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BitShares to Change its Own History

"We're effectively going back to Guy Fawkes Day, 2014 -- and switching timelines."

BitShares Turns Back Time

Don't bet your future
On one roll of the dice
Better remember
Lightning never strikes twice.
Huey Lewis - Back in Time

STOP! Pessimists Beware!
This is an Optimist's riff in 'B',
watch me for the Changes, and try and keep up, okay?"

"Marty, do you know what this means?"

While many ups and downs no doubt still lie before us, we for a moment have a surprise opportunity to "dream some impossible dreams" and perhaps "right some unrightable wrongs" as Don Quixote once sang. Why, we might even correct some correctable compromises forced on us by formerly limited resources – like they never happened.

We find ourselves suddenly transported back in time to that key historical nexus point:
Guy Fawkes Day, Nov 5, 2014
The Day of the Infamous BitShares Merger…

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What changes to history should we make?

Here are seven that I find tantalizingly within reach:

Stan's Seven Planned Changes to History

  1. Restore Market Cap. On that fateful day, Meghan Trainor topped the Billboard Hot 100 with All About That Base, Bitcoin had tumbled to $350, and BitShares were hovering at 2 cents each. Due to some perverse twists of fate, that price has been gradually eroding ever since. But lightning has struck twice! We are now back to the market caps of those heady days. Let's all enjoy them while the flux capacitor is recharging.

  2. Reverse Dilution. With the advent of the HERO, we have a potentially huge new source of demand for BTS. This could gradually drive the amount actually in circulation back down below the original supply of 2.5 Billion. Most could get locked up indefinitely in Smartcoins™. If this happens, the community may feel more free to use the witness and worker funding mechanisms because their negative effects will belong to Some Other History. They will no longer produce a steady-state growth in the number of BTS in active circulation. BitShares could quickly become, egad, deflationary.

  3. Implement Suspended Features. We may soon have enough funding to complete the vision as originally articulated by Dan "Bytemaster" Larimer. This could also attract more qualified people or companies to work on them.

  4. Add Spit and Polish. We can drive to get everything up to the premium quality expected by the general public. This includes better on/off ramps, customer support and consumer grade tools.

  5. Attend to Marketing. We may soon see a fresh grass-roots launch of a robust marketing campaign. We have a compelling investor business case and the HERO is a mainstream story that internet marketers can easily tell. Highly motivated efforts could begin to blossom shortly.

  6. Hire BitShares Heroes. Those faithful and long suffering unpaid heroes who have been most effective in keeping BitShares moving forward could find themselves with many paid opportunities. Even now it's hard to find talent that isn't working multiple projects. What will that be like if this keeps up?

  7. Reach out to the Industry. With an infinitely scalable platform for integrating platforms like EOS on the horizon, (should we choose to embrace it and ride the wave forward), BitShares can begin to reach out to other communities, entrepreneurs and industry leaders about strategic partnerships and mutually beneficial ways to boost the whole industry. We want BitShares to thrive in a thriving industry. And the EOS rising tide could help to raise many boats and foster cooperation instead of meaningless competition.

The net effect of all these changes is to place BitShares on a completely different timeline. The timeline we would have been on if we had been much wiser, richer, and better looking on Guy Fawkes Day, 2014. If you vaguely seem to remember living through some other timeline, rest assured, it was all just a bad dream!

BitShares awakes from a dream

Historically, BitShares has always had the best combination of innovative technology and supporting community. Its problem has been lacking the skill, inclination and resources to build powerful industry alliances and mainstream customer demand.

BitShares gets an infusion of Whale power

One possibly archetypal investor saw this situation and commented that our only missing ingredient was something she had in abundance – whale power. If we suddenly find it easier to convince investors like her to send massive doses of cryptoplutonium surging into the Graphene/EOS ecosystem, we may soon be able quote Marty McFly with renewed determination and confidence...

“History is gonna change!”

BitShares history is gonna change!


Stan Larimer, President
The Godfather of BitShares and Steemit

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"I've enjoyed 40 years developing unmanned air, ground, sea, and space systems.
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Stan Larimer

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Fantastic. Those bitshares stalwarts who have kept bitshares going and moving are heros.

When will HERO start trading?

Fabian is lining up price feed generators right now and equipping them with documentation to be completed next week. So I expect we'll get to critical mass toward the end of next week. We need at least 7 feed publishers and would like to see more.

How does one become a feed publisher?

You need to be a witness or be on the committee.

Actually, that's true for built-in assets, but the HERO is an example of the "new" privatized MPAs. Anyone can do that if they are approved by the organization that is sponsoring the asset. In this case contact Fabian (xeroc) at the Hero Foundation.

This is great Stan. You are doing a great job and those invested in BitShares and the associated brands are grateful. I am watching with enthusiasm and enjoying the journey. Do you have a suggested feedback forum for ideas and concepts in relation to BitShares and other as I would like to contribute?

Different people use different forums. This one on Steemit is best for formal articles. The Telegram group is a great respectful place for ongoing stream-of-conciousness discussions. has topical threads that are more organized. See which one you like!

I always enjoy your posts @stan. There entertaining and inspiring. Why is it that your not on the Bitshares hangouts? You could energize the community just being there.

Thanks. I'm usually there, except when traveling, but needed to keep my mouth shut ...until now.

I can't be there because of work. But I'll be listing for you on the replay.

Thanks for posting this.

(An interview I did on the 9:00 EDT Friday Mumble with the BitShares community)

This topic starts 1/3 way through - 16:40 on the time stamp.

The suspended features you mention, can you elaborate? Do you mean some of the proposed BSIPs or the bond market concept that bytemaster wrote about?

The funding exists for such development, it just requires a worker proposal to access said funds.

The bond market is a good example. I've lost track of the complete list. My point is that it's now time to start discussing what BitShares, the self-funding company, should be doing on a roadmap to the future. A key component of speculator interest is whether there is a dev team actively working on a list of promising new stuff. We are back to where we should probably have a small team of devs making the network seem alive to speculators.

Right now its very alive, but mostly due to 3rd party businesses doing their own private things that often don't directly impact the share price for speculators.

Is an options chain in the works. I was asked about this earlier this week, a friend wanted to buy a July delivery contract for a coin to be released May 31st :)

Excellent post. I'm hoping to use BTS to help account for and fun a project I'm working on.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November..

This is a very exciting post! I'm pumped up now to get some more bitshares!. it's going in to my long term hold pile! This crypto addiction has taken over me haha.
Thanks for you post, I can't wait to see more :)

Interesting post!

Wishing you all the best, Stan! Looking forward to you changing history!

Another great post as usual. Very informative and detailed. Thanks