in crypto terms) with actual customers and working platform. They are planning to bring enormous liquidity and visibility to the Bitshares platform, injecting literally millions of liquidity into the DEX. And yet... slow bleed from $0.25 to $0.09. Why are people buying OMG, NEO, QTUM, LISK, ARK and not BTS? It just doesn't make sense at all.

I've been scratching my head on that question too. What's lacking in BTS? Is it that BTS is not focused on or based in Asia unlike OMG, NEO, and QTUM so don't get as much support from investors in that region?

BTS looks great on paper and there's all this great news about it, you have YouTubers like Chris Coney (Cryptoverse) plugging it but yet it still seems to have trouble rising and sustaining a price at more than $0.20 level.

BTS doesn't seem to be on the Korean exchanges. Maybe it needs to get onto some of the big Korean exchanges like Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit. These exchanges are allowing the Koreans to trade ETH with massive volumes. BTS is probably missing out by not being on these Korean exchanges.

Anyways look forward to the HERO (Sovereign Hero) campaign helping to move the needle upwards.

Incidentally there's another coin on ICO at the moment called Hero Coin which will probably confuse matters just a bit.

That's because of the network that the others have. Bitcoin has been around for a very long time. On the other hand, Ethereum invented smart contracts + there are those ICOs. BTS right now is an underdog like how Apple and Tesla started. They're more focused on improving the technology and the experience of users. In addition to this, people who influence the price the most are probably the same people who have been successful in Bitcoin and ETH since they were first created and they probably already have companies of their own that spread the word about Bitcoin and ETH. Just wait when projects like the Sovereign Hero and even EOS press the big button. Watch out for 2018.

I really do hope you're right :-)
Seems BTS is a long game at the moment. Other coins like OMG, QTUM and others seems to be shooting up in value. BTS having a very hard time getting and staying above 0.20.

The other problem is, everyday there's more and more coins coming to the market.

mash-inns, I like the way you see the world. It's an excellent point, to focus on the core tech, and UX. Already, there are organizations recognizing the power of this platform. I predict exciting things for 2018 as well. Rock on.

speculators and the chinese are making it hard to get over the critical line,
people are very cautious with investing in bts at this point

I agree something is off and I wouldnt be surprised it is simply because most people have no clue what it is and the name BitShares doesn't give away it is part of something bigger.
Also one wouldn't directly couple Hero with Bitshares. It will take a while to be visible this is hopefully where the campaign will make a difference.

I would however not throw any money in advertisement if the website is like it is now, whatever they are building on has t be simple, inviting and really anyones grandmother should be able to understand what is on offer.
Best way is to bring simple "how to" video's that explain in different detail how and what benefits Bitshares brings to the table.

That's an excellent point. I suppose the game-ification of the how to video series would be an excellent way to get new users involved. Much of the focus of the company has to be on lowering the knowledge barrier to entry.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

becoming rich could be very simple if we all simply abandon Bitcoin and most other coins and simply all start investing in what could potentially disrupt the entire monetary system as we know it why shouldn't we.
All we need to do is make sure that we spread what Bitshares is about and simply move all money we have from highly speculative coins to BitShares.
If Bitshares shows signs of increased buying activity and people start looking for info they must get the feeling they are potentially missing out on a world changing phenomenon.
Remember that we are all literally connected to each other so if you tell 6 persons who tell 36 persons etc.
Within a few steps everyone on this planet will know about Bitsharess, it will greatly help this movement.
The fact that we can build towards billions of dollars for a good cause is just awesome and this alone should be an incentive. Because like the old adage says:"If it isn't good for everyone, we shouldn't do it".
This is why investing should also be connected to something good not just self enrichment!

Is there anything on the crypto market that beats Bitshares in it's technology and potential let alone the fact that already it handles more transactions then top 3 coins together. A coin that offers a reserve currency and savings account 5%. An exchange to move from more risky coins into smartcoins that are pegged to gold or oil.

I think the answer is no, it is so simple we just have to invest in the 3 best opportunities out there. EOS, Steemit and Bitshares.
This will simply make you rich as long as you convince everyone to make the same move.
This not MLM this is simply getting people to invest in what is the best opportunity of a lifetime.
Steemit will make u rich mot likely if u invest, but I strongly believe Bitshares will be the next Bitcoin.


Hi @stan, This is probably my very first comment on your posts. I've been following and supporting your posts for some time. You're doing a good job by educating people about crypto currency. That's a great contribution to the the decentralized world. I appreciate it. Keep writing, inspiring and serving the community! 👍✌

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pocketsend:[email protected], great post and looking forward to read more.

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Thanks for this information @stan and all you do to free us from the captive centralized system.

What a great idea @stan lets make crypto a proper force for good in this world!!!

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I gotta say, I love what you guys are doing. I've been without power for just about three hours, but looking at this satellite imagery, it's clear to see the hard part hasn't even begun yet.


Cleaning up and helping people make their current situation resemble anything like it looked before the storm will take a lot of work, but having people like you willing to show compassion and concern goes a long way.

I can't express how much we all appreciate what you're doing.

Thanks for sharing :-)
I am new on steemit !
( Best of luck )

Thanks for sharing!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@stan BTS need do 3 things:

  1. Add BTS to more exchange
  2. Focus make good android and IOS wallet
  3. Rent event company make big events Bitshares Blockchain. And many holders over the world support by use BTS buy tickets and come to events.
    Good luck to all !

It looks like you had a good time. I hope your initiative pans out great and that the HERO campaign proofs a great help to the hurricane victims.

It is amazing what a small group of dedicated people can do.


sir stan marimer, u are real godfather of bitshares. you always done forward what u think. u always got success in your landmark , recently complete a video shoot at austin shows your great skills in this field. always supported you and waiting for your next post.

Really god job! I hope you will get much more support from others.

Keep it going! Goodluck :D

Wooww, amazing billions

I want to bitshares see how biters reach millions of dollars :)

Just spread the word.

Great post...Everyone loves a good samaritan :)

From creating unmanned stuffs to creating heroes in a decentralized world. Just don't stop!

"to raise billions for Harvey and Irma victims" That's a great thing :D!!

Good luck with it all

Thought I'd drop by, thanks for the vote on my wee story, it means a lot to know that someone read it and actually voted on it:-)

Wow that's a great news and yeah it's really amazing!
"Meanwhile, we continue making great contacts interested in helping with our plans for BitShares to raise billions for Harvey and Irma victims."

This is a great concept and yeah I will give you my 100% support to make it happen!
Thank you very much for sharing such interesting news with us!


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impressive work & where you're heading next? @stan

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Great project @stan.
Respect for trying to help those people.

This is how humans should act, we should always help each others.

Keeep it up.
Followedand hope to hear gret news on the funds raising from you.

Thanks for sharing!

These storms have left Texas and Florida with so much need. This would be great if Bitshares could be instrumental in helping these people rebuild. I've always thought Bitshares was so undervalued as it is so functional in so many ways. I look forward to the Hero campaign.

Good luck my friends. Perhaps you are discovering the most important purpose of steem

sounds great it can work like an MLM chain marketing

Despite my initial somewhat insensitive entry into knowing who you are Stan you've proven in my eyes that you are a next level individual who goes out of his way to help others. I applaud you sir. Thanks for making the world better.

pocketsend:[email protected], every step is a step in the right direction. We can all contribute to the good cause.

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It's an honor and joy to join the team. Had a blast in Austin. Giselle is simply stunning. What a powerful gathering of bright minds and wide open hearts. This video series really breaks things down into easy to digest bites. It is so important to start at the beginning, with patience as the culture opens up to the next level of blockchain potentials. Thanks also for introducing my to steemit. The platform is genius and the community is intense. Keep on keeping on.

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