Join me at Consensus 2017 for the EOS Launch Party!

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Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce the launch party and unveiling of our new project, EOS. It will take place from May 22-25th at the the Consensus 2017 event in NYC. I am eager to connect in person with fellow developers and entrepreneurs.

As we all know, currently all blockchains rely upon sequential processing of transactions; this fundamentally limits the throughput of a blockchain to the computational capacity of a single CPU core.

I will present how EOS will blend a mixture best practices including: asynchronous communication, separation of intent from state, and careful management of data dependencies, to horizontally scale Blockchain infrastructure to millions of transactions per second and bring the Blockchain to mainstream commerce.

Free Tickets, Drinks, and other Surprises!

This will be a spectacular event with a warm community, free drinks, and other surprises; I hope to see you all there.

We are giving away a limited number of free tickets to the Consensus conference ($1500 USD each) to potential EOS developers and community ambassadors. For more information please email [email protected] with information about yourself and your desire to join us at the conference.


I love that!

It means many things to many people... I welcome a competition to see who can come up with best meaning for it! There are some really good ones, but I don't want to bias the meaning.

It definitely sounds better than my other guess, End Of Shitcoins.

That is also very good hahahaha

but that is what we expect from you Tuck


Equal Opportunity Shares
(At least I would really like that hidden meaning.)

It means Enemy Of the State!

Epic Of Self
Epic On Self

I suppose that the capitalisation of the letters means it's an acronym? If not, my handle is relevant. EOS could be the Goddess of the dawn of a new age, brought in by your creation.

Wikipedia says "In Greek mythology, Ēōs (/ˈiːɒs/; Ionic and Homeric Greek Ἠώς, Attic Ἕως Éōs, "dawn", pronounced [ɛːɔ̌ːs] or [héɔːs]; Aeolic Αὔως Aúōs, Doric Ἀώς Āṓs) is a Titaness and the goddess[1] of the dawn, who rose each morning from her home at the edge of the Oceanus.".

Eco Operating System ? :o
Epic Operating system !

Endless Opportunity Shares

Everyone knows that @dan loves Macintosh. So I am sure when he needs to use linux he prefers the Elementary OS flavor... EOS(?) >>>>>


For bitshares! I look forward to hear what's going on with all bts projects.

Very much looking forward to hearing about this
Sorry you left just before I joined Steemit, but I keep hearing great things about you

Are you planning on developing a new crypto project?
Ico? I hope so..
You have my support @dan

EOS is a smart contract platform designed for parallel execution of smart contracts and will have a token, EOS and it will be distributed in the widest and fairest method I have devised yet. Details about how to get EOS will be made available at the unveiling, or maybe sooner.

Hmm... What kind of governance system it will have? Does the token have any decision making power? If it has, is it a good idea to have a wide distribution in the beginning?

We are taking governance to the next level, unparalleled in the crypto ecosystem.

I couldn't be more intrigued and excited by these announcements.

I sense another of your epic reports / posts coming man


Dream! <3

Finally! Bitshares 2.0 was huge step forward but after that there haven't been any big innovations. Some new projects are promising a lot but I'm skeptical how much they can actually deliver.

Governance is one of the most interesting things for me in the cryptosphere, so I'm very eagerly waiting for more information. =)

This could be Dan's competitor to Ethereum.

and it will be distributed in the widest and fairest method I have devised yet.

Sounds interesting!

it will be distributed in the widest and fairest method

I couldn't decide what make me more excited, parallel processing or this.

Dan, all this time I have been following you, and I support you no matter what. Bitshares should be the platform you apply this new technology, as you know reputation takes time to build. Please do not let it go to waste, make it evolve. Peace V

You are a beautiful creator. Your heart must be made of gold because you have a midas touch. Thank you for your service to humankind.

Very interesting concept.
You have me excited for this crowdsale before its even announced.
Kind of want to make it to this revealing party you speak of.
So, guestimation on timelines here, are we talking 2017 or far into thr future?

Great to hear and look forward to your (shared) greatly improving learning and discoveries.

Wildest and fairest distribution? I feel a sharedrop in the works.. Bitshares, Steem, BTC & Gridcoin? :D

would need golos too in that case.

Excellent. I look forward to meeting you and hearing all about EOS at Consensus in a couple of weeks!

Great news! EOS will surely shake up the crypto realm.

My mind is boggling about some things you mentioned. More cpu cores better blockchain performance. And millions of transactions per second... Had to read that one three times.

And I am free as to asume that one part of the mainstream commerce applications are also connected in line with smart contracting. Like usage for insurances, cadaster registrations and so on.

And could EOS be considered a sort of blockchain equivalent to parallel computing?

Looking forward to a more detailed insight into EOS.

Thanks for sharing this news about this great project, ReSteemed!

Imagine the Ethereum as a single-core CPU, EOS is like a DAPP operating system which schedules applications to run in parallel on 100's of cores or even clusters where each core is capable of Steem or BitShares scale performance.

That is really mind blowing, this is going to be a huge blockchain tech game changer...

Is Wren going to be used as the scripting language for EOS?

"Mind-Blown" :D

How the hell you could dream that big? :)
I'm a fan of Steem. It just won me over Ethereum or Bitshares because transaction speed and cost (mental included). I'm talking only about the concept now.

If you could mix Ethereum with Steem, and even scale it more, I think I won't ask the Steemit team for UIA and smart contracts ever again. ;) (I will support the social media line then.)

Sounds exciting!!, looking forward to the next generation of super scale-able blockchains!

Wish i could make it to NY for the event, hopefully someone can record the presentation and promptly post it to youtube for the masses.

Was hoping I could go, but can't (currently) afford to attend this one.

Nice post brother, thank's for the sharing @dantheman

Our team looks forward to your newest development, and as big fans of your ideas and technology would like to apply for an ambassador position for EOS in Russian speaking space.

Here is the link to our translation of your announcement.

And on Golos as well.

We launched a public telegram chat for Russian speaking audience interested in EOS.

Thank you for posting @dantheman.

We have been looking forward to hearing news about your new project and this news does not disappoint. Great news.

Looking forward to May 22, 2017.

It is hoped you will release a video and land interviews in many of the talking spaces.

Wishing you all the best. Cheers.

You won't be disappointed.

That's a solid comment LOL, Dan just dropped the mic and walked off like a homer in the World Series

BOOM! (:

Damn, I'd love to come but NYC is a little bit too far from here.

hehe, it really is.

Wow, this sounds like a big innovation. Best of luck and hopefully a few steemians will be table to take advantage of those free tickets :-D

That is so great news! I am sure you will push innovation one more time to the next level. The crypto space owns you a couple of years of innovation from the future. Glad I will see what normally only my kids would see.

PS I enjoyed the past and present with you and God's will the future also.Thank you Dan !

im in the middle of my trip (hence no posts for a week) but got some time to check steemit today and.. got this news!

cant be in NYC but hope i will find out whats up by others channels

Mind Blown

Awesome to hear @dantheman! Sounds like an exciting project. I'd be happy to be a community ambassador. I'll be in NY around that time, but will be arriving late afternoon on the 23rd so I'd miss most of Consensus. Will be at the Token Summit @wmougayar is organizing on the 24th/25th. Hope to meet you there in person or at the afterparties!

I'll be at token summit as well.

Great look forward to catching up there!

A very rare request pls.
i'm from West Africa,Nigeria @dantheman and i honestly wish to know what can be of interest to WHALES that can attract them to read/upvote my posts often.
Most times when i read some posts,i feel cheated based on reward system.Please your explanation will help me greatly.

it should be danthesuperman....

One day I would love to meet up with everyone....sadly not this time :) The hairs stood up on the back of my neck when I saw this post! Good luck, I hope the launch goes wonderfully!

All about that governance!

Was at the nursing home visiting a friend and taking her Mother's Day goodies and a gift I made. Just got home...



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I've asked @papa-pepper to stop by with his hot peppers and have fun with the group around the fire!

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Exciting times in crypto land. I wonder, do you think this is something which people will be able to adopt, use, and understand quickly or is this a project based on concepts so far in the future, it's solving needs which haven't yet matured? You are clearly a technical visionary, and I wonder how long it will be before the rest of us can catch up. Are you working with anyone we'd know to promote this?

Yes, I'm working with some very well known and influential individuals and organizations.

...anticipation intensifies...

And many us think you're the one that's well known and influential. Feels like we're waiting for Christmas!

Hello @dantheman, sounds like you are taking things once more to a whole new level ! I wish you all the best with this and thanks for giving us the lowdown here to our community of Dan Blockchain lovers )

Can we expect any influence or impact on steem blockchain or steemit community?

So fast?

Much wow!

I knew it. You stole my SteemDoge idea.

I'm sorry, I cannot come, I have a birthday party, Also free drinks there, maybe next time :-)

Awesome! Exciting stuff!

It gonna be epic! Dan has always wanted to bring to the world "free market solutions to secure life, freedom & property" and this is what makes me stick with Bitshares from the day I discover it in 2014. Can't wait to see the new ship :)

Someone promoted your post. Promotions help every steemians.
Your reward is an upvote and 0.314 SBD extra promotion.
Good job, see you next time in Promoted! ;)

You are so smart and innovative! I am looking forward to your new work.

But I am still little concerned by that you are too smart, sometimes making things too complicated (which is hard to be accepted by majority of lay people). Hopefully EOS will be a playground for all non-genius devs and people :)

What a greta idea to actually read about it. It is something that had been running in my mind for some time now too. Good for you, good for us all! Congratulations on making this dream come true. Namaste :)

You are a genius, but the promise? PTS AGS......

I live out of NYC. Would you have a live stream or recorded video available?

Great news! Thank you for sharing! But EOS - there may be some confusion with Canon cameras

"I just sold my painting and all I got was 3 Canon Cameras"

Here are a few ideas to throw around for the meaning of EOS... feel free to mix or match:
Endless Online Sharding
Endless Online Scaling
Exponential Objective Scaling

Hey @dantheman! Super excited about your work. I've been looking around for more information, but I cannot find a website for EOS. Is there one, or will there be one?

Thanks :D

ahhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh

Glad to hear about your new project. I've been following and supporting your crypto projects for years. I look forward to hearing more about EOS!

Excuse me, I want to come, but I'm in China

That sounds very interesting! I can't be in New York but look forward to read more about EOS in detail.

Everybody loves an energetic Dan!! ;)

I would love to participate in something like that, it's a shame I live in Argentina. Many successes with the project!

I liked your horizontal process model, which is distributed rather than sequential process processes with delimiting properties, which will allow more than transactions to be approved in a short time.

I would like to be in there.

Have a good time.

Sounds really exciting, I will be waiting for details when they are released to the general public.

Wish I could be in NYC. Will be waiting for those juicy details on EOS. All the best!

Millions tx / second. Finally! Now we are talking! :) When do you think this could be available? Will not be in NYC :( Success with the conference!

Sounds very exciting.
As the holder of brownie.pts, I am of great interest to know more details of your new projecct.

The first block chain based Virtual Reality gaming crypto! NEVERDIE coin will allow monetizing the game items in real cash economy game Entropia Universe. NOW game player can cash out their in-game money earned by playing game and can exchange NEVERDIE coin with other ERC20 tokens such as Gnosis, Golem, and Frist Blood.
네버다이 영어이미지.PNG

Most of the details of the project are being saved for the Consensus, but I will be leaking interesting bits here on Steemit over the next couple of days/weeks... so follow me and stay tuned.

Sounds great! Crypto enthusiasts line up here in front of @dantheman's interesting bits! :)

This sounds like the idea you threw out there about the state not being included in the transactions, making it like you were saying "more like mmorpgs".

Cannot wait. It's times like this when I'm so happy that I found out about PTS such a long time ago. It all led here and feels like such a great intersection of innovation and crypto. While it's important to respect the fact that Bitcoin was first, it's incredible the dogma that surrounds Bitcoin or nothing mindset. Thanks for continuing to push the boundaries @dantheman

Are you planning to built new Platform? Best of luck ! Hope to hear more from you soon .

I knew you wouldnt stay away for long, I am very much looking forward to this event!


I can't make it to New York, but I want in on EOS. How can I participate?


Just shot over an e-mail! Would absolutely love the opportunity to attend the conference with @robrigo and @kotturinn !

Congrats Dan, glad to see you moving forward.

Way to go Dan. I'm very glad to know what you are working towards and it does appear to be something very important for the future.

I applied for a student pass and will find out next week if I was accepted. If I am, I will definitely stop by!

@crypt0 is going, he should read this!

he will be doing live reports from the event on his YT channel he said awhile back.

  • have a good weekend Dan.

Will it be a fair ICO ?

EOS... Eternal Ostrich Society? Everlasting Odor Slim Jim?

You are probably the only developer that I am aware that is both an excellent programmer and a visionary about how to bring real solutions to the world.

EOS sounds like a concept to be able to make a dent in the universe. Kudos man.


Was at the nursing home visiting a friend and taking her Mother's Day goodies and a gift I made. Just got home...Please stop by the



Week 2 is up, why don't you stop by, share the post or let people know w that hashtag?

Can we beat last weekend's successful community engagement and comments?

I've asked @papa-pepper to stop by with his hot peppers and have fun with the group around the fire!

Remember this post runs all weekend, every weekend!!!

end of state? edge of state?

Looking forward to hearing more about this, very interesting work!

EOS: Evolutive Operating System

Is this new Crypto project and development?, Great work mate.

I cant wait for this to happen, game changer!.

EOS - Economy Operating System :)

Site again available. Finally!

This was a fun time, thanks Dan!

Hey dan, i expect there are many steemians who have committed themselves to steem and who may not have additional investment capital for your new project but naturally would like to support it. Can you tell us if there will be sharedrop of EOS on holders of SP or should those of us without additional funds who would like to participate in EOS start powering down? I appreciate that steem is fantastically undervalued and deserves the commitment many thousands of Steemians are giving it, however, from your words, EOS is something else! Thank you.

I wouldn't mind relinquishing some of my STEEM POWER for some fresh EOS!


what's funny sneak?

I would like to know also.

Why just edit your lol? Can't you just explain what you thought was funny? The cryptic aloofness of some people around here really pisses me off sometimes!

The bytemaster(dan) is a vomit, your new project reminds me of those bloody AGS

A lack of business integrity of the people, but all the day bragging to change the world, shameful, ridiculous